Iron Warriors: The Omnibus can be downloadd direct from this website and. GW mail order, Games Workshop and other hobby stores, and better bookstores. Warsmith Honsou, embittered nemesis of the Ultramarines and champion of Chaos. This omnibus edition collects all of Graham McNeill's Iron Warriors series . pdf Book test pdf, KiB, 1x1 Esp an omnibus if you've got any. have the siege of castellax? the one about the orks fighting the iron warriors .. View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO path of, 1MiB, 1x1.

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THE ULTRAMARINES OMNIBUS. (Featuring the novels NIGHTBRING, WARRIORS OF . iron, its brazen flanks heaving with unnatural energies as it thundered. of iron warhammer pdf - storm of iron (novel) storm of iron is a storm of omnibus warhammer 40 omnibus pdf - iron warriors the. Download Iron Warriors: The Omnibus (Warhammer 40, Omnibus) book pdf | audio id:jww5k8i. Download Iron Warriors: The Omnibus (Warhammer 40,

The alien flora had subsumed entire continents, a rapacious instinct to devour encoded in every strand of its genetic structure.

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Nutrients were leeched from the soil and used to create hyper-fertile spore growths that drifted on the heated currents of the air to seed new regions and pollute yet more land. The Heraclitus virus had been developed from a partial fragment of ancient research conducted by the Mechanicus' Magos Heraclitus. The bio-toxins were intended to increase the growth rate of crops on Agri-worlds , and were designed to increase the productivity of such worlds a thousand-fold.

Within seconds of the Heraclitus strain's release into the atmosphere, the alien growths reacted to its touch, surging upwards and over the planet's terrain.

Overwhelmed by mutant growths, poisonous plant life expanded whole kilometres in seconds as the virulent growth strain sent its metabolism into overdrive. Huge amounts of nutrients were sucked from the ground and released as enormous quantities of heat, raising the ambient temperature of the world in a matter of moments.

Oxygen was sucked greedily from the atmosphere by horrifyingly massive spore chimneys and the planet's protective atmospheric layers were gradually stripped in an unthinking biological genocide. This was not the rapid death of Exterminatus , but ecological death of global proportions. Panicked messages were hurled out into the Immaterium and only those with the money, influence or cunning escaped on hastily-prepared starships that fled the planet's destruction. In the wake of the attack, billions had been left behind and, weeks later, as the last of the planet's atmosphere was stripped from it by the hyper-evolved alien biology, hard stellar radiation swept the surface, killing every living thing and laying waste to all that remained.

Months after the launch of the Heraclitus missiles, nothing remained alive, the deadly alien vegetation killed by lethal levels of radiation and the frigid cold that gripped the planet without its protective atmosphere. All that now remained of the planet was a dead, lifeless ball of rock, its surface seared and barren, with only the skeletal remains of its blackened cities left as evidence that human beings had once lived upon it.

After the death of Tarsis Ultra, Magos Locard of the Adeptus Mechanicus and members of the Skitarii landed upon the dead planet, attempting to investigate what occurred.

Following a lone beacon, the Explorator team found a lone battered orbital torpedo. Removing the payload bay of the torpedo, the Magos reached inside and removed its contents -- a cracked helmet, the paint chipped and one eye lens missing.

The helmet was a deep blue and bore the badge of the Ultramarines Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. The helmet was meant to send a message to Uriel Ventris -- that you don't walk away from a fight with the Warsmith Honsou without paying a price.

In order to rebuild his forces, Honsou travelled to the Badab Sector, the site of the infamous Badab War , to the heart of the Warp rift called the Maelstrom. Within the heart of this hellish realm lay New Badab, the homeworld of Huron Blackheart , the infamous Tyrant of Badab and now the leader of the Red Corsairs. Honsou attended the Skull Harvest, a contest hosted by Blackheart between Chaos warbands where Chaos Champions vyed with one another for supreme dominance, until only one victor emerges.

