This is a „Meccan‟ sūrah. The surah whose six elements of belief constitute pure sincerity of faith or Monotheism, wherein a believer affirms God‟s divinity. Al-Ikhlas is not merely the name of this Surah but also the title of its contents, for it deals exclusively with Tauhid. The other Surahs of the Quran generally have. Surah Al-Ikhlas. Although we have a firm belief that our Lord is one and only Allah only He has the right to be worshipped yet we do not always follow His.

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Quran with Tajwid Surah ﴾القرآن سورۃ الإخلاص﴿ Al-Ikhlas PDF LIST OF SURAHS ▻ An Explanation of Surah Al-Ikhlas. Description: To understand the meaning and importance of the th surah of the Quran and know that it is. Uploaded by Download as PDF or read online from Scribd .. Uploaded by. Joseph Attawauwi. Uploaded by. Joseph Attawauwi. apa.

Allah is the One. So if you do not know this surah, you do not really recognise Allah. And none other. So it is called as-Samad. The core mission of Allah's Messenger is this surah - the Tawheed of Allah.

Tawheed - the Oneness of Allah. Maryam 90 Kaada is used to express that the verb it qualifies was on the brink of happening but didn't.

We realise from the hadith quoted above that the reason why this does not occur is due to there being followers of Tawheed Oneness of Allah on the Earth who enslave themselves to Allah alone. Then only disbelievers remain on the Earth, and it is upon them that the destruction of the Earth occurs before Judgment Day. This is because there are no believers of Tawheed at that time.


Glorified be Allah, the Lord of the Throne, from all that they ascribe unto Him. Multiple gods - brings corruption and disruption. Since two equals in power - compete for that power.

And there are many Mythological stories amongst Hindu and Greek and other Polytheistic scriptures which show their gods' fighting with each other for power. This is amazing gift because this surah of the Qur'an is one of the shortest surahs, yet it is the Light of the Qur'an.

And we can easily memorize it. Historical Context: The scholars disputed whether it was a Makki, or Madani surah. Both had strong legitimate proofs for their opinions.

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Allah: The polytheist arabs would use the word Allah for God, but what they associated with Him was not correct.

So when Allah's Messenger came with the correct teachings on who Allah was, the polytheists would be confused. A min dhahab, a min fiddah is He made of gold, is he made of silver? They boasted. Ansib hu? Allah's Messenger became extremely angry, so Angel Jibreel calmed him down and Allah revealed this surah.

Muslim and An-Nasa'i also recorded it. Then he would recite another Surah along with it after it. Then you think that it is not sufficient for you unless you recite another Surah as well. So you should either recite it or leave it and recite another Surah instead.

If you want me to continue leading you in prayer , I will do this; and if you all do not like it, I will leave you i. So when morning came, the man went to the Prophet and mentioned that to him, and it was as though he was belittling it. Abu Dawud and An-Nasa'i also recorded it. Al-Bukhari was alone in recording this Hadith. We do not know of it except as a narration of Malik.

Then he was silent. They will be sufficient for you two times every day. At-Tirmidhi said, "Hasan Sahih Gharib. B - Asmaa al-Jamida - words which are original words without being derived from other words. Unique by itself. Illaah - one who is worshipped.

This is the origin of Illaah. There is none to turn to except He. B - Jamid view - the word Allah is an Original Word without a Root word: 1 - Other scholars say Allah is the Universal word for Allah without coming from the root word Illah , in every language.

So every Messenger sent by Allah said that Allah is God, no matter what language they spoke the message in. Similarly, Elohim is used like we say Allahumma [Oh Allah] in arabic.

O Allah!

Ya AL Raheem - since that is linguistically incorrect. Normally when Alif and Lam are placed together, they make a light sound. Alif and Lam would be pronounced as A-llaa. However, the word Allah is pronounced with a heavier sound. This is against normal arabic grammatic speech and pronunciation. So it is possible this word is Universal, and not of an arabic origin. The scholars reply that Allah is recognised in every culture and nation.

So He is recognised, and this is why the word has become recognised as an Arabic word mu'rab. Command to the Messenger to; 1 - Learn for himself. Message of Tawheed, is connected to Da'wah inviting to Islam. Huwwa - He. Allah is so great, He is already known by the people as the Originator, Creator, Designer etc. So 'He' is an implication that you know this God already, it is not a new God.

Man Huwwa, Maa huwwa - who is he, what is he? These are the questions the polytheists asked Allah's Messenger about Allah.

So Allah is answering that He is Allah, the One. Two sentences have been fused into one ayah.

Surah rahman 11 times for 11 days

Say, He is Allah, One. Wahid is used in the Positive sense only. Laysa ahad mawjoodan fee al masjid - there is not One person in the Mosque [it is empty].

This is strange, because Ahad is usually only used in the negative. This Ahad is used to show that there is a uniqueness of the useage of this word when describing Allah - now in the positive sense instead of the negative.


Amazing: There is no Arabic literature which ever uses the word Ahad by itself in a positive way - except for surah al Ikhlas. So this Ahad can only be used in a positive way if another set of words are attached to it.

Allah did not use that word for Himself because He does not want to make Himself similar to humans in attributes. Raghib al Isfahani in Mufradaat al Qur'an: Ahad is a separate word which implies; That One cannot have any comparison, a sole unique entity who does not have an equal or competitor in any way. Introduction Surah Al-Ikhlas is th chapter of the Quran The Arabic root of the word Ikhlas is kh-l-s which means to be purified or refined.

112 Surah Al-Ikhlas.pdf -

Surah Ikhlas mentions two names of Allah which together indicate all the Attributes of perfection. They are not mentioned in any other verse: alAhad and Al-samad. These two names indicate the oneness of the Sacred Being who possesses all the attributes of perfection.

Virtue Prophet P. Surah Al-Asaas foundation ; this is because the fortress of faith and deeds stands high on the foundations of taw heed. Without this foundation even the greatest of actions are rendered invaluable. Contd Surah Al-Aman; this is because the believer of this Surah is protected from the anger and wrath of Allah Surah Al-Noor this is because the rays of light emitted from it enlighten both worlds of the believer.

Both his heart and mind become clear. Surah al-Man iah; this is because it protects the one who recites it from the punishment of Hell. Benefits Recitation of Surah al-Ikhlas is equivalent to a third of the Quran.

Whoever recites this Surah in his obligatory prayers Allah grants him good in this world as well as in the next life and forgives him, his parents and children.That is why it has been used as ahad, in the indefinite sense.

They will say: To Allah. Surah Ikhlas directly supports the first declaration shahadah of Islam: "There is no god but Allah". Introduction: Allah's Messenger would pair many surahs together in salaah, i. He is the Owner of everything that is in the heavens and the earth. Another meaning can also be, and according to language rules it is not wrong either: He is Allah, the One. Raghib al Isfahani in Mufradaat al Qur'an: Ahad is a separate word which implies; That One cannot have any comparison, a sole unique entity who does not have an equal or competitor in any way.

In this context, Islam is based on belief in one God monotheism. The Kabah was also called Bait-Allah by them and not Baitilahs after their self-made gods. Huwwa - He.

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