Editorial Reviews. Review. The rhythm of it compels attention - it's like someone talking directly to you in a pub It's a thoughtful book, for a footballer. But while. ebooks | Download PDF | *ePub | DOC | audiobook. A publishing phenomenon in hardback, Roy Keane's autobiography was the biggest selling sports book of. Leia "The Second Half" de Roy Keane disponível na Rakuten Kobo. No. 1 bestselling memoir of Roy Keane, former captain of Manchester United and Ireland.

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Read "An bhFaca Éinne Agaibh Roy Keane?" by Mícheál Ó Ruairc download the eBook. Your price I bhFad ó Bhaile ebook by Mícheál Ó Ruairc. I bhFad ó. A publishing phenomenon in hardback, Roy Keane's autobiography was the biggest selling sports book of the year. The book will include a new chapter. The Second Half (English Edition) e mais milhares de eBooks estão . Roy Keane is a television pundit for ITV after an astonishingly successful football career.

We see a man who was desperately upset at the death of someone with whom he was going to work Gary Ablett , and we see the respect he had and has for the other players with whom he played.

For balance, we also see how scathing Keane can be for those whom he thinks do not try, or for those with whom he does not get along or with whom he has disagreed. The least interesting part of this book was the portion devoted to Keane's eventual separation from Manchester United and his spat with Ferguson.

Having read Ferguson's piece of badly written propaganda-style tripe, I would say that the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Here's where my bias comes in: I think Keane had to be moved on and Ferguson took a course of action that took no account of Keane's long-time service to United, and shoved him out the door as quickly as he could. Nobody is bigger than any team, but if it weren't for players like Keane, Ferguson wouldn't have his stand, his statue, his knighthood or his trophies.

Do I think Keane was badly treated?


Do I think it could have been handled differently? Do I think it was all Ferguson's fault? Absolutely not.

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I simply have an opinion that Ferguson was forced to make a choice and he chose to take the side of his assistant Carlos Queiroz. That being said, I felt this book was about pages longer than it needed to be.

Was there really a need to describe each and every result in the various seasons of management? I'm left with the question: Was there really a need for this book in the first place?

I should also say that I read this as an audiobook from Audible. The narrator was possibly one of the worst readers of an audiobook I have ever encountered.

Roy Keane himself read the first chapter, and it is a shame he did not read the entire book. The remainder simply did not live up to the tone set in the first chapter.

Finally, I feel the author often used profanity in a somewhat gratuitous fashion. Yes, he was trying to "voice" the book in Keane's vernacular, but there were times when this was overdone.

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The Second Half

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Learn more about site Giveaway. It may well be the finest, most incisive deconstruction of football management that the game has ever produced' Mail on Sunday 'A genuine pleasure.

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