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Top 3 Books. Sarvopayogi Aushadh Petee. Shoban Vasani. PDF: MB. Download. Sarvottam Aushadho. Shoban Vasani. PDF: MB. Download. G-Dictionary Everyday life and higher education demand across Gujarati community. has arose need of English meanings in Gujarati language along with . Books For You offers book Programming In C (Gujarati Edition).

Still pretending to be Tyagi, Ayyub also managed to meet Modi, who gave her an interview, but the reader gets few details of this. The transcripts show how difficult it is to assemble credible evidence of wrongdoing, for there appear to be no written instructions or records which can pin the blame on specific individuals for certain orders.

She has promised to hand over the tapes to investigators, if asked. The officers Ayyub interviews appear helpless as they carry out actions which may not be legal, or are without written authorization.

They follow orders because not doing so would seriously jeopardize their careers. Some reveal their communal prejudice; some point out the caste-based discrimination in the way appointments are made and assignments given.

Gujarati (ગુજરાતી)

Senior police officers are aware of the questionable legality of encounters, but they seem to accept these as part of their job; their regret is over details such as there was no need to kill Kausar Bi , and not over the practice itself.

Public revulsion has grown.

In September , the Supreme Court issued a point guideline to investigate police encounters in cases of death. Those who try to explain encounters in utilitarian, pragmatic terms argue that witnesses turn hostile, that court procedures take too long, that gathering evidence is hard, and that some evidence may be too sensitive to be brought before the court.

None of these excuses are justified in a republic based on the rule of law.

There is a deeper issue the book raises, of journalistic practices. Ayyub earns the trust of those she interviews, and she does feel squeamish, as she knows what she is going to do with those conversations. Many, including journalists, have criticized the means and methods of sting journalism, which Tehelka excelled in, and which got the magazine scoops.

Ayyub was one of many correspondents at Tehelka who took risks Disclosure: For some time since its inception, up to or so, I occasionally wrote for Tehelka from the UK, but I was not a reporter, nor would I carry out sting operations. Sting journalism can be thrilling, and reporters often feel compelled to push the conversations in specific directions in pursuit of the scoop.

The deceived party then claims entrapment, and the conversation shifts from the substance to the methods. Public interest defence is often invoked to justify the practice. But the resulting scoop may not be sufficient to achieve the desired outcome.

Would these officials make the same statements before investigative officers?

And even if they do, what if there is no evidentiary trail leading up to the executive that presumably gave the orders? Now start typing Gujarati in your Web page code.

If you type with non-Unicode fonts, you will not see native Gujarati. The drawback of this is you won't be able to read the Gujarati text when editing the document in a text editor, but your will see Gujarati when viewing it as a Web page. There's only one small advantage to using ANSI encoding - Gujarati language support isn't required because we're typing the Gujarati Unicode codes in English.

But this is a minor advantage compared to benefits of a UTF-8 encoded Web page. Below is the partial HTML code that contains Gujarati text in its Unicode coding, image of how it looks in Notepad2, and an image of how it looks in a web browser. You can see in the Notepad2 screenshot that you won't be able to read the actual Gujarati text. It is much harder to edit your document with this method. What You Need Text editor: Just like any HTML page, all you need is a text editor.

What You Will Learn

The built-in Windows Notepad will work. Gujarati language support: You need to have Gujarati language support installed in Windows or Linux.Theory for the User is a complete, coherent description of the theory,.

Bi www. A mount collection item.

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Mark Twain. Learn how to share your curation rights.

Page 6.

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