same, we at Oliveboard have provided the names of all the countries, with their respective capitals and currencies in alphabetical order, in the following. List of Countries, Capitals, Currencies PDF: Important Countries and their Capitals & Currencies,Countries Capitals & Currencies Explained in Detail,Static GK. Important Countries their Capitals and Currencies PDF covers the list of important countries and their Capitals in the world. It also tell us about.

List Of Country Capital And Currency Pdf

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Country. Capital(s). Currency. Primary Language(s). Afghanistan. Kabul. Albania. Tirane. Albanian. Algeria. Algiers. Algerian Dinar. Andorra. Euro. Catalan. List of Countries, Capitals, Currencies, and Languages (in English). Country. Capital(s). Currency. Primary Language(s). Afghanistan. Kabul. Afghani. Country. Capital. Nationality. Currency. Argentina. Buenos Aires. Argentinian. Peso. Australia. Canberra. Australian. Australian dollar. Austria. Vienna. Austrian.

Important Countries their Capitals and Currencies PDF

Philippine Peso. Qatari Rial.

Russian Federation Russia. Russian Ruble Rouble. Saudi Arabia. Saudi Riyal. Singapore Dollar. Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Rupee.

Syrian Pound. Thai Baht. Turkish Lira. Turkmenistan Manat. United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi. UAE Dirham. Uzbekistani Som. Vietnamese Dong. Yemeni Rial.

Antigua and Barbuda. East Caribbean Dollar. Bahamian Dollar. Barbadian Dollar.

Belize Dollar. Canadian Dollar. Costa Rica. San Jose. Costa Rican Colon. Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo. Dominican Peso. El Salvador. San Salvador. Guatemala City. Guatemala Quetzal. Jamaican Dollar. Mexico City. Mexican Peso. Panama City. US Dollar Panama locals call it Balboa. Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Saint Lucia. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago Dollar. United States. Washington, D. Buenos Aires.

Argentine Peso. Chilean Peso.

Colombian Peso. Guyana Dollar. Nuevo Sol. Suriname Dollar. Uruguay Peso. Andorra la Vella. Armenian Dram. Belarusian Ruble. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Convertible Mark. Israeli new shekel. Kazakhstani Tenge. Malaysian ringgit. Tajikistani Somoni.


Turkmenistan Manat. Nicaraguan Cordoba. Bolivian boliviano. Paraguayan Guarani. Venezuelan bolivar.

Countries - Capital, Currency and Languages

Tanzanian shilling. Pretoria administrative , Cape Town legislative , Bloemfontein judicial.

South African Rand. Sierra Leonean Leone. West African CFA franc. Bhutanese ngultrum. Average Questions PDF. Download Now. Percentage Questions PDF. Probability Questions PDF. Partnership Questions PDF. Simplification Questions PDF. Approximation Questions PDF. Inequalities Questions PDF. Mensuration Questions PDF. Vedic Maths PDF. Alphanumeric Questions PDF. Capital of Sierra Leon is Freetown. Capital of Iraq is Baghdad. Capital of Bhutan is Thimpu. Capital of Zimbabwe is Harare.

Capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Capital of Canada is Ottawa.

Capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Mynamar capital is Naypyidaw.

Capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Capital of Italy is Rome. Addis Ababa capital of Ethiopia. Capital of Zambia is Lusaka. Port Louis is capital of Mauritius.Port Moresby. Antigua and Barbuda. Tajikistani Somoni. Nepalese Rupee. Cape Verde.

Important Countries their Capitals and Currencies PDF

Zambian Kwacha. Capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Maldivian Rufiyaa.

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