Think students book sample. Click on the links below to see a sample of each THiNK Student's Book. Student's Book. Level 2. Download Sample. American THiNK student's book sample unit. Student's Book | Content | American Think | Secondary | Cambridge Student's Book. Level 2. Download. Giáo trình học tiếng anh cho trẻ em Student Book 2. Then lislen qnd reod.?iui, Look of me Listen ond number. $c, -0e tffi, ;M {=, r",'*f J-*l.

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In English-A StudentsBook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Look at the text below and look for the words in bold type corresponding to. Messages 2 Student s Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. The Passages, Third Edition, Student's Books have been updated to offer fresh, contemporary content, relevant speaking and listening activities, comprehensive .

The school the whole class to the Metropolitan Museum like. The is used for actions that happened at a definite time in the past and are finished. I to concerts. For example, my friends and I went to a great concert last month. We only go to reggaeton concerts. Grammar and Vocabulary 4. Match these comments with Lindas answers in exercise 2. Webhelper Monday 14th Consider doing this activity more often. In a family reunion suggest going to museums and cultural events.

Friendly surfer Tuesday 15th Avoid eating the same things. Make your own shopping list and give new things a try. Practice cooking new recipes. Charisma Tuesday 15th Dare to be different. Learn to listen to other kinds of music and dance expressions. Be sure to listen to diverse music.

ArtMaster Wednesday 16th You need to interact with more people. You can start meeting more people by joining hobby groups like theater troupes. Why not? Give it a try! Listen to a phone call to the Youth Cultural Center and choose the corresponding poster. Listening Strategy 6. Listen again and choose. Activity Workshop Conference Course.

Clear grammar and vocabulary

Concentrate on the specific information by previewing the information you will need. Project Stage 2 Choose one learning activity per group to promote in a campaign.

Prepare a set of recommendations for students to get involved in the activity your group is promoting. Learn to enjoy reading books. It has very interesting articles with important advice for young people. You can find topics such as health, school, careers, family and the latest news to enlighten the world of teens.

It also contains a school section with the links to educational sites that cover plenty of academic topics in depth and accurately. Additionally, these articles are written in very simple English so that anyone understands. On the other hand, you can chat with students all over the world about your homework and your interests.

Unlike wikis or any other educational web-sites MSAE offers the possibility to receive help online by a tutor that is highly qualified and who is ready to help clarify your doubts. I definitely recommend this website to all students who need guidance on their homework and projects. Stop and think. Whats the authors opinion about the web-site?

The author thinks its a great site for students who cant do their homework. The author thinks its important for students to chat about their homework with students in other countries. The author thinks the web-site offers interesting services to students with homework problems.

The book is called Sophies World. Its author is Jostein Gaarder, who has written many books for children and young people. Sophies World is a young girls journey down through the history of philosophy.

Through a series of mysteries and the help of a mentor, Albert Kong, Sophie discovers that philosophy is extremely important for people because we,. Reading Strategy Understanding Key Ideas Key ideas are usually rephrased to make the reading more cohesive.

Look at the beginning and end of paragraphs to identify rephrasing. On her journey she discovers the great philosophers and theories that have shaped human thought. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where is God? If you ever wonder about the same questions, you will probably discover some interesting answers and also enjoy reading the adventures that happened to Sophie and her friends while learning to think more critically and with a different perspective.

I highly recommend this book because it is full of mysteries and knowledge. Whats the book about? The history of Sophie b. Sophies journey while learning philosophy c. The history of philosophy. Are you a music lover? Have you ever thought of going to a summer camp where you can meet other young people from different parts of the world and learn how to sing and dance?

This is a camp that takes place every year at the Youth Country Center. There you will live with kids from different countries while learning about music and performing. In the camp you will learn popular songs and dances from other countries while you rehearse and prepare for a final performance.

You will also take part in sports activities, games and small nature trips. I would like to recommend Melody Summer Camp because all these factors make it a perfect place for teens who want to learn music and have fun. It offers an unparalleled experience for young artists. Whats the authors opinion of Melody Summer Camp? Its important to learn to sing and dance.

