Principles of Service Marketing and Management - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. 1 Underpinning Concepts of Services Marketing Management. 3. 2 Evaluation .. (FMCGs) marketing principles and fast-moving consumer services (FMCSs). and skills in marketing and managing services have become crucial for .. Principles of Services Marketing, McGraw-Hill Company Book.

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We've designed Services Marketing, Seventh Edition to complement the materials found in traditional marketing management and principles. ). Principles of Service Marketing and Management incorporates the earlier Lovelock anthology,. Managing Services: Marketing, Operations and. Service Marketing mix adds 3 more p's, i.e. people, physical environment, " Managing the evidence" refers to the act of informing customers that the service .. to which marketing principles can be applied and try to identify 2 marketing.

The rest of your market wants to know why it is they should get one. If they don't see a real benefit, then they will move on to the next product.

Maturity is the least expensive segment of a product's lifecycle. When a product has generally been accepted, and the market has reached its final penetration, it has reached this point.

Your marketing techniques should focus on maintaining customers and customer satisfaction. Your advertisements can focus on what you can do for them while they keep using your product.

Decline is the most difficult segment for most companies. Decline requires a lot of soul-searching. If a company continues in the status quo, the product will decline and the company will continue to spend money on it.

This is the recipe for disaster. A company has one of two paths it can take. Either, you can rebuild the product, or you must discontinue the product.

If the company wishes to revitalize a product, it usually does so in one of two ways. The first is nostalgia marketing. You remind the consumer about the product and that it was always there. The second is to refresh the product.

You can create new promotional material, new packaging, new advertising or new features. The process of rebuilding a product's market is often not feasible because of obsolescence. If this is the case, the company shouldn't just discontinue the product and leave the customer without replacement options.

A well-designed marketing plan should inform customers of the end of the products life cycle, and move them onto another of the companies replacement products. New Product Development[ edit ] Every company must develop new products. A company can add new products through acquisition or development.

The acquisition route can take three forms: The company can download other companies. It can acquire patents from other companies. It can download a license or franchise from another company. The development route can take two forms: The company can develop new products in its own laboratories; or It can contract with independent researchers or new-product development firms to develop specific new products.

Competition is strong and dynamic in most markets.

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton have identified six categories of new products: New-to-the-world products New-product lines. New products that allow a company to enter an established market for the first time. Improvements and revisions to existing products: New products that provide improved performance or greater perceived value and replace existing products.

Repositioning existing products that are targeted to new markets or market segmentation. New-product development demands effort, time and talent-and still the risks and costs of failure are high.

A new product may fail for many reasons. Most often, companies fail to offer a unique benefit or underestimate the competition. The idea is good but the market size is over-estimated. The product is not well designed.

Product details

The product is incorrectly positioned in the market, not advertised effectively or over-priced. Service ideas ranging from process design, to lean systems, quality management, capacity and scheduling have been widely applied to internal services. The business strategy defines what business the firm is in, for example, the Walt Disney Company defines its business strategy "as making people happy.

Following from the business strategy is the service concept. It defines what the customer is receiving and what the service organization is providing. The service concept includes: Organizing Idea. The vision and essence of the service.

Service Provided. The process and results designed by the provider.

Service Received. The customer experience and outcomes expected. Managers can use the service concept to create organizational alignment and develop new services. It provides a means for describing the service business from an operations point of view.

After defining the service concept, operations can proceed to define the service-product bundle or service package for the organization. It consists of five parts: service facility, facilitating goods, information, explicit service and implicit services. The service-product bundle must come first before operations decisions.

Principles of Service Marketing and Management

An example of service-product bundle characteristics follows: [4] pp18—19 Service Facility: Accessible by public transportation, sufficient parking, interior decorating, architecture, facility layout and traffic flow Facilitating goods: sufficient inventory, quality and selection Information: Is it accurate, up-to-date, timely, and useful to the customer and service providers Explicit service: waiting time, training and appearance of personnel, and consistency Implicit service: Sense of well-being, privacy and security, atmosphere, attitude of service providers.

Once the service package is specified, operations is ready to make decisions concerning the process, quality, capacity, inventory, supply chain and information systems.

These are the six decision responsibilities of service operations. Other decision responsibilities such as market choice, product positioning, pricing, advertising and channels belong to the marketing function. Finance takes care of financial reporting, investments, capitalization, and profitability.

Process decisions[ edit ] Process decisions include the physical processes and the people that deliver the services to the customer. A service process consists of all the routines, tasks and steps that are used to deliver service to customers along with the jobs and training for service employees.

Principles of Service Marketing and Management

There are many ways to organize a process to provide customer service in an effective and efficient manner to deliver the service-product bundle.

Several ideas have been advanced on how to design a service process.

The importance of customer contact was first noted by Chase and Tansik High-contact processes have the customer in the system while providing the service.

This can lead to difficulties in standardizing the service or inefficiencies when the customer makes demands or expects unique services.

On the other hand, high-contact also provides the possibility of self-service where customers provide part of the service themselves e. Low-contact services are performed away from the customer in what is often called "the back room.

Low-contact services can be managed more like manufacturing, high-contact services cannot. Production-line approach[ edit ] McDonald's uses the production-line approach to service In Levitt introduced the "production-line approach to service". He gave the example of McDonald's that has standardized both the services at the front counter and the backroom for producing the food.

Principles of marketing

They have limited the menu, simplified the jobs, trained the managers at "Hamburger U" , automated production and instituted standards for courtesy, cleanliness, speed and quality. As a result, McDonald's has become a model for other service processes which have been designed for high efficiency, not only in fast food, but in many other services. At the same time, it leaves open the option for more customized and flexible services for customers who are willing to pay more for "better" or more personalized service.

While these services are less efficient, they cater more to unique customer's needs. Service process matrices[ edit ] Many different service process matrices have been proposed for explaining the relationship between service products that are selected and corresponding processes. The Service Delivery System Matrix [16] by Collier and Meyer illustrates the various types of routings used for service process depending on the amount of customization and customer involvement in the process.At this point, the early adopters have shown the world how cool the product is and how cool they are for having one.

However, investing in quality a service satisfies customers improvement w i t h o u t understanding the trade-off b e t w e e n incremental costs and by meeting their needs, incremental revenues may place the profitability of the firm at risk.

Cafeterias and self-guided museum tours are examples of customers taking on tasks that would otherwise have to be assigned to service personnel.

As a result, mistakes and shortcomings are both more likely and harder to conceal. British Telecommunications has responded vigorously to new competition at h o m e and made numerous investments around the world. By gaining a bet- ter understanding of where customers fit in different types of service operation and their preferences for high or low levels of contact with personnel and facilities.

Susan left the bus and walked to the bank card. Pakistan or where foreign investment in the country greatly exceeds investment abroad by domestic firms e. Susan stopped at the cash machine.

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