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This walkthrough will guide you through Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - in you must visit a different area to capture your version's legendary Pokemon. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a guidebook for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver published by Prima Games in March. The Official Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Johto Guide and Johto Format Paperback; Dimensions x x 16mm | 1,g.

A high-tech. Running Shoes Touch this to run without holding down the B Button. Touch again to cancel.

Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.

Be sure to save often. You can also access detailed info. Touch the icons to use them. Open it to use the items inside. Once you learn what the different options are. Select one of the menu options simply by touching it. Search function comes in handy. Search p. Form Searches by general shape.

You can choose up to two types. Type Narrows down the list by type. The lower screen shows its relative weight. Tap the lower-left icons to check its habitat during the morning. There are three separate pages of info. Check out how the female Wobbuffet has red lips. General information is on the lower screen.

Try to use them all! Bicycle The Bicycle lets you travel even faster than the Running Shoes allow. Key Items Pocket Stores important items acquired on your journey. Once an item is registered.

Select the item you want to move. Up to two items can be registered at a time to the lower screen. Find hidden items Items are located in the areas that turn orange when you tap them. Tap the radar on the lower screen. Medicine Pocket Stores stat-raising items and items that restore HP or status.

Berries Pocket Stores your Berries. This is why you want to organize your Bag. You can ride the Bicycle and zip from point A to point B. Use it in lots of different places to track down all the items.

Several of these incredibly useful items are highlighted below. Evolution stones. To Contents Bag Your Bag is where you store the items you collect on your journey.

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How to get the Bicycle: Given to you by a young man in a house in Ecruteak City Protected by copyright. Adventure Info Get a handle on using these handy items 1 There are lots of items that are an especially big help on your journey. You can register up to two Key Items. For your convenience. Organize your items for ease of use The more items you have. Super Potions. To have the Apriblender added to your Apricorn Box. It will receive half of the Experience Points your team earns through battling.

Recorder 2 Using the Exp. Trade the Red Scale to Mr. The Vs. This lets you call them any time you want. Recorder lets you record link battles you have with your friends. Share Get a handle on using these handy items Vs.

Record your battle memories A Battle Video creates a record of intense battles between you and your friends. To Contents Adventure Info Exp. Store 99 of each Apricorn There are seven colors of Apricorn.

How to get the Exp. You can also record your Battle Frontier battles after you make it to the Hall of Fame. Meet and battle all kinds of people to expand your contacts. Water your plants with the SquirtBottle For maximum yield.

Berries are useful to have. The four stages of Berry growth 1 The plant sprouts 2 The stalk develops 3 The plant blooms 4 Berries grow Some time after planting. Check the sprouts. After more time. You can use the Berry Pots to check on them at any time after planting. After some more time. Using Mulch will help you grow Berries at a pace that suits you. Trainers call you for other reasons as well—maybe they want to give you an item.

Berries will grow.

When a Trainer calls you asking for a rematch. Tap the phone icon to answer the call. Receiving calls 1 The phone rings 2 Tap the phone icon When the phone rings. When you call your mom. Touch a blank space to bring up the input screen. How to input words 1 Touch a blank 2 Choose the word Erasing data To delete data. To view the map. This useful map displays your current location. Choose the word from alphabetical or themed lists. Use it as a memo pad to jot down items you want to remember.

Drag the stylus to an empty circle. How to set icons 1 Touch the icon 2 Move it up Place the stylus over the icon you want. Tune in to the station you like best and enjoy. If you want a change of atmosphere. The radio has four channels. Answer all five questions right to receive the Radio Card. To listen. Changing the skin alters the colors. M 6—7 A. Professor Oak tells you about tall grass. M 8—9 P. M Mon. M 1—2 P. M 8—9 A. M 4—5 P. M 3—4 A. A gentle. Your Trainer Card has lots of information recorded on it.

M 10—11 P. M 5—6 A.

M 7—8 P. M Variety Channel Schedule Mon. Before you get the Blue Card. Earn enough points and you can trade them for a fabulous prize p. Violet City. M 9—10 A. M 2—3 A. These People A team of reporters go out exploring caves and ruins. Mahogany Town. There are six episodes that will play as your adventure unfolds. You can hear about Cianwood City. Cherrygrove City. As you earn Badges. Goldenrod City. Bug Catchers. That Town. There are other ways to upgrade your Trainer Card.

