Savage Worlds - 50 Fathoms - Adventure, , 15 KB. file, Savage Worlds - 50 Fathoms - Caribdus, 50 Fathoms, Savage Worlds and all related marks and logos are .. I'm not overly embarrassed to say I didn't know just how deep 50 fathoms was at first. So I looked it up. Look for The Legend of Kyla Kidd trilogy in PDF, or in EPub format. 50 Fathoms is a Plot Point setting for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. Showing all 10 The Legend of Kyla Kidd III: Of Careens, Swings, and Things PDF.

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This new Explorer's Size edition of the classic and much-loved 50 Fathoms plus the 50 Fathoms Companion, all compatible with Savage Worlds Deluxe and . Dedication the Third: Captain William Kidd. Falsely accused, falsely tried, and unjustly hung. Savage Worlds, Smiling Jack, Great White Games, 50 Fathoms. 50 Fathoms Explorer's Edition - The world is drowning. Watermarked PDF the original game, plus the 50 Fathoms Companion, all compatible with Savage Worlds Deluxe and beautifully colored by three-time Hugo Award.

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The Sixth Gun

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Publisher Website. See all titles Need help? Common Questions FAQ. Contact us. My Library. Affiliate System. Create Content for your Favorite Games. Several explorers are Officer: Ships commissioned by nations or one known to be roaming Caribdus, mapping these new of the three shipping companies appoint officers to features and searching for new wonders.

Hunters explore the jungles, deserts, Pirate: True pirates are thieves looking to get and mountains of Caribdus in search of meat to sell rich off the hard-earned fortunes of others. Most are the towns and villages. Pirates rarely attack crews who can fight pistols. Others lead hired skinners to cut up and back, preferring to prey on the weak for easy rapidly transport the meat back to civilization.

Theirs is a dangerous job, for magic.

Their specific role depends on their specialty. These men must tattoo their arms Hags. They gather clues about the sealed by one of the Great Ports as well. downloading the necessary license, tattoo and seal Sailor: Not every sailor is a treacherous requires a hefty fee, but supers are well-paid for cuthroat.

Some are honest seaman who simply their efforts. These dive deep.

Savage Worlds - 50 Fathoms - Players Guide.pdf

Doreen, kehana, and kraken can do so on dedicated souls are usually given extra shares or their own, but other races need access to water higher salaries for their valuable work. Those who gain some watery manors. They hire out their cutlass for a share of any norwhales of the Cold Sea or the smaller beasts that treasure, and rarely care whether their employers lurk around the isles.

Grael make excellent are honest merchants or scurvy pirates. Player characters of for this setting both in the back of this book and at these two races also have a d6 in Knowledge our website at www.

50 Fathoms

Other races may download Knowledge Kehana or Knowledge Kraken as usual if desired. Read Edges or Hindrances. Besides Parry is equal to 2 plus half your Fighting.

If so, 2 Traits you may now use the points from them to gain one of the benefits below. Kehana - a race of cruel fishmen who are the mortal enemies of the Doreen.

Grael - a large, dim-witted race of sealion-men. Atani - beautific avian race that glide on the ocean breeze.

Their once powerful navy assaulted the Hags at their lair in the Devils Cross. The few Kraken that remain are lone wanderers. The Masaquani developed much like humans through the dark ages but missed the feudal period, including development of armor and gun-powder instead having the us of magic.

They quickly adapted to the Visitor's gun-powder however. Scurillians, a small group of sentient giant crabs. They were the result of a powerful Kraken mage mixing magics.

Once sentient, they revolted and destroyed their maker. Now if you can't do something truly piratey fun with all this, you aren't trying.

NOTE: In the sections below, new sections continue to be bold and underlined. These three, if played accurately will really set the tone for a Caribdan adventure. You can't hide your branded face. Pirates will take you in and the British East India Company would just as soon hang you.

I'm most familiar with an English or American take on a jingoistic worldview. Part and parcel of the British Navy's attitude was the superiority of the Englishman. Whether disdain for the Frogs or native savage Masaquani, you couldn't really play this genre without including it. Squanderous plays into one of the key trappings of the setting: Cabin Fever. More on this below.

This electronic document was created by Great White

I'll focus on the really unique. In Caribdus, there is only one type of Arcane Background - Magic and it's the native elemental magic. A Mage must choose a single element of earth, air, fire, and water. Also, Natural Swimmer makes a lot of sense for a water covered world. Since characters spend their lives largely on the sea combat Edges include Bilge Rat and Improved Bilge Rat where scampering and fighting below decks gives you the advantage.

Some one's gotta grapple and board and the ship's Captain gives the commands. In the Professional Edges there are some great trappings that bring earthy issues into Caribdus.

The Mark of Torquemada The dread Inquisitor himself seeks to eradicate the mages of Caribdus. Your joining his cause and gaining the mark gives you Improved Arcane Resistance If you want to take advantage of using the rigging, as any pirate worth his salt would, Rope Monkey is brilliant.

This'll get you from one end of the ship to the other pronto. With a climbing raise, you'll also surprise your target as you swoop down. It also lets you take less or no damage if you fall from the rigging. With Wind Sense the next Weird Edge you get three cards. Gear For sake of brevity, the Gear is as you would imagine.

Ships, booty, cargo and implements of combat abound. Native coin in silver and gold are the standard. Eight silvers equal one gold. While this passage is brief, I do not want to undervalue the selling and downloading that is such an important part of this setting. A good GM will understand that the economics of Caribdus demands its place in the adventures.

Keeping stock of goods, food, water, and the all important carousing keeps the crew healthy and happy. Keep your powder dry and your brass monkeys stacked and ready. Ships Ships and ship based combat play a large role in 50F. As in Gear, I'll be brief but to enjoy the setting you will want to become well versed in the mechanics of ship size, speed, handling, toughness, crew, cargo space, guns, and ultimately cost.

Several examples are built in the Player's Guide.The world is dangerous. Cargoes are bought famous privateer. This is an average number based on the Pay standard crew for a ship that size. Men are strong. Common Questions FAQ. First mates. Elemental magic Several independent masaquani confederations replaced the development of science existed prior to the flood.

Instant course of a few rounds as if holding a match to it.

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