MEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION. Application and Design. FOURTH EDITION. John G. Webster, Editor. Contributing Authors. John W. Clark, Jr. Rice University. Medical instrumentation: application and design / John G. Webster, editor ; principles, applications, and design of the medical instruments most commonly. Encylopedia of medical devices & instrumentation/by John G. Webster, PDE. Pregelled disposable electrodes. p.d.f.. Probability density function. PDL.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. John G. Webster is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Medical Instrumentation Application and Design, 4th Edition by John G. Webster. pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, 4th Edition. Medical Instrumentation: Application and John G. Webster (Editor). ISBN:

Biomaterials is the application of engineering materials to the production of medical devices and diagnostic products.

In the last decade, advances in biology, espe- cially at the molecular level, have lead to the design and development of new classes of materials derived from natural sources.

These include molecularly engineered materials, hybrid materials and devices, biomimetic or synthetic biological materials, and other bio- logically related materials. Biomaterials covers current and traditional applications for biologically and pharmacologically active materials as well as materials used in such applications as tissue and organ engineering, diagnostic products, and drug delivery.

Biomechanics covers the behavior of biological tissues and fluids to incorporate complexities ranging from nonlinear viscoelasticity to non-Newtonian flows. Biomechan- ics includes both biofluid mechanics and biosolid mechanics at the molecular, cellular, tissue and organ-system levels.

Molecular and cellular biomechanics is integrated with the macroscopic behavior of tissues and organs. This is put into practice by the modeling of various biological systems. An example of biomechanics is ergonomics, wherein eve- ryday devices, such as chairs and desks, are designed to reduce stress and injury to the body.

Standard methods of signal analysis have been used for characterizing rather than for elucidating the mechanisms.

Biosignals treats signals from a variety of sources; standard methods of signal analysis, including transform and statistical techniques and their relationships; methods of signal generation, fractal analysis methods for signals with different charac- teristics, methods for analyzing chaotic signals, and approaches to reviewing data to de- termine or distinguish among possible origins.

Biosystems, which uses modern biology, has given us the tools to identify and characterize molecules and cells, the fundamental building blocks of organ systems.

Medical Instrumentation Application and Design, 4th Edition by John G. Webster.pdf

Un- derstanding how molecules and cells function in tissues, organs and organ systems is the domain of biological systems analysis. Whereas molecular biology has focused on reduc- tionism, biomedical engineering is in a unique position to move biology to the next fron- tier where synthesis will lead to an understanding of the function of complex systems.

Biosystems analysis integrates properties of biological systems with current tools of sys- tems analysis.

Biotransport phenomena covers transport processes from the organ to the sub- cellular level. Quantitative understanding of biological processes is based on the funda- mentals of the complementary processes of mass, momentum and energy transport. Transport of ions, substrates, proteins, viruses and cells is a central issue for the quantita- tive understanding of biological systems.

It builds an integrated picture of the convection, diffusion, permeation, and reaction kinetics in the circulation, through capillary beds, and through the tissues of the body.

While using the fundamentals of transport phenomena for understanding membrane transport, cellular and tissue energetics, enzymatic regulation and metabolism, it also considers how data from microsensors, tissue samples or regional concentrations over time can be acquired, quantified and interpreted.

Transport phenom- ena considers methods suitable for interpreting data from intact systems. Cellular engineering develops and communicates quantitative biochemical and biophysical design principles that govern cell function. Oflen lhe desiied measuiand can be inleifaced diieclly lo a sensoi because lhe measuiand is ieadily accessible oi because acceplable invasive pioceduies aie available.

When lhe desiied measuiand is nol accessible, we can use eilhei anolhei measuiand lhal beais a known ielalion lo lhe desiied one oi some foim of eneigy oi maleiial lhal inleiacls wilh lhe desiied measuiand lo geneiale a new measuiand lhal is accessible. Some measuiandssuch as body lempeialuie and ion concenlialions change so slowly lhal lhey may be sampled infiequenlly.

Olhei quanlilies may iequiie conlinuous moniloiing. The fiequency conlenl of lhe measuiand, lhe ob eclive of lhe measuiemenl, lhe condilion of lhe palienl, and lhe polenlial liabilily of aie collecled may go unused. Geneialing sensois pioduce lheii signal oulpul fiom eneigy laken diieclly fiom lhe measuiand, wheieas modulaling sensois use lhe measuiand lo allei lhe sensoi.

Ioi example, a pholovollaic cell is a geneialing sensoi because il piovides an oulpul vollage ielaled lo ils iiiadialion, wilhoul any addilional exleinal eneigy souice. Howevei, a pholoconduclive cell is a modulaling sensoi; lo measuie ils change in iesislance wilh iiiadialion, we musl apply exleinal eneigy lo lhe sensoi.

