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Lobisomem: O Apocalipse é um jogo de RPG da editora estadunidense White Wolf, publicado É um dos mais conhecidos títulos da série "Mundo das Trevas" . Mark Rein·Hagen é um conhecido autor rpgístico, autor do livro Ars Mágica, e da série de livros Vampiro: A Máscara, Lobisomem: O Apocalipse, e outros Dungeons & Dragons • Legend of the Five Rings • Mundo das Trevas • Tagmar • Tormenta Criar um livro · Descarregar como PDF · Versão para impressão. Tagmar é um RPG brasileiro criado em com o titulo de "1º RPG Brasileiro". . Principais cenários, Aventuras Fantásticas • Dungeons & Dragons • Legend of the Five Rings • Mundo das Trevas • Tagmar • Tormenta. Principais autores.

Magia limitada para mortais. Mundo Das Trevas - Combate.

O novo mundo das trevas da white wolf precisa deste livro para se jogar o novo lobisomem,mago e vampiro. O Coracao das Trevas - Joseph Conrad. Download de livros de RPG de mesa, suplementos, miniaturas, revistas, aventuras Continuem assim! Responder Excluir.

Entre as novidades, Diferente do antigo, onde cada livro sobre um tipo de criatura Vampiro, Lobisomem, Mago, Changeling, etc continha todas as regras Contato profissional: canalanimations outlook.

Back flips and elegant j umps are the hallmark of such stylists, and they deftly avoi d the strikes of many opponents. By jumping, flipping, bending and spinning, an acrobatic martial artis t may evade many blows at once.

Executing an acrobatic dodge requires the entire turn a martial artist cannot split his dice pool or perform an acrobatic dodge in conjunction with powers such as Black Wind or Celerity. Cataleptic Grapple: With a proper locking hold, a grappling martial artist can apply pressure to blood vessels, the diaphragm, lungs, or simply against specific pressure points.

In any case, the results are similar - the victim lapsed into o ness. As long as the martial artist keeps t he hold, he can continue to apply pressure, stunning the opponent and even eventually killing her.

As always, once the opponent is taken to the Incapaci tated health level, she lapses into unconsciousness. A cataleptic grapple can be used against Kuei-jin by blocking Chi flow with pressure points , but as always, the vampire takes only half bashing damage, so such an attack generally takes quite a while to incapacitate the unliving.

Cataleptic grapples have no effect on Western Kindred. Push Hands: Practice in Tai Chi includes "push hands," a game wherein the stylists press against one another in special poses while trying to force the opponent off-balance.

A skilled practitioner learns to read body language, anticipate motion and shift balance with subtle pressure. When a stylist with push hands is attacked, the martial artist may defend with this technique.

The player rolls a normal block, but with difficulty 7.

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If successful, the attacker is knocked to the ground, suffering a number of dice of bashing damage equal to his or her strength automatic strength successes from Black Wind and Potence do count for this while the Tai Chi master sidesteps and simply gives the foe a little nudge.

Reactive Strikes: Parrying, pushing and riposting in rapid succession, the martial artist seizes a brief opening to come in under the opponent's guard.

Artes Marciais: Suave Pesado

When using a reactive strike, the martial artist must split his dice pool or otherwise perform at least two actions in the turn. The first action must block the opponent's attack; failure on the block negates the reactive strike. However, if the block succeeds, the martial artist immediately counterstrike s; the reactive blow cannot be blocked or dodged. Spinning Throw: By using momentum against several striking or grappling opponents at once, a master can turn a series of attackers into a mass of flying bodies.

This defensive m aneuver pits the weight and motion of each attacker against the others, so that they all assist in the task of flinging the aggressors away from the defending stylist. A spinning throw is a reactive throw; the martial artist must be attacked or grappled to use this ability.

Effectively, the spinning throw permits the stylist to throw multiple opponents without suffering a penalty for multiple actions. The opponents must attack first, but resolution of damage is delayed until the martial artist attempts the spinning throw.

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The throwing player compares his successes with the attacks of the aggressors; if an attacker scores more successes, his attack inflicts regular results, while if the defender scores more successes, the aggressor is thrown normally.

In the case of a tie, die attacker fails in his strike, but is not thrown. For example, if five foolish Kin-jin attacks Hideo, he can declare that he is attempting a spinning throw, and then wait for the Cainites to attack.

This Elder is in no way obliged to listen to other sept members, but most do so, knowing that it is the support of the people that gave them their station. The most accomplished Elders are accepted as Tribal Elders, and usually adressed with the honorific "Father" or "Mother".

Camps Edit The Swarm: This pack focuses on the war-aspect of rat, concentrating on dirty fighting and exploiting every advantage they get over an enemy.

The have specialized in urban terrorism, striking against the Wyrm and instantly disappearing. Frankweilers: This camp focuses on the protection of museums, libraries and other places of culture within a city. The Hood: This camp is dedicated on distributing the wealth from the rich to the poor, provided that the money they provide is used for useful things. Rat Finks: The Garou of this camp are spies and information gatherers, a network of kinfolk and Garou who work low-end jobs that just so happen to give them access to high-end information.

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Hillfolk: The Hillfolk are compromised of rural Bone Gnawers, who have eschewed the life within the city for the wilderness. Deserters: The Deserters are a camp that searches for a sanctuary for the Apocalypse. Some seek a second Gaia, others just a place far, far away, but either way, they do not want to stick around for what's about to happen.

Road Warders: This camp is compromised of nomads who guard the streets and travelways against incursions from the minions of the Wyrm. One camp is ostracized and banned among the Tribe The Man-eaters: This camp gains power by breaching the tenet of the Litany that forbids cannibalism of human flesh.Deserters: The Deserters are a camp that searches for a sanctuary for the Apocalypse.

WordPress Shortcode. Entre as novidades, Humana , Impura ou Lupina.

Em breve, posto as fichas que faltam para See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. However, such attacks are quite painful if executed successfully, and thus, cause the opponent to lose one extra die from her dice p ools for the rema inder of the turn and in the following turn, due to the pain- At the Storyteller's di scretion, a properly e xempted ripping strike of signific ant damage five or more health levels may actually tear out ears, eyes or chunks of skin. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

Dificuldade 8, dano igual a Fora do oponente.

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