Get a head start, plan your skiing before you go. Large format Grandvalira Piste Map, pdf & jpg. Soldeu Piste Map. Get a head start, plan your skiing before you go. Large format Soldeu Piste Map, pdf & jpg. You can either click below to access a PDF version of the Grandvalira piste map, or to get more detail just scroll down the page and open the interactive map.

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Large format Grandvalira Ski Maps. Plus many more Free downloadable ski maps from around the world. Grandvalira, Andorra Ski Map, jpg, pdf. Coneix l'estació de Grandvalira, a través del nostre tour virtual, descobreix tot el que necessitis amb el nostre Mapa 3D i no et perdis res quan vinguis. Enlarge the GRANDVALIRA ski slopes map .pdf) [. The ski area of Grandvalira is the largest skiable domain in the Pyrenees and, since expanding slightly in.

And major investment over the last few years has lifted Andorra from the status of budget choice competing with the limited resorts of Eastern Europe to a mainstream destination, offering surprisingly extensive and varied skiing. Andorra is not the cheap as chips destination it once was, but is still not as expensive as major resorts in France and Austria — aided by a complex constitution that means its twin heads of state are the French president and a Spanish bishop.

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It has tax-free status and neither income tax nor inheritance tax. In the bars, beer is significantly below the price of other European countries and spirits and liqueurs are usually poured unmeasured into what seem like half-pint mugs. Andorra at one time had the reputation of a somewhat raucous style destination. But recently efforts have been made to project a more upmarket image, with new higher-class hotels going up everywhere.

Highlights Fantastic range of skiing on a network linking six villages. No language problems, with ski schools partly British-run.

Plenty of excellent beginners' slopes. Increasingly impressive choice of accommodation, with plenty of new development.

Then you can post your own questions or snow reports Big thanks for you replies Monium I like to get as much info as possible before I get there that allows me more time on the slopes and helps with finding places to eat etc. This has crossed over to skiing and I like to check out as many runs as possible while at home and list the ones I fancy.

Soldeu Ski Resort in Brief

Sounds sad but thats just me. If you do have a map to hand that would be great I will PM you and refund any postage charges. If you cant find one dont worry. Thanks again for quality info. I found it excellent, but that was a few years ago now.

Virtual tour Grandvalira

We got a very good deal with Panorama actually, the flight to Toulouse was full so they let us have 2 apartments for the price of 1! Sorry, to disagree with Momium again, but I always found the reds in Soldeu steeper than the ones I was skiing in Austria, although I will admit the blacks are pretty straight forward.

If you can't do the reds, some of the blues are like motorways! Wide, smooth and very long. And hardly ever busy. The thing that my parents always go on about in Soldeu or El Tarter is there are no queues!

With the exception of first morning on the Soldeu gondola perhaps. And it is a massive area to ski. You'll get to see more forums and be part of the best ski club on the net.

It will also be cold as the sun is low. There are plenty of reasonably easy runs to keep you happy, despite what is said above there are also some blacks that will test even the best, but I'll agree that there are also some easy ones.

The frozen lake that you mention is Lac d'Pessons and is part of the Grau Roig area, great restruant but the snack bar is the same as the rest on the mountain.

As has beeen said there is not much happening in El Tarter, there used to be a bar in the Hotel Alba but it closed for a season or so, not sure if the Mesquet bar still works.

Plenty of night life in Soldeu if the bus is running or Taxi. Slight down side is that until the 6th Jan there will be lots of Spaniards around for whom FIS rules don't apply.

I'll be up there from the 15th until the 26th Dec, might stay a bit longer but accom is a problem. You will have fun.Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name: Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name: Ski bus times at the bottom of this page. Meals: Buffet breakfast and buffet evening meal in the hotel. Slowly making moves upmarket to shed its raucous image.

Soldeu Piste Maps

Big thanks for you replies Monium I like to get as much info as possible before I get there that allows me more time on the slopes and helps with finding places to eat etc. Capacity: approx.

Speed Adjust your speed and your route according to your ability, the visibility, the conditions of the slopes and the snow. And it is a massive area to ski.

A hot lunch is provided on the mountain as standard. Hotel location. Interactive Piste Map Use the piste map below to find your way around the Grandvalira ski area - you can see all the lifts, slopes and facilities, as well as being able to zoom in and out.

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