Only young artists can enjoy this camp. Its a great experience for anyone who enjoys music and dance. Complete the expressions to recommend items, services and events. I recommend this book because of its original ending. I like to this movie to all jazz music fans. This website has an collection of English exercises.

It also podcasts and videos to practice your English. Follow the models in the reading and organize these steps to write a review.

Give a conclusion restating why you recommend it. Writing Strategy Reviews are opinions of a product or service. State your opinion clearly and support it strongly. Give your opinion to introduce the topic by making a small comment or asking a question. Support your opinion by giving information about the service, product or item. Choose the correct connector. Be sure to watch movies with good reviews.

iBooks Author and you.

I highly recommend going to see good indie movies. You can get familiar with foreign customs. Writing Strategy Connecting similar and contrasting ideas. Use also and in addition to give extra similar information about an idea. Use unlike to contrast two nouns. Write a review of a product or service.

Think about a book, movie or learning experience you wish to recommend. Think about the reasons to recommend it. Project Stage 3 Assign responsibilities e. Listen and match the idioms with their meaning.

To be in the same boat b. To hit the books c. To be a real page turner d. To take a rain check. What are you doing this afternoon? How about going out to a movie? Sorry, I have I have an exam tomorrow.

I promise well get home early. Have you ever seen A Brilliant Mind? It has great reviews. Sounds like a good movie but Id rather b. Have you read The Chronicles of Narnia? No, I havent. Whats it like? Its c. Its a fascinating story! Well, Ive seen the movie but I havent read the book. Me too!

Were d. Some other time! No problem! Then share with your partner. I have taken a rain check many times. The last time I took a rain check was I have hit the books I use my free time adequately.

I am learning to learn. I am open to new things. Share Your Project 1. Rank these out of class-learning activities according to their importance. Other Check what you think is true about your group work. There is a lot of creativity. C ampaigns are organized activities to achieve a goal.

Campaigns are designed to bring people together and involve them in particular ways of thinking and doing things. Honest campaigns are powerful tools to make a big difference in the world.

They can have a great educational impact and can also be a fun way to obtain important skills such as leadership and commitment.

Interesting changes can be obtained when people work together to make something happen. The strategies or tactics you use will depend on the kind of message or idea you will be campaigning for. These strategies have to be different as not all people respond to the same thing. You can send messages, write posters, give talks or have discussions, or even create a slogan. Answer these questions: Whats a campaign? According to the author, why can campaigns make a difference in the world?

In your opinion, whats the most important element in a campaign? Give your Presentation Describe the objective of your campaign. Talk about your motivations to carry it out. Present the tips you promoted in your campaign. Invite people to read all the reviews you created to recommend interesting learning experiences. We have talked to Invite your parents to Consider doing Start interacting with To show the possibilities for learning To give tips We want to share with you these tips.

Get in pairs. Move around the board by tossing a coin. Ask and answer questions to be the first one to get to Rome. Complete these 15 sentences. I abroad two times. I to Canada in and in Ive been abroad 2 years. Shes in a reading campaign. If you mention 6, you can advance 3 squares. Quiz Time 1. Listen and choose the right answer. How long has she waited? She just arrived 3.

Messages 2 Student s Book

What has the girl done lately? She has been to some countries. She has gone to the library. Shes gone to the Great Waterfall. Complete with the Simple Past tense or the Present Perfect tense. What does the boy think of the Great Waterfall?

He has never heard of it. He thinks its not a good place to visit. Its a beautiful place to visit. How long has she been abroad? Shes been abroad c She left one year after her brother. Hes been in Italy d more than 20 years. Complete with the correct word or expression. Learn 1. Linda had to because she needed a better grade than the previous one. Elkin and Teresa are because they havent read the book. Glossary AE abroad: Weve traveled abroad twice this year.

He has attended all the lectures at the conference. Actions taken in order to achieve a particular goal. Hes organizing a campaign. Reading will help you improve your knowledge of the world. This course develops leadership skills. Movie reviews can help you decide what to see. Whats on schedule? Please, fill out this survey! I took up chess last month. A conventional mode of acting. The movie shows traditional customs from other countries.