Raise your score so you can show it off to your friends. Cons In Set mode. To Contents Raise your score You can raise the score on your Trainer Card by taking on various challenges during your adventure. Options The options menu lets you adjust game settings to suit your own preferences.

Pokemon HeartGold & Soul Silver Johto Prima Official Guide

The card changes as you accomplish each one. To Contents Communicate with the Easy Chat System Build sentences out of words and phrases The easy chat system lets you construct sentences by plugging in preset words and phrases. Primo is the man next to the PC. Union Room chat You also use easy chat to communicate with your friends in the Union Room. Once you select an icon. Make good use of it by striking up a lively conversation. Select the right phrases for the message you want to convey.

He has lots of questions for you. Town Map notes To help you remember things. Your friend receives the Mail once the trade is complete.

Choose words either alphabetically or by using themed lists. Give it a try and get things going! You can also chat with other customers to pick up useful information There are two employees behind the counter.. You can always opt out over the phone Call or visit your mom at any time to stop your savings plan.

As your savings grow As you earn more Gym Badges Use the PC on the right of the reception desk to store. Items you receive only once. To trade and battle with distant friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. To Contents As your money grows. On 2F. For a variety of play experiences. When she calls you. Select the item. Once you meet Bill in Ecruteak City. To use it. Read on to learn about all the PC functions.

If your party is full. Give it a try once you get some Seals. You can reread letters. The camera outside the house automatically takes a picture if you examine it. Have your photo taken in a Team Rocket outfit. Stick Seals on a Ball Capsule. The PC with your name on it is used to store your Mail. Exchange Mail with your friends to see how many letters you can collect!

Flip through the album every now and then to relive your adventures. To enjoy your adventure to its fullest. Here are some of the different things that can happen as you walk. What creates a good mood? Its response to you will depend on a wide variety of factors.

Heal Powder.. Energy Root. Talk to it often to observe its responses. Bad mood! When it does something it likes. Step-by-step description of key events and what to do in order to complete all the events at that location. Use this in combination with the Recommended Route chart p. Johto Adventure Walkthrough Protected by copyright. The Mail even has a Marill stamp. She says that Professor Elm has been asking for you.

You can now use the menu to save the game and access your Bag and Trainer Card. But if you pick the girl, then the supporting role goes to Ethan, the boy. Choose with care! Professor Elm received a message from Mr. It sounds like he needs something.

Go home and talk to your mom before heading off to Mr. Head west through town until you reach Route You can also use it to store the numbers of regular Trainers you meet on your adventure.

The more you travel, the more useful it becomes. This is actually a great idea, because she can then download you some very rare Berries p. In return for the amazing sight, he gives you an Everstone. Now that you have eight Gym Badges, he gives you a Master Ball to commemorate the occasion. You only get one, so use it wisely!

Professor Elm says that the Kimono Girls came to the lab looking for you. Use Fly to zip over to Ecruteak City p. Check out some of the features unique to each game. If you see something. In the middle of Route Come back to the tree p. As you walk through the tall grass. Their levels are rather low. Talk to her to receive the TwistedSpoon. Protected by copyright He also shows you the way to Route Photographer Cameron Monday.

Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.. The Guide Gent gives you the Running Shoes in gratitude for your keeping him company. Then you can show off your signature to your friends in the Union Room p. Cherrygrove City Step 6 Ride the waves!

But the people there have information that will come in useful during your adventure. Keep track of important info and goals by using the eight icons and the easy chat system to enter notes. See page 51 for more on the easy chat system. One item you can get this way is the rare and valuable Mystic Water—be sure to grab it. With the card loaded. Take this chance to sign your name or nickname on the back of your card using the stylus.

Just as you step onto Route After battling its way across Route After visiting Mr. Talk to Mr. Savvy shopping tip: Rival battle! He dropped his Trainer Card. Now there are two cashiers. New Bark Town is just east of Route 29 p. First he taunts you. Route 31 continues on to Violet City. Once you have it. Step 5 Hurry back to New Bark Town! Even if you pass his house without stopping inside.

Pick that Apricorn as well. Go south on Route Professor Elm calls and tells you to return at once. As soon as you leave Mr. When you want a particular color of Apricorn. That tree has Grn Apricorns.

Before you leave the house. Step 3 Mr. After getting the Red Scale Get the Exp. Recorder Go north on Route If you enter the cave. See page 44 for instructions on how to use it. Always answer your calls!

You might receive an Evolution item. Use one to illuminate caves with Flash. Share from Mr. The young man will give you TM44 Rest in exchange. Swapping contact info gives you a chance to have a rematch and maybe receive a nifty item.

