Keep the Change book. Read 46 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The uncoolness of her name plagues B. Damayanthi, along with the bu . Start by marking “Keep the Change: A Clueless Tipper's Quest to Become the Guru of the Gratuity” as Want to Read: And everyone recognizes that queasy feeling - in bars and restaurants, barbershops and beauty parlors, hotels and strip clubs, and everywhere else - when the check. Keep the Change book. Read 29 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The picaresque and heartbreaking adventures of Joe Starling, one of.

Keep The Change Book

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Keep the Change: A Clueless Tipper's Quest to Become the Guru of the Gratuity Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction. In the irreverent spirit of A.J. Jacobs and Michael Moore, Keep the Change by Steve Dublanica is a pavement-pounding exploration of tipping, a huge but negle . Nearing middle age, painter and cowboy Joe Starling contemplates the relationships and ties of his youth. ``McGuane makes what could have been an.

The writing of these books betrays such a self-entitled attitude that it is difficult not to have one's view of the content tinged with utter dislike.

Keep the Change

Update: So far, it seems that if you don't tip a lot of people from waiters, to car wash people, to hairdressers, to pizza delivery boys they will have their revenge on you. Also if you are a bad tipper.

The only people who come out of it looking good are the sex workers who will give you a good time anyway! I don't know how all you Americans can cope with this endless tipping. I even saw tip jars at and those people were so rude, never interrupting their personal conversations while they cashed me and they feel entitled to a tip?

So Heads in Beds is off the menu for now. How much objectivity about tipping can one expect from an author whose first book was Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip-Confessions of a Cynical Waiter?

In the islands, local people rarely tip, but they are loudly rude to people who give bad service, so they get reasonable service. Local whites like me get treated like rubbish because we only tip when we feel we have had good service.

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Which isn't often since we are being treated like rubbish. I hate that.

It was explained to me once by a waitress at a notoriously crap place for service, that she wasn't going out of her way to serve people who didn't tip well. She didn't understand that good service would bring the tip. She said that these people were locals and they should tip first and then next time they would get better service. You are joking.

They sit up top, shouting to each other, "mudderfucker", "cunt", "stupid fucking bitch" and worse, they will criticise the people they just served. I really heard that. The woman was on the boat too. They have their regular seats and like to spread themselves and their gear out, they don't care if the tourists and diners trip or can't get seats together. They just seriously love to show their contempt of these people they were oiling up only half an hour before.

People Said I Was Brave (Read: Stupid)

And when you go back, they will ooze charm when working and it's the same thing back on the late boat. So why go?

Why is the service charge added to the bill in Europe, with a very small percentage left to the discretion of a customer? Why are there countries Japan, for instance where tipping is quite rare? And why are tips based on a percentage of the price of a meal? Keep the Change does not focus on the economic implications of tipping, but one gets the impression that the American system is clearly biased toward the interests of businesses.

Restaurant owners and others employ serving staff at ridiculously low wages, in the expectation that patrons will voluntarily provide them with enough to live on. Your waiter now has a very strong incentive to sell you as much food and drink as possible. Who looks at a menu and mentally adds 30 percent for tips and taxes? Workers agree to this arrangement because they have little choice. Very few restaurants offer to pay for profit-sharing arrangements.

Tips are essentially profit-sharing bonuses that are paid by directly by customers. And because the income from tips is way underreported to the IRS, many servers prefer to receive cash tips than taxable wages. They also prefer cash to credit card tips, which restaurants are likely to disburse in paychecks and report as taxable.

The only exception to this, the author found, is among strippers, whose customers tend to spend more when using credit cards. Effectively, this means that WalMart can pay minimum wages, but servers may earn more after taxes. Cash tips in the U.

Another reason that workers may agree to work for tips is the variance in customer behavior. Given house odds, the two types of tips are equivalent, but dealers like to gamble as much as the rest of us.

From a social standpoint, the closer we are as a community, the more likely we are to pay tips.

From an economic standpoint, the more likely the interaction is to be repeated, the more we pay. But from an economic standpoint, one would think that one or two business could stand out in the marketplace by choosing a different economic model.

Most of these questions and guesses are not explored in Keep the Change.

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A very brief scan of a library catalog shows that there are many dozens of works on the anthropology, sociology, and economics of tipping. But his anecdotes on the subject are interesting, and they are in depth enough that one can draw independent viewpoints on the whys and alternatives to gratuities.

Tipping, the author finds, is like an implicit contract that involves a bonus.It's a very quick and interesting read. The woman was on the boat too. It's a journey we all have to make.

How your life turns out depends a lot on the decisions and choices you make. As a disclaimer, I should say that I'm one of those who feel there's too much tipping expected in America, so his exhortations to tip generously at every turn were grating. The stuff that doesn't look like anything.

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