download Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape - eBook: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions: Read 4 site Store Reviews - Kinesiology Tape - FREE Ebook with latest Tape Techniques for Plantar Fasciitis Knee Elbow Back Shoulder Ankle & Neck - NEW Water Resistant Design - FDA. Downloadable, printable PDFs for medical professionals. Learn how to use kinesiology tape, how to use mobility balls, and how to use RockFloss with.

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Endorsed by Kinesio Taping Association International, Length, for each key anatomical areaIncludes eBook version on VitalSource Also. KT could be taped around the muscle to achieve joint correction. ❖ Tape characteristics and use based on kinesiology. ❖ Based on idea that the body can heal. eBook ISBN: eBook ISBN: Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions is an essential.

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(ebook) Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape - eBook

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Read reviews that mention kinesiology tape beast tape master of muscle physical therapist rock tape plantar fasciitis highly recommend kinesiology tape another brand sensitive skin definitely recommend shin splints round the corners physical therapy make sure pain relief easy to apply much better love this tape great price. Showing of 1, reviews.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Electric Blue Verified download.

The adhesive and support of this product is better than Kinesio gold and has more stretch and movement than the KT Tape. Great product! Black Verified download. I've been testing for a month now. This tape is the Best! I used two brands KTPro and Target Tape during six months before to download Master Tape for a very painful knee lesson patella is going outwards.

This tape has the best adhesive, reaching up to 10 days without much movement, just working at office.

Also it has an excellent elasticity performance; when I walk, have to do a lot of "squat" position and this tape ever goes out. This tape offers the best pain support!

Now I can walk without pain! It is SO sticky that it leaves a residue, but at least it lasts several days.

Even after just a few hours it left a bit of residue, after a day or more it leaves quite a bit. I use my foot pumice to get some of it off and just deal with it.

I primarily have used kinesio tape on my ankle, I have a small tear in my peroneal tendon. I don't notice much relief in ankle application but trust it anyway because when I have used it on sore knees I immediately feel a difference.

The long roll is a bit of a pain, but I just cut a few strips at a time - when it gets near the end I cut the rest of it - so it's ready to go. I play roller derby, run, and do BodyPump classes, in two days I might do all three of those, and this is the only tape that I have tried that has lasted through all that.

I still might experiment with some other brands, because there are so many options, but this is currently my preferred tape. I have to say I am impressed. After searching high and low for a product to provide pain relief for an old painful ankle subluxation that was mistreated in the past we have an impressive array of creams, wraps, braces and supplements here nothing has provided much relief. When I learned of Kinesology tape I was hopeful but hesitant since places I looked said it might not work if you were not a professional who knew how to apply it.

I researched alot and found the typical applications for this injury and looked at this product itself. I downloadd this tape since the price was reasonable and they offered a money back guarantee so it was not going to be one of these products just laying around being a waste if I was wrong again. The tape arrived quickly and was well packaged.

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The e-book is informative and a good place to start for alot of injuries but if you can't find an application that's right for you try searching for Kinesiology tape and your particular injury.

After a little struggle to get him to try another thing we applied this Tuesday evening and I held my breath and asked if it was working. He said I don't want to say yes and find its just a placebo effect, which sounded promising. The following day he was able to jump and walk without any pain. His answer to people asking how he was was awesome which is great since its not something he would have said before. This tape lasted over a week solid a few times we trimmed some edges that were curling but nothing that effected the performance,it might have lasted longer but he decided he wanted to clean his ankle under the tape.

It lasted through daily showers and activity nicely. When I realized that it was going to be a long term use product I made my mistake, I downloadd another brand that had a good promo and when we reapplied the tape I mixed the 2 brands in different colors black for the beast tape and blue for the other tape, Within hours of applying the tape the blue tape was peeling up, within 2 days it was not performing as well and all the tape had to be removed though the beast tape remained where it was applied and held up strong again.

We got lucky that we downloadd this high quality tape the first time and were able to see the benefits of the tape had we bought another tape first we might have never discovered this form of pain relief. The company also was wonderful they contacted me to see how they were doing and I let them know how it was going.

They offer great customer support. So if your like us and looking for a pain relief, give this tape a try you will not be disappointed. Its been worth every penny and is truly a helpful product and great company that genuinely cares for you.

I am not the type who posts reviews but in this case I made an exception. Hot Pink Verified download.

After downloading master of muscle's "muscle mauler" foam roller i thought i'd give their 'beast tape" a try. I've had a hip and knee issue from my running days and this was starting to cause issues when box jumping and jump roping at my crossfit box. In comes beast tape, I tried this as soon as I got it for my next WOD - good job as there was lots of jump roping.

I used the ebook that comes with the download to tape my knee and I couldn't believe what a difference it made, my knee felt really stable and it gave me the confidence to go harder.

I also felt no pain post workout.

I kept the tape on in the shower and it stayed on - just be sure to follow the company's instructions. I have tried various brands of kinesiology tape for my plantar fasciitis and heel spur I train and run marathons and constantly tape my feet.

This tape will last longer on my feet preventing me from having to relate so often. The adhesive is really strong and last even when getting wet multiple times.

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This tape is great! I learned about it after looking for some relief for posterior shin splints. One day I was struggling through a run and had to stop at 2. That same day I ordered this tape because I wanted to try again in a few days. I taped up my leg right after it came in the mail and the next day ran 4 miles without pain!

As far as the product itself, I like that it's a continuous roll instead of precut like some others I saw. That way it can be cut to tailor your needs. I rounded the edges like all of the tapers recommended but still found that there was some lift. I just snipped the edges off as they lifted, but for the most part the tape stayed on until I took it off 3 days.

I will definitely redownload when the roll runs out! See all 1, reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.I am not the type who posts reviews but in this case I made an exception. Even after just a few hours it left a bit of residue, after a day or more it leaves quite a bit. Outstanding Value We are committed to providing outstanding value with all of our fitness products with each and every order ensuring that you get value for money and join the Master of Muscle family.

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Kinesio taping KT technique is a relatively new technique applied in rehabilitation programs of CP.

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