The entrance to Dark Cave is on Route They may contain important information—ignore them at your own risk! Routes 30 and 31 Go through the gate on Route 31 to reach Violet City. Points without even going into battle. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited Talk to Earl..

In the heart of Violet City is Sprout Tower. A city with old-fashioned flair Violet City is a city that treasures its past Get ready and head over to Sprout Tower The Violet Gym is right there in the middle of the city.. But when you enter The teacher He says he saw a tree that moves! After creating a group. Water it with the SquirtBottle to reveal its true nature p. The available forms are different for each player.

Once you meet Bill. If you trade him Bellsprout. Think of it as practice for future trades p. If you bring him a Shard. To get these colored Shards. Go north through town to reach Sprout Tower. You can also form a group with your friends. Explore the cave with an eye towards preparing for your Gym Battle p. Go downstairs to get the Pal Pad from Teala. Fight him with Rock. To get there. Look out for his Pidgeotto. Put it in your party. Take the elevator up and follow the path to reach Gym Leader Falkner.

The girl leaves. The professor has learned something about the Mystery Egg. A pillar runs though the structure from 1F to 3F. Sprout Tower is full of Sages who challenge visitors to battle. All the Sages use Bellsprout. Gastly appear inside the tower.

As Elder Li explains. Having defeated Elder Li. Bellsprout appears on Route 31 and Mareep on Route Defeat him to receive TM70 Flash. Go east from Violet City and return to Route Step 4 Violet Gym at last p. To continue exploring.

At this point. Finish up with the cave for now and return to Violet Gym for your challenge p. Be sure to come back.

The cave exit leads to Route 46 p. With Flash. From Route The BlackGlasses raise the power of Dark-type moves—talk to the man in the back of the cave to get them.

The Official Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Johto Guide and Johto Pokedex

Lickitung is found on Route To get Furret. Togepi hatches from the Mystery Egg and evolves into Togetic when it levels up with high friendship. Catch Geodude in Dark Cave. Look for it on Route From Goldenrod City. To Contents The routes connecting Violet City. Route 37 runs north to Ecruteak City. Talk to him to receive the Hard Stone. If you head west along Route Head north on Routes 36 and At the Ruins of Alph. Your next destination is Ecruteak City p.

Floria from the Flower Shop will give you the Berry Pots as thanks for keeping her amused. For Oran Berries. Along with the Berry Pots. Talk to Sunny to receive the Magnet. You can use the Berry Pots to grow Berries. For now. Once the Oran Berries are planted. Be sure to keep them watered. To clear the way.

If you can unlock the riddles here. The great age of the ruins means that they contain many mysteries that remain unsolved to this day. Thursday D Protected by copyright. Take a lap around the ruins and be sure to get them all. The top screen has a hint: Step 4 Now catch the Unown! As luck would have it. Once you solve the puzzle. At first Unown A—J will appear. When you drop into the underground hall. There are 28 kinds of Unown in the Ruins of Alph—give yourself the fun challenge of catching them all.

In recognition of your talents. What could this strange radio wave be? Solve the puzzle of the stone panel in the middle of the upper-right entrance 1.

To get any further. The Unown letters provide a hint. Head east from the ruins to Route 32 and your next destination: Azalea Town p.

The letters provide a hint: Take breaks to visit the Research Center and chat with the Researchers p. The letters give you a hint: Once you complete the puzzle. After getting HM Strength Solve the fourth Unown-letter puzzle When you examine the stone panel at the back of the lower-left entrance 1.

Catch them to complete your collection of Unown. It provides a hint about which item to use in order to advance past the wall. Some of the Trainers ask for your phone number. The price? Just 1. As you travel along Route You can register up to two items.

Tell him thanks. This cave is a huge. Talk to her to receive the Poison Barb. When you talk to the man near the Fisherman.

You can register items you use frequently. Talk to the man just beyond it. If you get items like this. If you successfully challenge the Azalea Gym.

B2F will open up once you have Surf. Water-type moves are more powerful in the Rain weather condition. Remember this spot. The exit emerges on Route 33 p. You can now Surf across the water. Union Cave is the only way to access the fourth puzzle in the ruins. Surf lets you access one path.

This process takes a day Talk to Kurt From now on So why has Team Rocket returned? Azalea Town Talk to Kurt The greater the difference in levels. Follow him p As you enter Azalea Town. Team Rocket was busy redefining evil when a boy named Red finally stood up to them. Team Rocket disbanded three years ago After winning at Azalea Gym Run into your rival near the gate You can battle your rival before your Gym battle Your rival will challenge you the minute you get near the western gate.

