The Rum Diary The Long Lost Novel by Hunter S. Thompson eVersion / Notes at EOF Back Cover Blurbs Begun in by. Thompson, Hunter - The Rum Diary. Read more · The Rum Diary: A Novel Thompson, Hunter S - The Rum Diary v · Read more · Thompson, Hunter S. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Disgusting as he usually was," Hunter Thompson writes in this, his novel, "on rare occasions he showed flashes.

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Download The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson PDF novel free. The Rum Diary is jealousy, romantic, treachery and fiction novel on the love. Posts about Hunter S. Thompson The Rum Diary PDF written by In early , Hunter S. Thompson was just 22 years old and his journalism career was already on the skids. His last two jobs had ended badly.

His beat: The newspaper went out of business a few months later, but Thompson transformed his experiences into a novel, The Rum Diary.

In the prologue he describes the atmosphere of a San Juan newsroom peopled with shiftless expatriates:. They ran the whole gamut from genuine talents and honest men, to degenerates and hopeless losers who could barely write a post card--loons and fugitives and dangerous drunks, a shoplifting Cuban who carried a gun in his armpit, a half-wit Mexican who molested small children, pimps and pederasts and human chancres of every description, most of them working just long enough to make the price of a few drinks and a plane ticket.

As soon as it came out there was talk of a film adaptation.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Thompson killed himself before that dream ever came to fruition. Johnny Depp plays the alcoholic newpaperman Paul Kemp as if he were a young Thompson: Director Bruce Robinson creates the vivid atmosphere of a Caribbean boomtown inhabited by shady businessmen, clueless tourists, drunken journalists and resentful natives. But the story is like its protagonist: To learn about Thompson's early efforts to get the story made into a movie, you can watch The Rum Diary Back Story , filmed from through by Wayne Ewing.

It documents the author's initial pride at the long-overdue publication of the novel, followed by his growing frustration with the glacial progress in turning it into a movie.

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Ewing filmed Thompson at his home in Colorado and in a fireside meeting at Depp's home in California. In one comical scene episode eight Warren Zevon reads aloud an insulting letter Thompson had sent to a producer.

Hunter S.

Thompson Gets Confronted by the Hell's Angels. Thompson Interviews Keith Richards.

The Rum Diary

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The narrator, Paul Kemp, is a young newspaper reporter from New York who jumps at a chance to work on a small English-language paper being published in Puerto Rico. She had a fine little body and an impatient way of standing that indicated a mass of stored-up energy. I watched her intently, smiling, feeling the ale in my veins, waiting for her to turn around for a swift contact with the eyes.

The power of this scene comes from the fact that the girl watches his humiliation. This is the type of sad humor we find over and over in The Rum Diary.

Kemp soon learns that the girl from the plane Chenault is the girlfriend of one of the men Yeamon in his circle of acquaintances. Yeamon is verbally abusive to her and at one point hits her hard enough to knock her down. What is so powerful about this scene is that the story opened with him embarrassing himself in front of her.

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Kemp is so distraught by this that he hires a cab and returns to the party scene the following day, trying to find her, to no avail.

She was wearing the same clothes, but now she looked haggard and dirty. The delicate illusions that get us through life can only stand so much strain—and now, looking at Chenault, I wanted to slam the door and go back to bed. The story has now come full circle. No romance.

The closest Thompson comes to describing this bond is right after Kemp invites her in: She kept staring at me with an expression that made me more nervous than ever.

It was humiliation and shock, I suppose, but there was something else in it—a shade of sadness and amusement that was almost a smile. Kemp and Chenault have never had a conversation.

But from the moment he closes the door behind her, he treats her so gently, so tenderly, so aware of her fragility, that these few scenes of them together just touch your heart. He seemed tougher than that, colder than that, less needy than that.Thompson, pdf, epub, mobi, fb2, djvu, lit, txt, rtf, doc, docx, chm, htmlz, lrf, azw, azw3, site, ebook, torrent, downloads Related links:.

We parked in front of Al's and went back to the patio.

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I walked a block or so, trying to get the feel of the place, and the bells kept coming closer. This is my first foray into Hunter S. Sometimes I feel like kicking myself in the balls.

Paul Kemp, the fictional narrator, describes the coworkers, women, natives, and insane government, riddled with syndicates and kickbacks. Now they looked out on hotels and most of them had retreated behind tall hedges and walls that cut them off from the street. And yet the tone and the prose are reco Thompson wrote this semi-autobiographical novel in his early twenties but put it aside, regarding it as a failure.

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