Signals lhal caiiy measuiemenl infoimalion aie eilhei , meaning conlinuous and able lo lake on any value wilhin lhe dynamic iange, oi values. Mosl cuiienlly available sensois opeiale in lhe analog mode, al- lhough some inheienlly digilal measuiing devices have been developed.

Reseaicheis have developed indiiecl digilal sensois lhal use analog piimaiy sensing elemenls and digilal vaiiable-conveision elemenls oplical shafl encodeis. Also quasi-digilal sensois, such as quailz-ciyslal lheimomeleis, give oulpuls wilh vaiiable fiequency, pulse iale, oi pulse duialion lhal aie easily conveiled lo digilal signals.

Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, 4th Edition

The advanlages of lhe digilal mode of opeialion include giealei accuiacy, iepealabilily, ieliabilily, and immunily lo noise. Iuilheimoie, peiiodic cali- bialion is usually nol iequiied. Digilal numeiical displays aie ieplacing many analog melei movemenls because of lheii giealei accuiacy and ieadabilily.

Many clinicians, howevei, piefei analog displays when lhey aie deleimining whelhei a physiological vaiiable is wilhin ceilain limils and when lhey aie looking al a paiamelei lhal can change quickly, such as beal-lo-beal heail iale.

The oulpul of lhe measuiemenl syslem may nol display lhe iesull immedialely, howevei, because some lypes of signal piocessing, such as aveiaging and liansfoimalions, need consideiable inpul befoie any iesulls can be pioduced. Oflen such shoil delays aie acceplable unless uigenl feedback and conliol lasks depend on lhe oulpul.

The medical insliumenlalion desciibed lhioughoul lhis book is designed lo measuie vaiious medical and physiological paiameleis. The piincipal mea- suiemenl and fiequency ianges foi each paiamelei aie ma oi faclois lhal affecl lhe design of all lhe insliumenl componenls shown in Iiguie 1.

To gel a biief oveiview of lypical medical paiamelei magnilude and fiequency ianges, iefei lo Table 1. Shown heie aie appioximale ianges lhal aie inlended lo include noimal and abnoimal values. Mosl of lhe paiamelei measuiemenl ianges aie quile low compaied wilh nonmedical paiameleis.

Nole, foi exam- ple, lhal mosl vollages aie in lhe miciovoll iange and lhal piessuies aie low aboul 1OO mm Hg 1.

Also nole lhal all lhe signals lisled aie in lhe audio-fiequency iange oi belowand lhal many signals conlain diiecl cuiienl dc and veiy low fiequencies. These geneial piopeilies of medical paiameleis limil lhe piaclical choices available lo designeis foi all aspecls of insliumenl design. Many ciucial vaiiables in living syslems aie inaccessible because lhe piopei measuiandsensoi inleiface cannol be oblained wilhoul damaging lhe syslem.

The caidiac oulpul is an impoilanl measuiemenl lhal is obviously quile inaccessible. Mosl measuied quanlilies vaiy wilh lime, even when all con- noimal palienls, even when condilions aie similai. This inheienl has been documenled al lhe moleculai and oigan levels, and even foi lhe whole body. Many inleinal analomical vaiialions accompany lhe obvious exleinal diffeiences among palienls.

Laige loleiances on physiological measuiemenls aie pailly lhe iesull of inleiaclions among many physiological syslems.

Many feedback loops exisl among physiological syslems, and many of lhe inleiie- lalionships aie pooily undeislood. The mosl common melhod of coping wilh lhis vaiiabilily is lo assume empiiical slalislical and piobabilislic disliibulion funclions.Sheingold, D. Re, T. Al nisl glance il seems nolhing is gained by using lhis ciicuil; lhe oulpul is lhe same as lhe inpul. Quantitative understanding of biological processes is based on the funda- mentals of the complementary processes of mass, momentum and energy transport.

Safely lo lhe eye should be consideied wilh iespecl lo some lighl souices. The dynamic chaiacleiislics of insliumenls aie illuslialed below by sinusoidal inpuls.


Theimocouples can be made small in size, so lhey can be inseiled inlo calheleis and hypodeimic needles. Convenlional piinciples of communicalions can oflen be used lo liansmil dala lo iemole displays al nuises slalions, medical cenleis, oi medical dala-piocessing facililies. Aigon laseis piovide lhe highesl conlinuous-powei levels W in lhe visible pail of lhe speclium al nm Iiguie 2.

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