Azalea Town Ilex Forest is your next destination. Once you win. This can even happen before your Gym battle. Route 32 Page 87 Santos Sat. If you know where and on what days the siblings will appear. Arthur is on Route Santos is standing in the lee of the rock in front of you. Santos is in Blackthorn City. Lake of Rage Page Arthur Thurs.

From the Blackthorn Gym. Sunny is on Route Talk to them to receive items and Ribbons Monica Mon. Tuscany is almost in the middle of Route Frieda is on the south side of Route North of Route 43 is the Lake of Rage.

Route 40 Page Tuscany Tues. Monica is on the beach near the entrance to Route Go south from Ecruteak City and follow the ledge to the east. Kurt arrives to rescue the Slowpoke. It seems Team Rocket has also gathered here to cut the tails off Slowpoke and sell them on the market. Follow Kurt as he dashes out of the house and into the Well to rescue the Slowpoke. When Kurt comes to check on you.

From what Proton and his minions say.. With Executive Proton defeated in battle. Both are Poison types. Come back here when you have the opportunity. But the organization went underground and is now trying to fulfill the plans of its original boss. Fight them in the name of all the Slowpoke whose tails have been cut off. Once you can use HMs Strength and Surf.

Battle with Team Rocket Executive Proton! Once you teach the grunts a lesson. Thanks to you. Alerted by the sound. There are loose items on the ground.

If you use Headbutt on a tree. Then cut down the small tree north of the Ilex Forest entrance and forge ahead through the forest. It looks like a shrine built to honor the forest guardian. Once you get Cut from the Charcoal Man. Further north into the forest. Busy Goldenrod City lies to the north. Route 34 remains lush and green.

Along that path are Trainers looking for a challenge. Come back once you can use that hidden move. Goldenrod City is just to the north of the Day Care p.

Use Surf to get onto the lake and head south. On the opposite shore. Defeat them to receive the Power Herb. Radio Tower. Game Corner On 6F Check their hours so you can show up at the right time for the shop you want You can win wallpapers there as well as Accessories Goldenrod City Tunnel shop schedule Day Sun Over at the photo studio Give it a try to win Coins!

When you go through the entrance to the Goldenrod Tunnel.. At the Dress-Up Shop During the week Visit a house north of the Department Store to meet a girl who can check your friendship.

Dress-Up Data Photos. The Bike Shop is east of the Department Store. If the number drawn matches the ID No. If you win lots of Coins. To play a promotional Quiz game.

Step 11 Finally. The Gym is on the north end of the city. According to the Bike Shop manager. Now that you have the Coin Case. Grand prize is a Master Ball. Talk to her. Build up points on your card by answering Buena with the passwords she gives during her radio show p. Box Data. Every day. Once the shopkeeper sees your Gym Badge. Shift the balance in your favor by using Fighting-type moves. Make room in your party to get the Spearow.

The Mail is being held by a Spearow. After your Goldenrod Gym victory. Only works on foes of the opposite gender. Bill is back home now. Flower Shop.

The Grunt mistakes you for a new recruit and makes you change into a Team Rocket uniform. Only Team Rocket members are allowed through. To get your hands on a Team Rocket uniform of your own. Goldenrod Gym.

Global Terminal. You can also get his phone number by talking to his little sister. Head back to the Radio Tower p. Rawst Berry Chesto Berry Game Entrance Protected by copyright The elevator is the only way to reach B1F and pick up the items there This is your onestop shop for items Aspear Berry Pecha Berry Persim Berry Voltorb If you reveal Voltorb.

After you see all the unrevealed cards. If you reveal Voltorb instead of a number. You can use these boxes to help you guess what some unrevealed cards might be. Rule 4 Ending the level: Beyond it. Whenever you want a break from battling.

If you pass through the area during the daytime. Wednesday Photographer Cameron Saturday. On your first visit. Make your way north. There are nine Trainers on Route 35 who will challenge you to battle. People say he beat a Machamp at arm wrestling back in the day. The selection varies by day. You can battle him. You can also download Aprijuice here at the stand. He wants you to keep the Bicycle as thanks for all the free advertising.

See page for more details. Goldenrod Gym Leader Whitney rushes up and presents you with a jersey. Some of them will swap phone numbers with you. To get to Ecruteak City. To win.

