Mysterium Coniunctionis, where Jung continues his work of interpretation by examining in detail a number of texts taken from the alchemical classics. The scope. Volume Mysterium Coniunctionis. The components of the coniunctio. 1. The opposites. In: Jung, C., Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 2nd ed., Princeton. Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume Mysterium Coniunctionis. C. G. JUNG Read Online · Download PDF; Save; Cite this Item. EDITORIAL NOTE.

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Uploaded by: MALENA Mysterium Coniunctionis (Collected Works of C.G. Jung Vol) ( ): C. G. Jung, Gerhard Adler, R. F.C. Hull: Books. Mysterium Coniunctionis, subtitled An Inquiry into the Separation and Synthesis of Psychic . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Magick/Liber Aba and Mysterium Coniunctionis: a comparison of the writings of Aleister Crowley and C.G. Jung. Lloyd Keane. INFORMAIION TO USERS In the.

All these themes are brought together in Mysterium Coniunctionis, where Jung continues his work of interpretation by examining in detail a number of texts taken from the alchemical classics. The focus of the book is on the symbolism of the coniunctio and the preceding stages of dissociation.

These are known in alchemy as the chaos or prima materia, and they lead via the intermediate stages to a resolution of the conflict of opposites in the production of the lapis philosophorum. The reader who follows Jung in his search for a deeper understanding of the opus alchymicum will not only discover in this book new and fascinating aspects of the history of the European mind but will also be rewarded by fresh insights into such basic psychological problems as the structure of the self and the ego and their relation to one another, the nature of transference and countertransference, and the process of active imagination.

It comprises Volumes I and II of that version. Volume III is an edition and study by Marie-Louise von Franz of Aurora Consurgens, a thirteenth-century treatise traditionally attributed to Thomas Aquinas and rediscovered by Jung, which has been issued in English as a companion volume to Mysterium Coniunctionis, but outside the Collected Works.

The paragraph numbers of the present work do not correspond to those in the two Swiss volumes, which run in separate sequence. Further, many of the longer paragraphs have been broken up, and in certain instances the material has been rearranged within the chapters to facilitate the exposition.

Princeton University Press. Collected Works of C. Hippolytus and Simon Magus as well as in those of the alchemists. The arcane substance and the point. Collected works of C. The point is the smallest written sign. The story of Manes or Cubricus the son of the widow. It is stated that the moral task of alchemy was to bring the feminine. The comparison of these two systems reveals the deathrebirth drama hidden in the coniunctio.

The paradox of Mercurius is presented as the paradox par excellence. The properties of gold are listed as they relate to the point. The Manichaean dualistic Christ figure. Citations from John Dec. Maier and others. A review of the interpretations is provided with special attention given to those of Barnaud.

Analogies are found in medieval literature in Vita Merlin. The interpretation of Malvasius reveals anima projections and feminine archetypes: Attention is drawn to similar images in modem dreams. The enigma of Bologna. The interpretations of Barnaud and Maier are based on alchemical concepts of prima materia.

The psychological analysis of the eye and sun as symbol and allegory of the consciousness. This same myth is given an alchemic interpretation: Cadmos is Mercurius in his masculine form Sol in search of his feminine counterpart Luna. The resemblance between Khurath's concept and that of Monoimos is noted. Veranius and Schwartz. Both the enigma and the commentaries are seen as perfect paradigms of the method of alchemy in general.

The motif of the oak tree is examined in the fight of the Cadmos myth with its symbols of loss of anima in the realm of the unconscious. Comment is made on the Veranius' interpretation as a forerunner of Freud's sexual theory of the unconscious. Richard White's definition of the soul as the selfress of all mankind is interpreted as a possible reference to the collective unconscious.

The significance of the eye as a symbol of the scintilla is discussed and related to the doctrine of Gnosticism and Manichaeism. Dom's concept of the scintilla. The parallel to Adam Kadmon. Richard White. The spoils of the battle are offered to the oak tree.

The Christian attempt to restore the state of innocence through monasticism and celibacy is contrasted with that of the alchemists'. It is shown that both attempts fail because the image of the oppositon of the sexes must be resolved in another realm..

Sol is perceived as a virtuous or generative and transforming power found both within man and in the universe. Since it was considered to be a single element. The reason for the difficulty of this solution is explained. The personification of the opposites. The alchemical attributes of Sol are presented. The fundamental opposition. The study of both the inscription and its interpretation leads to the conclusion that the collective unconscious.

The former used the image of the Christian spiritual marriage of Sponsus Christ and sponsa Church and offered a purely spiritual solution. Schwartz's interpretation. Symbolically then. The alchemists' awareness of this problem is shown by an analysis of their myth of the King of the Sea and a description of the dual goal of alchemy: A parallel is drawn between properties of sulphur as they appear in the texts of Dom.

On the one hand it is identified with Diabolus. A distinction is drawn between the concept of the self as the suprapersonal atman. The alchemical attributes and effects of sulphur are presented and related both to the Christ image as a psychic archetype and to the structure of the psyche as perceived in modem psychology. Its effects are shown to be equally dualistic: It possesses a psychic double nature: Basic to both conceptions is the Jungian concept of the self which is defined as the human totality.

Sol is interpreted as a projection of the ego. Sulphur is compared to unconscious dynamism or compulsion. The alchemists came close to recognizing that the arcane substances and the longed for lapis were the ego. The coniunctio of Sol and Mercurius is discussed. It is concluded that alchemical projections sketch a picture of certain fundamental psychological facts.