This book will enlighten the world of teens. Its an entertaining website. This website provides guidance for homework. He took a journey to a distant place. Hes a picky eater. I have a recipe for preparing a great sauce. UZ useful: The books contains useful information on different jobs.

Im taking a workshop on art. Colloquial Expressions That is: To be a real page turner: To hit the books: To be in the same boat: To take a rain check: Listen to a short conversation twice. There are five questions.

For questions check the correct answer A, B or C. Answer their questions. You are going to talk about personal information first and preferences. Then talk about experiences and, finally, about future plans. Youre Craig. Youre on a trip through Africa.

You want to help people who live in remote areas to get a source of renewable energy. You have an interview with a News Channel. You will learn how to: Simple Past tense First and second conditional sentences. A Storytelling Show You will work in groups to create or recreate a story and tell it in a storytelling show. What are your favorite stories? Who are the main heroes in Roman and Greek mythology? Which are some of the main characters in fairy tales?

Name some of the most famous fairy tales all over the world. Who is your favorite fantasy writer? Do you know of any ghost stories? Listen to the story and match the pictures to the events by placing the corresponding capital letters in the circles. Then listen again and complete the texts.

Tina had missed the school bus so she was walking in the park. It was a ring. So she put it in her backpack and decided to take it home and show it to her parents.

Match these adverbs to their meaning. When something is unexpected and quick, it happens. When something occurs in a complete manner, it is done c. When something is unusual, it happens.

When something occurs with surprise, it happens e. When something occurs against good luck, it happens f. When something is surrounded by mystery, it is said to happen. To make adverbs, addly to adjectives. Adverbs of manner and attitude mysterious ly careful ly fortunate ly surprising ly Adverbs that describe manner and attitude towards an event usually go at the beginning of a sentence. Immediately, she picked it up and examined it carefully.

Use the two Word Banks. Use either the Simple Past or Past Participle form of the verbs. Then listen, check and complete the grammar chart below. Listen to this story! Key Expressions B: Im all ears! Sounds creepy: Its scary. Well, that day Tina had missed the school bus, so she decided to go back home through the National walked Park.

She had a for 20 minutes when she felt tired and stopped under a big tree. When she got close to the tree, she b a shiny object. She c it up and examined it d. Was it magical? Key Expressions A: Let me finish! Im paying attention. She put it in her bag and continued her journey. It was the same ring. She g home B: Sounds creepy! How did it happen? She had j very disappointed; but when she came into the living room, the ring in the park.

Why was it under her bed she noticed a painting she hadnt h before. It now? Nobody knows. Its a mystery. Later, her mother told had found in the park.

Thats unbelievable. Oh, Lucas, why dont you just listen?

Messages 2 Student s Book

Anyway, that night B: Uh huh. Yes, sure! Let me tell you something, you know, I Tina went to bed very sad. She had missed the school bus. Project Stage 1 Talk about the kinds of stories you like. Choose one story. Explain why! We like stories full of fantasy and magic. We think theyre entertaining. Look up the words below in your dictionary. Then number them based on the picture. Complete the sentences. Use the vocabulary above. If I were a king, Id live in a castle.

If a fairy granted me a wish, Id ask for happiness. Read and complete the story with some of the words in exercise 1. Then complete the grammar chart on page One day the man saw a magical tree a and he thought If I cut down this tree, Ill make some good money. If I make good money, Ill get my wife a new dress. But the man noticed that the tree was very thick so he doubted if he could cut it down.

However, he kept thinking about the money If I could chop it down, I wouldnt have to work for a long time. Suddenly, a beautiful and tiny b appeared and said I wouldnt cut down that tree if I were you! Its a magical tree. I will grant you and your wife three c if you dont cut it down. Happily, the man accepted, went to his house and told his wife about the fairy. If a fairy granted me a wish, Id ask for a hot d , Im so hungry, said the wife jokingly.

Immediately, at the table, a big juicy sausage appeared. Oh, come on, you wished for a simple sausage and now we just have two wishes left! I wish the sausage would hang from your nose, said the e angrily without thinking. As soon as he spoke the words, the sausage hung from the womans nose.

What did you do?