The reigning Champion then took total control of the losing Champions' warbands. The Skull Harvest took place within the Arena of Thorns, the large venue that hosted the murderous contest; the decapitated heads of the fallen were mounted and displayed upon spikes. Blood would be spilled, the weak would die and the victor would benefit greatly from the Tyrant of Badab's patronage.

Honsou was determined to win the murderous contest at any cost, for he possessed a grand vision of revenge. With the victories the Warsmith and his champions had won over the following days, Honsou's force had grown exponentially in size, numbering somewhere in the region of 5, soldiers.

Scores of armoured units and fighting machines, as well as all manner of xenos and corsair troops were now his to command. The swords of seventeen warbands now belonged to Honsou and, by any measure of reckoning, he had a fearsome force with which to wreak havoc on his enemies.

But the Skull Harvest was not yet over and the Tyrant's rule decreed that there could be only one champion left standing at its end.

As the fourth day of killing drew to an end only the armies of three Champions remained. On the final day of the Skull Harvest, the three warriors stepped into the arena, clad in their armour and each armed with their weapon of choice.

This stage of the battle would be where each warrior sought to gauge the measure of the other, searching for signs of weakness or fear to be exploited. Honsou knew he would find neither in these two opponents, warriors hardened by decades of war and devotion to their Gods.

Honsou cared nothing for the thrill of the fight, nor the honour of the kill. This entire endeavour was a means to a single end.


The Slaaneshi Champion was quickly bested, and Honsou then faced the berserk Uluvent. In the ensuing battle, Honsou managed to destroy the Khornate Champion's weapon, forcing him to grapple with his opponent in bloody close quarters.

The sheer ferocity of Uluvent's attack nearly overwhelmed Honsou, who only just managed to free his necrodermis arm and use it to rip open a jagged wound in Uluvent's neck. Weaponless and bleeding out quickly, the Khornate Champion called for another weapon to finish the dual between himself and the Warsmith. As he reached for a sword from his ally, the apparent turncoat Cadaras Grendel who had recently served Honsou, but had changed allegiances reversed his grip and rammed the blade into the Khornate Champion's chest.

The Iron Warriors Omnibus – Advanced Review [Bane of Kings]

The tip of the weapon ripped through the back of Uluvent's armour and the mighty warrior staggered as Grendel twisted the blade deeper into his chest. Honsou gave him no chance to recover from his shock and pain, and brought his axe down upon the Khornate warrior's shoulder, the dark blade smashing the warrior's shoulder guard to splinters and cleaving the champion of the Blood God from collarbone to pelvis. Honsou then honoured the former Champion's last request, and took his skull off his neck with a sweep of his axe.

Honsou emerged as the sole victor of the Skull Harvest. At the final tally, Honsou left New Badab with close to 17, Chaotic warriors sworn in blood to his cause. Pashtoq Uluvent's warriors, and the others that he had won, were now Honsou's, their banners now bearing the Iron Skull badge of the Iron Warriors.

Iron Warriors Omnibus

The Slaaneshi Champion Notha Etassay survived the final battle and then willingly swore allegiance to Honsou. As the Warsmith's starship broke orbit over New Badab, numerous other vessels now accompanied it, gifts from the Tyrant of Badab to be used for the express purpose of dealing death to the hated forces of the Corpse Emperor. In addition, a ragtag, yet powerful fleet of corsairs and Renegades also formed up around Honsou's flagship. Ultramar and the 13th Black Crusade The Daemon Prince M'kar the Reborn, in his possessed Dreadnought shell With his army assembled, Honsou was finally ready to unleash his audacious plan for revenge against Uriel Ventris by completely destroying the Realm of Ultramar.

Learning of the vile daemon's long-standing hatred for the Ultramarines, Honsou was able to enlist the aid of Abaddon the Despoiler's damned seer Moriana to help free the daemon's spirit from its prison, which had been trapped within the Warp core of the Star Fort Indomitable by the Ultramarines' Chapter Master Marneus Calgar decades earlier, in With his formidable army of Chaos Renegades, Honsou easily captured the Star Fort and was able to free M'kar from his prison.

