After three decades of wild dedication, this official authorized biography provides Kiss fans their first real look inside one of rock and roll's most. Produced using unprecedented access to all four members of KISS and their archive of photographs taken over 30 years, KISS: BEHIND THE MASK reveals the. After the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, Kiss have the most gold records of any band. With their wild costumes, lavish make-up and pyrotechnic live shows.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. With its combination of cartoonish monster-movie site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Arts & Photography. KISS: Behind the Mask - The Official Authorized Biography [David Leaf, Ken Sharp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now everything is . Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Kiss Behind The Mask Official Authorized unimpeachable altering of this ebook in txt, DjVu, ePub,PDF, dr.

It was the text itself which smaller than usual and each page seemed to be jammed a little bit tighter than normal with regards to kerning and tracking for the written word. Okay, enough with the boring stuff. Sin I can't believe it took me over a month to read this book.

Since this is a 3 in 1 book, the review is about 3 times the size. Sorry if it's more than you would normally like to read in a book review to those that stumble across this. Now without further ado, on with the review I read books like this for one reason and one reason only and that is to get behind the scene dirt, a different perspective if you will about some iconic things that went down.

And in the back row, you can hear Ace cackling and laughing at the stupidity of what he was watching on screen. Whenerver he would laugh, the rest of the attendee's would laugh along with him, which was a great way to break that tension in the room.

I can totally picturing how this was playing out in the room and would have loved to be there in person. Another great story was after having just seen Deliverence, Sean Delaney was driving the band to their next gig, gets "lost" and fakes running out of gas and has the band hide in the back of the car under a blanket with their platform boots showing because they were convinced that they would become playthings for nearby Hillbillies.

While all this was going down, Sean is at the front of the car drinking all of their booze. Another great story was when Ace faked like he was s h i t -faced drunk and wouldn't be able to perform that night. He did the joke to get back at Gene and Paul who of course freaked out about losing money if the show couldn't go on and called Bill Aucoin to fix the problem.

When he got there, Ace lets him in on the joke and ends up having beers with him in the room while he is suppose to be fixing the problem, making Gene and Paul sweat it out.

No wonder they hate Ace so much. Peter knocking Ace out cold for being a "lazy mother f u c k e r " was an eye opener as was the time the band got dressed up in drag and to pull a prank on Bill. The kicker was having Grace Slick there as their ring leader and them as her doo-wop background singers.

I like hearing what other rock stars have to say about each other and we get plenty here. I never comment about picture inserts in any book, ever. So, this is a first for me and I need to make a comment about it because it's so damn cool and tripping me out. I had no idea that iconic shot was taken here. Also, they have a shot of Paul taken here during the Farewell Tour, a show that I was at. Chip's Note: In hindsight, now that I think about it, I remember either hearing about the Alive II image being from the Sports Arena or reading it in the linear notes inside the album.

Him and Chloe laughed while Trixie took hold of your hand and pulled you towards the table.

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Pairing: Lucifer x Reader. Request: Lucifer soul mate…. Well today was boring to the Devil. Lucifer x Reader - Peacefully Part 2 As they started to walk away from you, heads held low and hot breaths escaping from underneath their noses into the invincible jeopardy of the night, you inhaled, steadying your balance.

Reader x Lucifer Morning star like holy shit this is the cutest thing on the planet. You were a foreigner, so naturally looked very different of the standard looks of the normal looks.

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This X reader is for the lovely teasbees-knees Thank you for the request!. Adults only!

Oh and Eden is based around one of my best friends, who gave me permission to use her name in this. Reader X Highschool Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction. Disclaimer: All personages on drawings over 18 age. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Lucifer's Son The Temptation Chronicles Book 1. Summary: After committing a crime of murder in order to save a friend's life in self-defence, the readers soul is sent to hell after dying in the process to negotiate within a court case held by Crowley.

Warning : smut-ish, come on its Luci here. So I hope you all enjoy this! I know I giggled a whole bunch writing it! Thanos from Marvel's Avengers: Endgame , is given a fun, and funky, stylized look as an adorable miniaturized collectible Pop! You were in your room, writing in your journal.

Freedom is calling Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell. I hope you enjoy my fics and please comment or criticize them if needed! And maybe like he gets jealous when she helps calm down another angel who is struggling to control their powers? You walked out of your high school, exhausted of today, as you usually were. Warning s : Avengers x Fem!

BTS are a one of a kind group. The Winter Phenomenon is similar to Lucifer's Odyssey in a few key ways. The types of requests I do and the fandoms I do them for are linked here in my bio.

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Sherlock Stream soundtracks and full-length songs from the latest movies and television shows. Crowley amuses at the idea to send the reader to Lucifer's cage. But while you could easily argue, after reading Lucifer's Odyssey, that Lucifer was simply Jehovah's nemesis, the same is not the case for The Winter Phenomenon.

Header made by gypsea Little Castiel was curled on your left leg and looked like a little ball of Grace with his pale blue blanket and his thumb in his mouth. Characters X Reader One-Shots.

You miss him so much you even put on tabloid programme just to see him. Word Count: They were all cuddling with me. Characters: McGee x Reader, Gibbs. Author: justcallmeyourgoddess. Word count: 1, Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets.

Summary: Once upon a time… an Anon requested from me a story with Castiel showing his wings to the Reader after becoming an angel again. All pictures are presented by third parties by thier good will. Your best friend was ruler of Hell, of course your not girly!

Reader gender: Female. He becomes a caretaker for You due to be recently Readers Barcode and Accessories. I am so sorry. A Comforting Lucifer.

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Warnings: fluff, little swearing. I hope you guys enjoy this!This book does a great job of dissecting pretty much everything about KISS that there is to know about. Carageenan seaweed gel is intensely softening and will leave skin irresistably soft. Error rating book. Lita Ford. Nancy and her friends Bess Marvin and George Fayne go to college; the series focused on college life and romance, rather than all solving mysteries.

Feb 17, Chip'sBookBinge rated it really liked it I can't believe it took me over a month to read this book. This isn't a perfect book. Little Castiel was curled on your left leg and looked like a little ball of Grace with his pale blue blanket and his thumb in his mouth.

When he got there, Ace lets him in on the joke and ends up having beers with him in the room while he is suppose to be fixing the problem, making Gene and Paul sweat it out.

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