Look at me, said the wife, who now had a sausage hanging from her nose. When the woodcutter saw his wife looking so sad, he knew what his next wish would be. If I you, I that tree. If a fairy me a wish, I for a hot sausage. If I cut down this tree, c. If a fairy granted me a wish, d. If I could chop it down,. Notice the form of the verb be in the conditional: If I were you, I wouldnt cut that tree.

Listening to a story When listening to story, identify its most important elements: Use the vocabulary from exercise 1 and predict the story. Then listen and choose. Finally complete the sentence below. Main Characters. I wouldnt have to work. I wouldnt cut down that tree. Id wish for a hot sausage.

Ill make some good money. Notice how would is contracted. Id wish for a sausage. Shed wish for a new dress. I wouldnt cut down that tree if I were you. Listen to the second part of the story and answer the questions. What did the main character have to do to solve the problem? How did the story end? Project Stage 2 Create a new version of the story you chose.

Select two top endings and discuss the best possible results. If the queen didnt keep her promise, the gnome would do something bad. Stories of All Kinds! Look at the text quickly and choose the word cloud that best represents it.

Match the columns. Use your dictionary. Reading Strategy Skimming Look over the text quickly to find important words characters and main actions. One day he was challenged by Polydectes, King of Seriphos, to kill Medusa, a monster who had serpents as hair, and return with her head. Medusa had been a beautiful lady and was turned into a Gorgon because she had offended the goddess Athena by being excessively proud of her beauty.

So, she had to live with other Gorgons on a faraway island. If someone looked at her in the eye, she would turn them into stone and die. Perseus went on this mission. He didnt know that he had been fooled by Polydectes, with the intention of getting married to Perseus mother, Danae. Meanwhile, in Chico, Calif. Another outdoor enthusiast, Gary Kirk, joined forces with another expert seamstress, Marcia Briggs. They founded Caribou Mountaineering in At the time, Kirk was taking classes at Chico State on the GI Bill, and he couldn't find a pack that would hold all of his textbooks.

It took her a few days. The new pack was called the Cricket. Briggs took it to the bookstore at Chico State. They agreed on a consignment deal. The store would only have to pay her for packs it actually sold. The first batch sold out. Briggs quickly lined up university bookstores across the country. Soon after, at a trade show, Briggs met Ned Kitchel, then a senior project manager at L.

Kitchel had been on the lookout for a daypack to hold textbooks ever since he received a suggestion letter from a Harvard Law student. At his request, Briggs modified the Cricket to add a little more room on top — for your jacket or something — and brought it to him at L. Bean headquarters in Freeport, Maine. He loved it. In , the L. Bean catalogue featured the Book Pack, and it quickly became the company's top-selling product.

It spread throughout the West as fast as L. Bean's was taking over in the East. The rest is history. Within a few years, backpacks had gone from novelty to necessity. Competitors popped up, too.

By the late s, nearly every kid walking to school was wearing a backpack. So the only thing left to do? Make the backpacks bigger! These newer models got serious about schoolwork.

Deeper pockets. More compartments. Little zippered spaces. Over the years the styles haven't changed much. Use context clues to discover what comes after or before these sentences. Quickly, it worked so well that Mark decided to drop out of the university to dedicate himself completely to the development of his company. Recently, in the famous Time magazine chose Mark as Person of the Year. More recently Mark had to face hard critics on privacy issues and the policies of his company.

Read and choose the correct expression. I enjoy facebooking. So I signed up with Twitter but I dont use it much. I think Ill keep facebooking! Use these expressions to attach ideas smoothly and to signpost the chronological sequence of At an early age, Mark showed great talent for computers.The living room's messy! Reflect on Grammar Present Perfect vs. We compare textbook prices between the largest and most trustworthy online new, used, rental and digital textbook sellers, including site and Chegg.

Mahmoud Elmoaty. My main guy. Administrators at a few schools have gone so far as to require clear or mesh backpacks. Then talk about experiences and, finally, about future plans. I doubt you've ever seen one in use, but you've almost certainly seen them in the movies. Its author is Jostein Gaarder, who has written many books for children and young people.

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Look over my other articles. I take pleasure in episkyros. I fancy reading novels knavishly.