The Daemon Prince then possessed the armoured Dreadnought chassis of Brother Altarion, an Ultramarines Astartes assigned to guard the fort. M'kar used Altarion's once-sacred shell as his host-body in order to remain in the material universe. The newly freed M'kar bound the Indomitable to a Warp Gate and called forth a huge army of daemons to attack the cities of the planet from within, slaughtering the entire world's population.

When the Ultramarines Chapter responded to the dire threat that Honsou's forces presented, the Warsmith left a trap for them in the planet's capital city of Axum, which nearly annihilated Captain Uriel Ventris and the entirety of his 4th Company.

After laying siege to the planet, M'kar quickly forced himself into a position of shared command of the Warsmith's Chaotic army and divided its forces amongst the various Chaos Champions, a situation neither Chaos Lord could tolerate for any length of time.

Each subordinate commander was then assigned a different strategic target. M'kar convinced Honsou to travel to Ventris' homeworld of Calth , with explicit instructions from M'kar to destroy the Tomb of Ventanus -- the famed Ultramarines Captain who slew the Daemon Prince when he was still a mortal and a former Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy.

M'kar could not himself go near the tomb, which radiated the power of Imperial faith in the Emperor and was thus anathema to a creature of the Warp. Armed with the knowledge of Ventris, the clone known as the Newborn were able to find the location of the subterranean tomb within the Cavernas Draconi on Calth.

Honsou and his ally Grendel were led by the Newborn and eventually discovered the tomb's exact location. As they prepared to destroy it, the keen mind of Honsou perceived that there was more to M'kar's reluctance to come near the world of Calth than the foul creature had admitted.

Therefore, the Warsmith decided to investigate further and soon discovered that there was an artefact, a Combat Knife , buried with the long-dead Ultramarines captain that was known as the Shard of Erebus.

Honsou realised that the simple blade was capable of badly harming the Daemon Prince because of the faith that had been invested within it after so many millennia of devotion. But before the Warsmith could capitalise on the newly acquired weapon, Captain Ventris and a Command Squad of Ultramarines arrived and began attacking Honsou's forces. Honsou tasked the Newborn to kill Ventris, but in the ensuing battle the Ultramarines captain was able to defeat his corrupted clone.

At the height of the battle, the Iron Warriors were overwhelmed and defeated by what appeared to be the ghosts of Captain Ventanus and his fellow Ultramarines that were housed within the tomb. With his men dead and his quest for vengeance foiled, Honsou activated the trigger for explosives intended to destroy the tomb.

It breeds pure awesomeness, and in my opinion, this was the strongest addition to the Omnibus, containing several key characters, introducing them for the first time. We see Titans clash and views from both sides of the conflict, as McNeill makes us want to root for the losing side despite the fact that we know, ultimately, who will emerge on top. Following on from Storm of Iron, we have a trio of short stories.

Kicking off with The Enemy of My Enemy, this explores the fate of some Imperial Guardsmen who survived the siege, and introduces the renegade Vaanes, a former Raven Guard.

Like Storm of Iron, this short story was fast-paced, fantastic and a joy to read.

Iron Warriors: The Omnibus

Failing that, hurting him by any means possible. Keeping up the consistent pace in the Omnibus, The Heraclitus Effect is an awesome short story and again shows McNeill at his best.

In fact, I believe that this whole Omnibus is one of his best works. I would say his best, but I believe that A Thousand Sons still holds that title.

This short story is probably my second favourite, with the first being The Beast of Calth, for reasons that you will discover if you read it.Search TFF. Their sole purpose in life is to fight and die for the Iron Warriors. Honsou knew he would find neither in these two opponents, warriors hardened by decades of war and devotion to their Gods.

As the Warsmith's starship broke orbit over New Badab, numerous other vessels now accompanied it, gifts from the Tyrant of Badab to be used for the express purpose of dealing death to the hated forces of the Corpse Emperor. In the wake of the heresy, the Warsmith led his grand company from victory to victory, until finally making the crown jewel of his career on Hydra Cordatus.

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