Node, Ajax, JSON, data persistence, graphical and media applications, complex .. With this second edition of the JavaScript Cookbook, I had the opposite "");. O'Reilly Media, Inc. JavaScript Cookbook, the image of a lesser egret, and related trade dress are .. Creating JavaScript Applications for the iPhone, Android, and You can access the complete ECMAScript 5 specification (a PDF) at. ebooks. Contribute to manishjinx/ebooks-2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Title JavaScript Cookbook; Author(s) Shelley Powers; Publisher: O'Reilly Media; ); Paperback: N/A; eBook HTML, PDF, EPUB, and Mobi; Language: English these features with JavaScript to build high-quality application interfaces. applications with which you can interact directly without doing a page reload for every As an analogy, compare these two recipes for pea soup. The first one. Detecting HTML5 Features with JavaScript. 38 . Meanwhile, independent from the W3C, the Web Hypertext Application Technology.

Open your favorite editor and create a file called helloworld.

Ok, this stuff is boring, right? Let's write some real stuff.

A full blown web application with Node. Now, you could achieve this goal by googling and hacking together something. But that's not what we want to do here.

Furthermore, we don't want to write only the most basic code to achieve the goal, however elegant and correct this code might be. We will intentionally add more abstraction than necessary in order to get a feeling for building more complex Node.

The application stack Let's dissect our application. Which parts need to be implemented in order to fulfill the use cases?

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We want to serve web pages, therefore we need an HTTP server Our server will need to answer differently to requests, depending on which URL the request was asking for, thus we need some kind of router in order to map requests to request handlers To fulfill the requests that arrived at the server and have been routed using the router, we need actual request handlers The router probably should also treat any incoming POST data and give it to the request handlers in a convenient form, thus we need request data handling We not only want to handle requests for URLs, we also want to display content when these URLs are requested, which means we need some kind of view logic the request handlers can use in order to send content to the user's browser Last but not least, the user will be able to upload images, so we are going to need some kind of upload handling which takes care of the details Let's think a moment about how we would build this stack with PHP.

Which in turn means that the whole "we need to be able to serve web pages and receive HTTP requests" stuff doesn't happen within PHP itself. Well, with node, things are a bit different. Because with Node. In fact, our web application and its web server are basically the same. This might sound like a lot of work, but we will see in a moment that with Node. Let's just start at the beginning and implement the first part of our stack, the HTTP server. Do I need to have everything in one file?

What if I want to make sure that my code stays readable the more stuff I implement? Turns out, it's relatively easy to keep the different concerns of your code separated, by putting them in modules. JavaScript jQuery, Node. Ajax and Web 2. All Categories. Recent Books.

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Related recipes are organized into chapters. JavaScript jQuery, Node. Here is the problem: Because JavaScript really lives two, maybe even three lives the funny little DHTML helper from the mid's, the more serious frontend stuff like jQuery and the likes, and now server-side , it's not that easy to find information that helps you to learn JavaScript the "right" way, in order to write Node.

A word of warning There are some really excellent JavaScript people out there.

Packt Publishing.

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