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Islamic Baby Names With Meaning In Tamil Pdf

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Muslim Baby Boys & Girls Names .. The Prophet (S.A.W) intended to forbid such names as Yala, Barakah,. . Contextual meaning: King of Jungle; Lion. Muslim baby names. Modern Muslim baby boy names and Muslim baby girl names with meanings. Choose from thousands of best Muslim names. We have world's largest collection of Baby names with meaning, including Tamil categories include, Tamil names, God names, Boy twins names.

Kamal—In both the Hindi and Arabic cultures, Kamal is a masculine name that stems from quintessential cultural symbols.

In Hindi, as the masculine version of the name Kamala, Kamal evokes the lotus flower; in Arabic, as one of the ninety-nine qualities of Allah, Kamal is associated with perfection.

Ken—Could it be time to reclaim this one from Barbie?

Ken would work so well for parents looking for something that is powerful and positive in both the East and the West, if we can get past the doll! Kim—Kim has not two but three heritages, making it truly international! In Scandinavia, Kim is often used as a shortened form of Joachim meaning it is pronounced Keem.

In Vietnam, Kim derives from the word for gold and is used as a feminine name. In the West, Kim is used for both boys and girls, often as a standalone name in the case of boys, and as a shortened form of Kimberly for girls. Kim is sometimes seen in Russia as a name used by Soviet die-hards as it is an acronym of the Communist Youth Party.

However, the Sami people of Finland have long used this name as their version of Helga — a version which is probably more pleasing than the original to most English speakers.

Lina—In Latin-based languages, Lina is often used as a diminutive of any of the dozens of feminine names ending in -lina, such as Carolina, Adelina, Selina, Evangelina etc. A name that works in so many cultures is a bit of a superstar in this age of the global village. So there you have it — a name that works in the desert and in the snow.

28 baby names that bridge cultures: Arya to Zahara

Nia—Being short and sweet is almost enough to make any name international — but Nia has roots in both Africa and Wales. Nia has a third claim to multiculturalism in that it is and also has significance as the fifth day of Kwanzaa — an African-American celebration honoring African heritage across the African diaspora.

Noor—Dutch parents have long used this traditional diminutive for Nora or Eleonora as a stand alone name — so much so that Noor now has its own diminutive: Noortje.

As such Noor is a perennial favorite of the Top in both the Netherlands and Belgium. In its Hebrew usage, Paz can be both a feminine and a masculine name.

Beyond the Middle East, Russia claims Raisa as a name harking back to a 4th century martyr. Raisa works in so many places — a true rose of a name. Samira is the feminine version of the name in both cultures. Zahara—If Angelina used it, you know it must be multicultural.

Muslim Baby Names with meanings

In its similarity to the name of the desert, Zahara is likely to retain a distinctive and exotic feel to it, even as Zara becomes more commonplace. Originally posted on Nameberry. Kingof JungleLionhearted,brave,courageousandexemplary leadershipqualities. Highly,powerfulandinfluential,very charsimatic.

HorselikeanimalthatcarriedtheProphet PBUH during mehrajandwillcarrythosethatareselectedon resurrectionday. Theoneofhighestrankwasusedmostlyin militaryinthepast,nowusedtodescribemany thingsinarabic.

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Search inside document. W intendedtoforbidsuchnamesas Yala,Barakah, Afraz Standingtalllikeamountain,abilitytowithstandall thatisthrusheduponit Afruz Standingtalllikeamountain,abilitytowithstandall thatisthrusheduponit Aftaab Bright,prosperous,thesun Aftab Sun Afzal Best,topmost Agharr Hansome,beautiful,distinguishedillustrious,noble, Magnanimous.

NameofacompanionoftheProphet, binalMuzan data: Jesus A. W data: W scompanion 48 Khidr Green data: W companions Laqeet WellknowncompanionoftheProphet S. Srtongbelieverofthereligion 35 Maruf Known,accepted 36 Marwan Solid data: W P Found3namesbeginwithPforBoys.

The Holy Islam. Dhavar Mallik. Musalman Bhai. Nathan Enzo. Marfat Library. Umair Kazmi.

Ishaq Bin Ali. Sultan Abbas. Anny Aun. Popular in Religion. Annisa Aulia.Add Jasrah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.

Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With S with Meanings

Add Labibah Female Understanding, intelligent. Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman was one of the trusted companions of Prophet Muhamad and participated in all the battles, except Badr. Munerah Female Illuminating, Shining. Add Nahleejah Female Down to earth, cool. Add Fatihah Female Opening. Add Muna Female Water.

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