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Masud Rana pdf, Masud Rana Series, Masud Rana All Books, Masud Rana Ebook, Masud Rana Novel, Friday, December 1, Masud Rana is a fictional character created in by writer Qazi Anwar Hussain, who A group of ghostwriters are employed to produce all the new Masud Rana novels. The Masud Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Qazi Anwar Hussain created the adult spy-thriller series Masud Rana MR9, at first modeled after James Bond, but expanded Japani Fanatic Part 1, 2 & 3.

He is an international spy of Bangladesh Origin. It is a western book series and not for under Books are published almost every month. Masud Rana now came out by pdf book. Now people like to collect and read ebook by mobile or computer.

So i have collect masud rana pdf for you. Direct download link added.

Book numberBook nameDownloadFile Size 1. Masud rana pdf-Commando-Mission.

Major Rana has gambled at many casinos, although never to ruin. He drinks, but not to excess. Major Rana remarked with mastery in Underwater and Aquatic Warfare training. He went further and earned certifications for the operation of assault helicopters, Harrier-class jets, fixed wing aircraft, hover crafts, marine assault vessels, armored vehicles, and other crafts. He proved adept at training other candidates, initiating athletic competitions, and fostering a creative environment.

He proved himself an exceptionally skilled and disciplined student of BCI methods. Rana is skilled with languages, and speaks fluently without accent in Italian, French and German, and speaks, reads and writes a passable Greek, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Rana has a tendency to come across as arrogant and overly-confident in some situation. Rana appears as a loner.

Masud Rana

He works best in broad strokes when given general goals and the freedom to accomplish those goals in the manner he sees fit. Additionally, Rana often appeared visibly bored and restless during more mundane aspects of training.

He obviously enjoys risks, enjoys calculating the odds of success, and playing those risks to the edge of failure. Major Rana's service with the BCI has been marked by moments of exemplary but risky bravado.

While performing his duties with great zeal, Major Rana has often taken it upon himself to expand upon his orders, and, on more than one occasion, to violate them outright.

Some Rana books are little more than direct translations from well known Western titles with only character names being changed i. But most of the books have changes that resonate with Bangladeshi readers, hence their popularity.

On secret missions he travels the globe.

Masud Rana - Treasure Hunter Part 1-2

His life is queer. His movements are mysterious and strange. His heart, a beautiful mix of gentle and tough. He attracts, but refuses to get snared.

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Wherever he encounters injustice, oppression, and wrong, he fights back. Every step he takes is shadowed by danger, fear, and the risk of death.

Come, let us acquaint ourselves with this daring, always hip, young man. In a flash, he will lift us out of the monotony of a mundane life to an awesome world of our dreams.

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He attracts, but refuses to get snared. The Masud Rana books describes the adventures of its eponymous hero Masud Rana, an international Espionage Agent of Bangladeshi origin, closely resembling James Bond in his expertise with weapons and love for women.

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