Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of the western parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania from to , inclusive. by: Doddridge, Joseph. Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of the western parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from to by: Doddridge, Joseph, Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from to , Inclusive: Together with a Joseph Doddridge .

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PDF | Pennsylvania historians today rarely mention the Reverend Dr. Joseph known for his first-hand account entitled "Notes on the Settlement and Indian Keywords: Joseph Doddridge; trans-Allegheny West; Protestant. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of of the western country / by Joseph Doddridge ; with a memoir of the author. Doddridge, Joseph, Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of the western parts of Virginia & Pennsylvania [electronic resource]: from the year.

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By this time, many Lenape had converted to Christianity under the influence of Moravian missionaries and lived in villages led by these missionaries. The missionary towns also moved to the Muskingum, so that the Lenape, both Christian and non-Christian, could stay together. Though not a Christian, White Eyes ensured that the Christian Lenape remained members of the larger native community. In the early s, Lenape attacked the Philip Doddridge family farm, killing some members of the nine-person extended family and capturing others.

The Lenape took away three girls, a son, and the grandmother.

The five-year-old girl Rachel Doddridge was known to have been adopted into the tribe. They had at least one son, named George Morgan White Eyes. Her cousin Philip Doddridge reported seeing her later as an adult at a trading post.

Thoroughly assimilated by then, she was not interested in a reunion with her British relatives.

By White Eyes served as Speaker of the Delaware Head Council , an important position and indication of his high reputation in the tribe.

In the early s, violence on the frontier between whites and Indians threatened to escalate into open warfare.

White Eyes unsuccessfully attempted to prevent what would become Lord Dunmore's War in , fought primarily between the Shawnee and Virginia colonists.

He served as a peace emissary between the two armies, and helped negotiate a treaty to end the war. Two years later he completed an alliance of the Delaware with the United States by a treaty signed in at Fort Pitt. It's actual footage of CW veterans taken at Gettysburg We also invite you to submit your story.

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You will need the Silverlight link installed on your desktop in order to access records prior to This contains the names of the earliest settlers in what would become Harrison County in Numerous county court records , including births and deaths for Lewis County, can be found here.

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Lewis Peyton was first published in Researchers should remember that most to today's West Virginia was once a part of Augusta County.Obituaries We have indexes to the obituaries published in the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram beginning with and continuing through Sheep quickly fell out of favor after this.

In those rare areas where no one seemed to want the surrounding land, the occupant of the initial farm was allowed to lay claim to up to 1, more acres.

The areas where the open fields of neighboring farms meet at level ridges also continue to have one large barn per farm, larger dairy or beef herds, and crop strips to the edges of the tract as clearly seen in current aerial photography Figure 6. Published:

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