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PDF | "Uma inovadora metodologia multidisciplinar da observação e análise do jogo de Futebol para treinadores, atletas e investigadores. Composta por sete. PDF | The electronic game industry have been increasing in the last years, Este capítulo trata da produção de um jogo MMORPG - Multiplayer Massive. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ana Zimmermann and others published O jogo: sobre encontro e tradições.

This assumption should be satisfied by design.

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However, a mismatch between the design and the collected data can happen during data collection. This panel shows that using theoretical proportions by design and actual proportions in collected data of subgroups results in similar effect estimates.

By default, respondents see only the visual representation of a scenario. Interpretation of what type of characters they represent for example, female doctor may not be obvious. This panel shows that direction and except in one case order of effect estimates remain stable. The magnitude of the effects increases for respondents who read the textual descriptions, which means that the effects reported in Fig. Direction and order of effect estimates remain stable regardless of whether respondents used desktop or mobile devices when completing the task.

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Journal of Global Optimization

Both gender dynamics and sex, identities are multiple, are in a process of construction and will never be completely finished, since we are historical beings, in constant transformation Narratives and discourses not only enunciate phenomena, but institute them, also determining subjective identities engendered in the field of social signs and norms These discursive orders even institute what must be said and silenced.

With regard to the discourses of young people, compulsory heterosexuality Although in contemporary times the discourse in the various media evidences multiple forms of living sexuality, the ambivalence of meanings is revealed in narratives that enunciate and reiterate the antagonistic binarism of hegemonic patterns In game dynamics, responses are expected to be commented and evaluated by peers.

Those that refer to the discourse of gender equity, predominantly, were evaluated as positive. The following testimonies refer to comments on the view that sexual freedom should be oriented differently for boys and girls.

These reports reveal a thematic divergence from the reproductive discourse of the gender stereotypes previously discussed. You are being sexist, because with the boy the father not only authorizes dating in the bedroom, but also encourages him to have sex, while for the girl he imposes several conditions.

There are sensitive boys, therefore vulnerable as well.

Neil Strauss O Jogo A Bíblia da Sedução

M Gender is understood as a device that results from a process of repeating a set of rules. However, at the same time that language acts in the maintenance of this discourse, it presents a destabilizing potential Cienc Saude Colet.

Digital social networks configure spaces for mediation of repetition, as well as questioning of symbols, values and norms produced by gender. Cyberspace allowed the engagement of non-political actors in issues representing previously experienced difficulties. At the same time, the virtual world forms the background to the various gender-based violence expressed online. The ambivalence of meanings that the norms and gender stereotypes assume in the discourse of the youngsters, translates as a contradictory and dialectical process, inherent to the social transformations A study that evaluated the Papo Reto from workshops performed after the experience with the game, pointed to the interaction between peers as a resource capable of mobilizing emotions, reflections and re construction of knowledge.

In the free and relaxed environment of games, this process occurs in a freer way than approaches based on pre-established conceptions. In this study, the need for discussion about gender roles and norms makes sense, since the discourses reproduce stereotypes that reiterate hierarchical categories for men and women.

Manifestations that are understood as natural in the relationships among young people, among them gender violence, result from uncritical positions towards reality. Thus, any strategy that proposes to deal with intimate partner violence should consider the importance of including symbolic violence Bourdieu P.

Rio de Janeiro : Bertrand Brasil ; Gender violence as a marker of relationships between young people: from experience to trivialization The changes that new media represent in the lives of young people have been subjected to studies Livingstone S.

Gobbi MC. The internet constitutes a field that reveals and at the same time, establishes meanings that influence ways of being and relating, configuring symbols, values and social norms of contemporaneity, with deep meanings in the field of affective-sexual relations Rev Forum Identidades. Thinking about the disruptive potential of the game also means taking a critical analysis of the discourses mobilized by the game, permeated by ambivalences, contradictions and socially crystallized stereotypes that reiterate and reproduce iniquities and violence in relationships.

The narratives produced in the game highlight the importance of female freedom and autonomy, as exemplified by the following testimonies, which criticize social surveillance of the female body, as well as its reification and subjection to the masculine. Does her short skirt really bother you so much?

Is it because she has freedom over her own body? F Calm down! Try to talk, to understand her side.

She is not your puppy or your object. F Although this generation has, to some extent, a subversive discourse, with an expression of greater freedom in the field of sexuality, it still reproduces sexist patterns of behavior. This is an expected aspect, since, in the historical transformations, there are dialectical shifts between progress and regression In the statements that follow, the girls used the interaction environment of the game to express personal experiences of violence in relationships.

These findings, besides evidencing the game as a channel of communication in which the players identified openness to share experiences, indicate that the conceptions about the female autonomy, expressed in other situations, do not always translate into the concrete experience of egalitarian relations. I would like my boyfriend to hear me more when I say that I do not want it that way, so that we can try, in other ways, to know ourselves about pleasures.

F His jealousy and the rough way he treats me bothers me.

F Pretend to be indifferent to me in front of others. F He shuts himself off completely, he escapes from the conversations, he victimizes himself or blames me too much.

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F Despite the expression of personal experiences of psychological violence by the players, the corpus of analysis does not allow to show if they recognize these situations as such. However, sharing these experiences indicates their recognition as a problem, something that bothers and generates suffering.

Psychological violence is evident as the predominant form of manifestation in these dialogues that denounce abusive relationships. However, these expressions were neither commented nor evaluated by the peers. The situation that motivated the first testimony triggered that of many other girls, who shared similar experiences. This aspect highlights the need of the subjects to share experiences, opening channels of communication for the visibility of the problem.

The unequal relations of power are found in the genesis of violence when perpetrated in the sphere of interpersonal relations.

The meanings that conform the social image of the feminine are rooted in these relations, determining subalternity and domination. When practiced between intimate partners, violence ends up being part of everyday life, understood as essential and inherent in these relationships. Such an understanding becomes a contradictory meaning, since it is a type of violence materialized in relationships based on affection.

Violence among intimate partners assumes several meanings for young people, including the inherent sense of ambivalence. Thus, it is urgent to take the problem as a focus of studies in the various areas of human, social and collective health sciences. A study indicated that, as far as physical aggression is concerned, girls are more victimized In addition, adolescents often find it difficult to perceive such aggressions as detrimental to their relationship, and often tend to associate controlling and jealous behavior as a sign of love Psic Teor Pesq.

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Interface Botucatu. The interaction of the youth with the game revealed responses that refer to violent behavior. These responses, as well as situations in the game that dealt with situations of violence, were often neither problematized nor questioned by peers, understanding them as normal or acceptable situations.

This finding is observed in the following report of a girl about a situation of the game about sexual violence, in which the partner touches her breasts, against her will.

If I did not like it, I would take it off [his hand].This instrument is usually performed in approximately 45 minutes and was applied by professionals after a brief clinical training. Rev Bras Enferm.

These responses, as well as situations in the game that dealt with situations of violence, were often neither problematized nor questioned by peers, understanding them as normal or acceptable situations. This choice should be made regarding frequency of gambling, amount money bet, negative consequences and worries associated with the game. Thus, gender constitutes the primordial field in which asymmetric relations of power are articulated, based on socially constructed differences, but hegemonically conceived as essential, natural and unquestionable

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