The Odyssey is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer. It is, in part, .. Telegony aside, the last lines of the Odyssey, corresponding to Book 24, are believed by many scholars to have been added by a slightly later. A summary of Books 1–2 in Homer's The Odyssey. Odysseus languishes on the remote island Ogygia with the goddess Calypso, who has fallen in love with. Homer 's 8th century BCE oral narrative of a warrior's decades-long quest to return home defines epic Read the complete published text of The Odyssey here.

Homers Odyssey Book

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Homer - The Odyssey: a new English translation - Book I. bestthing.info: The Odyssey (): Homer, Robert Fagles, Bernard Knox: Books. For a Rich Text Format Version of the entire Odyssey, please use the following link: Odyssey [RTF]. BOOK ONE. ATHENA VISITS ITHACA. [The invocation to the .

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Among them the father of gods and men was first to speak, for in his heart he thought of noble Aegisthus, [30] whom far-famed Orestes, Agamemnon's son, had slain. Thinking on him he spoke among the immortals, and said: It is from us, they say, that evils come, but they even of themselves, through their own blind folly, have sorrows beyond that which is ordained. So Hermes spoke, but for all his good intent he prevailed not upon the heart of Aegisthus; and now he has paid the full price of all.

The Odyssey with an English Translation by A. Murray, PH. Cambridge, MA.

Walter Merry, James Riddell, D. Monro, Sort places alphabetically , as they appear on the page , by frequency Click on a place to search for it in this document. Commentary references to this page 7: Sulpicia, Carmina Omnia , 1 Thomas W. Allen, E. Monro, Commentary on the Odyssey , 1. Aristotle, Rhetoric , Aristot.

Searching in English. Odyssey , Table of Contents. Odyssey [RTF]. Muse, speak to me now of that resourceful man who wandered far and wide after ravaging the sacred citadel of Troy.

But though he wanted to, he could not rescue them— they all died from their own stupidity, the fools.

So now, daughter of Zeus, tell us his story, starting anywhere you wish. The other warriors, all those who had escaped being utterly destroyed, were now back safely home, facing no more dangers from battle or the sea.

But Odysseus, who longed to get back to his wife and reach his home, was being held in a hollow cave by that mighty nymph Calypso, noble goddess, who wished to make Odysseus her husband. Poseidon went there to receive a sacrificial offering to him— bulls and rams—and was sitting at a banquet, enjoying himself.

But other gods had gathered in the great hall of Olympian Zeus. Among them all, the father of gods and men was first to speak. In his heart he was remembering royal Aegisthus, whom Orestes, Agamemnon's famous son, had killed. They say their tribulations come from us, when they themselves, through their own foolishness, bring hardships which are not decreed by Fate. None of that was set by Fate.

Aegisthus knew his acts would bring on his total ruin. So he has paid for everything in full. Athena, goddess with the gleaming eyes, answered Zeus: May any other man who does what he did also be destroyed! But my heart is torn for skillful Odysseus, ill-fated man, who has had to suffer such misfortune for so many years, a long way from friends.

With soft seductive speech she keeps tempting him, urging him to forget his Ithaca. But Odysseus yearns to see even the smoke rising from his native land and longs for death. And yet, Olympian Zeus, your heart does not respond to him. Why then, Zeus, are you so angry with him? How could I forget godlike Odysseus, preeminent among all mortal men for his intelligence and offerings to the immortal gods, who hold wide heaven?

The Odyssey

Poseidon was also god of earthquakes. Poseidon, down in those hollow caves, had sex with her. But he has not killed him. Goddess Athena with the gleaming eyes replied to Zeus: Athena spoke. Then she tied those lovely sandals on her feet, the immortal, golden sandals which carry her as fast as stormy blasts of wind across the ocean seas and endless tracts of land.

The Odyssey

She looked like Mentes, a foreigner, the chief who ruled the Taphians. Sea-faring people of the island of Taphos.

Some heralds and attendants were keeping busy blending wine and water in the mixing bowls. Godlike Telemachus observed Athena first, well before the others. As he thought about all this, sitting there among the suitors, he saw Athena.

He immediately walked over to the outer gate, for in his heart he considered it disgraceful that a stranger should remain a long time at his door.

Then he spoke to her— his words had wings: Then, after you have had some food to eat, you can tell us what you need.

Saying this, Telemachus led Athena into his home.


She followed. Once they came inside the high-roofed house, he walked to a tall pillar carrying the spear and set it in a finely-polished rack, which held many other spears belonging to Odysseus.

He brought Athena in and sat her in a chair, a beautifully crafted work. Beside her he drew up a lovely decorated chair for him to sit in.

They were some distance from the other people, in case the noise the suitors made disturbed the guest and made him hate the meal because he had to share the company of overbearing men. Then, too, Telemachus wanted to discuss his absent father. Beside them she set down a polished table. S he laid out a rich selection of fine things to eat.

A carver sliced up many different cuts of meat and served them. He set out goblets made of gold, as a herald went back and forth pouring their wine. Then, one after another, the proud suitors came. Homer does a superb job of keeping the story epic while providing the reader with wonderful details about the life of the greek people during this period. The man had story-telling chops.. Well Odysseus eventually makes it back to Ithaca, alone and in disguise, after all of this crew have been eaten, squashed, drowned or otherwise rendered life-impaired.

Not an easy place to live is ancient Greece.

See a Problem?

Odysseus proceeds to work a web of deceit and revenge against the suitors that is a wonder to behold. I want to start with that because this is not one of those classics that I think is worth while only to get it under your belt or checked off a list.

Going back to my comments on the various versions of the story, I think this may end up being a five star read in one of the more flowery, densely poetic translations where the emotion and passion is just a bit more in your face. I am still thrilled to have listened to the version I did especially as read by Gandalf because I now have a firm foundation in the story and can afford to be a bit more adventurous with my next version.

The tone of the story is heroic and yet very dark. The gods are capricious and temperamental and cause a whole lot of death and devastation for nothing more than a bruised ego or even a whim. The pace of the story is fast and moves quickly with hardly a chance to even catch your breath.

It is a big epic story A terrific read as well as one of the most important works in the Western canon.Where are his kin, and native land? Even as now Aegisthus, beyond that which was ordained, took to himself the wedded wife of the son of Atreus, and slew him on his return, though well he knew of sheer destruction, seeing that we spake to him before, sending Hermes, the keen-sighted Argeiphontes, that he should neither slay the man nor woo his wife; for from Orestes shall come vengeance for the son of Atreus when once he has come to manhood and longs for his own land.

What feast, what throng is this? Then shrewd Telemachus began his speech to them: Places visited by Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey. Authors have sought to imagine new endings for the Odyssey. And in his mind he marked her and marvelled, for he deemed that she was a god; and straightway he went among the wooers, a godlike man. After Odysseus reveals his true identity, the characters test Odysseus' identity to see if he really is who he says he is.

First go to Pylos and question goodly Nestor, and from thence to Sparta to fair-haired Menelaus; for he was the last to reach home of the brazen-coated Achaeans.

It is Poseidon , the Earth-Bearer, who is always filled with implacable anger against him, because of godlike Polyphemus , the strongest Cyclops of all, whom Odysseus blinded.

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