The differences between the Christian dogmatic schema and that of the alchemical schemes are illustrated with quaternal diagrams.

Vol. 14 Mysterium Coniunctionis

The discoveries of the alchemists are considered to be more important to psychology than to chemistry. Citing several texts. The contrast between the upward movement of the alchemical drama.

Luna is cold. Numerous functions of the dog as symbol in alchemic texts are explained. As the counterpart of Sol. In these texts both Sol conscious and Luna unconscious are represented theriornorphically as dog and bitch. The alchemical role of Luna is compared to that of the Virgin Mary and the Church in that it partakes of earth's sufferings.

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The dog. The neotic qualities of Luna. Several texts are examined. From the texts of Dom. Symbolized as the vessel of the sun and funnel of the earth. Simon Magus and the Allegoriae super librum Turbae among others. The process of uniting the contents of the unconscious with the conscious mind is presented through the analysis of imagery in alchemic texts.

The significance of the moon. The symbol of the moon as a tree or plant is discussed and related to the tree symbols of Arabic alchemy.

The negative aspects of Luna are evident in the disadvantageous position given to Luna compared to that of Sol and in the attribution of appetites or sensual powers the sphere of the moon. The connection.. Luna is personified as sister. Diana and thief. Winged Youth. The psychological interpretation of the Luna indicates that the alchemists perceived the union of Sol consciousness and Luna unconscious to be dangerous and productive of poisonous animals: Salt and a number of symbols closely related to salt.

It is explained as a parable for the preliminary form of the union of opposites. Salt as the arcane substance. In the dream the thief or robber of the self is contrasted with the winged youth. The moon-nature. It is the age old struggle of evil versus good expressed in alchemical language. The alchemical allegory.

Collected Works of C.. In a further discussion of the personification of the opposites. Good and evil are seen as spiritual forces outside of man. It is suggested that dreams. Although it is conceded that dream interpretation can hardly ever be convincingly proved..

Princeton University Press.. We learn that the winged youth is espoused to the "central water. The archetype of incest is examined as it appears in dreams and in the alchemic images. This corruption is the quality of the prima materia. Associated with salt and sea is the quality of bitterness. The fourth figure in alchemy.. The destruction of the Egyptians trying to cross the Red Sea is seen as an allegory of the inability of the unenlightened or unaware to be transformed.

The Red Sea has a unique symbolic value. This bird represents the spirit of corruption expelled -om an impure substance which is made pure thereby. The resistance of Christian tradition to the acceptance of the "other.

At is often found characterized as a spirit and identified with bird..

Mysterium conjunctionis (tome 1)

The personification of opposites. This association with the arcane substance is found to be more clearly supported in the iter alchemical texts. The bitterness. Salt in Alchemical philosophy is identified as the symbol of the arcane substance.

The Red Sea. This and other spirits of imurity constitute that part of the universe which is still chaos. Numerous references to the significance of the Red Sea in alchemical thought are examined. As the spirit of chaos is indispensable to the alchemical world order. It is noted that the sea was often characterized as something impure in ancient cultures.

Allusions are found to a symbolic vehicle which is immersed in the Red Sea and purified. The Assumption of Mary in Catholic doctrine is discussed as an example of the ultimate acceptance of his necessary fourth figure lacking in the Trinity.

Ascent and descent. Maier's comparison of the seven mouths of the Nile to the seven planets.

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The soul in alchemical thought rises into the spiritual realm. Maier finds new meaning and self-knowledge. In particular. The frequent association of a serpent with the chariot is discussed in terms of the serpent as the anima mundi.

This ascent and descent are seen to represent the realization of psychic opposites. In psychological terms. Associations of the Ortus symbol with other figures of the self are mentioned.

A fabulous animal combining the four alchemical colors appears. The symbolic value of the privileged alchemical number four is examined as representative of the four functions of consciousness.

Luna Gimenez

In Maier's text in particular. The tale by Michael Maier of the quest for knowledge covering four continents is examined for its allegorical content. The fourth function is described as the most unconscious of all. The fourth of the three. Africa -.

In the story of a mystical journey whose goal is the understanding of the world. Similar chariot figures are discovered in Indian mythology and in the Song of Songs. The journey through the. The alchemists professed to a transformation between fire and water.

A philosophical discussion on sea water salt water is presented from the viewpoints of alchemy. The mystic journey through the planets is associated with the archetypal voyage of the hero.

While the impurities have left the body. The regeneration in seawater. Sources from various cultures are cited. In sea water baptism.

[PDF] Mysterium Coniunctionis (Collected Works of C.G. Jung Vol.14) Popular Online

The original state of spiritual confusion experienced by the seekers leads in modern therapy to an analysis and interpretation of irrational thoughts expressed in dreams and fantasies anamesis. Vol It is noted that the seven spheres had great significance for ancient astrologers as well. The principal function of sea water is cleansing the sinner.

The peculiar reticence of Maier to describe the last conversation of the searcher with Mercurius is explained as a sign of the excruciating psychic conflict experienced in the process of individuation.

The acceptance of this material from the unconscious widens the perspective and awareness of the conscious mind. Thus the treatise of Ostanes says that when preparing the baptismal vessel. In the ritual of baptism it becomes symbolically synonymous with fire. Another model for the journey is found in the Gnostic redeemer. In a psychological interpretation of Michael Maier's symbolic journey to the seven mouths of the Nile.

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