You have a minute time limit and a single goal: Whenever you catch one. You can take part in the catching contest once on each of those days. Low In the Bug-Catching Contest. High High Avg. Low Low Low Avg. The rest of your team is left at the reception desk. After your conversation Could he be talking about Ho-Oh? Exiting the Burned Tower. But even if you do have the Badge. Before you follow him. The Barrier Station on the north end of town leads to Bell Tower. Who could she be talking about?

Inside the theater. When you talk to her. Battle the Grunt and help the poor girl out! Before you can use it. And did he hint at him being a Gym Leader here. Reason why you have not heard from me in some time is because I have been a little put off by the guide, I was preparing a gigantic update near the end of April, but my PC lost it and I have not been in the mood to write for a little while. They have been added. It has been added to the pokerus section.

I also fixed the location of the plates in the item section. If you have any questions or fixes, let me know now because after March 1st, I will no longer be updating this guide. Not all the courses are on the list, but will be added within the next few updates.

There will be more sections detailing the Pokewalker and certain mechanics, but I wanted to get the courses I finished up at least. Certain event Pokemon I forgot to link to in the Table of Contents are now linked to, and corrected some info on certain event Pokemon. Note that several events are coming up: The legendary dogs can be downloaded at Gamestop through February See the guide for more info , Ash's Pikachu can be downloaded at Toy's 'R Us later in January, and the very rare Celebi will be available in February.

If you are having trouble loading it, or it causes your browser to crash, then you might want to use a smaller guide. Then, copy and paste the Section or name to be taken to that section.

Press the bottom one to continue. Oak will then appear and ask you if you are a boy or a girl and then your name. Once that is done, you will be taken to New Bark Town.

Head on down and your mother will give you your bag. You can now also save and view your status. When you first step out, Marill will come up to you and then leave and you will see the first glimpse of the opposite gender rival. If you are playing as a male, your opposite gender rival will be Lyra, a new addition to the GSC story and a replacement for Crystal's Kris female character. Female characters will meet Ethan, the original protagonist from GSC.

You can explore a little bit and see a red haired boy in the window, but for now continue to Prof. Elm's lab The big building in the upper left.

Go inside and he will ask you to run a errand for him and let you choose between 3 Pokemon. The Pokemon you choose will also appear behind you now. Before you leave, Prof. Elm's aid will give you 5 Potions. After you exit the lab, Ethan or Lyra will appear and talk to you and leave again. Once that is finished, go talk to your mother and she will give you the Pokegear.

It is similar to how it worked in the original GSC versions, but it now has touchscreen support. Leave your house and try to go west and Prof. Elm will appear and give you his phone number.

Once you are ready, head to Route Radio Minun H. Radio Shinx S. It is mainly Sentret for the most part, but Hoothoot do come out at night. You cannot catch Pokemon at this point, so it is just battling for EXP. Head west until you reach Cherrygrove City.

Once you enter Cherrygrove, a old man at the entrance will show you around and then give you the Running Shoes, a staple of the series since RSE that allows you to run when you hold the B Button. If you tap the shoes on the touch screen, they will allow you to run without pressing the B Button.

However, keep in mind that wild pokemon will appear more if you are using the Running Shoes, so you may want to walk while you are in grass. You might want to heal up at this point at the Pokemon Center.

You cannot capture Pokemon at the moment, so you will have to wait. You can download Potions however. Once you are ready, head over to Route When you try to leave, the old man will stop you and give you a Pokegear add-on called the Map Card. It will allow you to see the map via the Pokegear and keep track of any roaming Pokemon you have active. Radio Linoone H.

Radio Bidoof S. Radio Buizel S. You still do not have any Pokeballs, but you can get a Apricorn Box from the man in the first house you see. It will allow you to get Apricorns from the different looking trees around Johto.

You can't go up the west side of the route yet, so continue to the east side up to Mr. Pokemon's house. Inside, you will find Prof. Oak and Mr. Pokemon talking and Mr. Pokemon will give you the Odd Egg key item and heal your Pokemon.

After that, Prof Oak will give you the Johto Pokedex and his phone number.Suction Cups. If you feel like battling, let me know and we will work out a time. Head outside and Prof. Johto Adventure Walkthrough Protected by copyright.

As for the next updates, I do plan on adding some info on the Pokewalker finally after testing it out for the last month or so, and I also plan to cover the two new routes in Johto. When you want a particular color of Apricorn. To view the map.

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