PDF Viewing is now available directly in Google Drive. For environments where this cannot be deployed, Google PDF Viewer offers the same capabilities in a. Uses HTML5 to display PDF files directly in the browser. Google PDF Viewer is, as its name indicates, Google's official PDF viewer. Usually, you can find all the features this app offers right on Google Drive, and thus.

Google Pdf Apps

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In this list, we'll take a look at the best PDF reader apps for Android to help Apps on this list like that include EBookDroid, Google Play Books. Connect to your Dropbox account and access other storage providers including Google Drive. • Print documents from your device. IN-APP download For even . On the flipside, Google PDF Viewer only works when you open a PDF file saved or shared from Drive. There is no app or any way to launch the.

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There are capable apps on most platforms. We recommend … The best web browsers on most platforms The best web browsers on most platforms Web browsing is as old as the Internet itself. In fact, that's how we all communicate with one another, by surfing the web.

It also handles PDFs quite well. This one is mostly useful for e-book reading.

It supports various e-book formats including PDF and also has page turn animations, text customization, auto-scrolling, swipe gestures, and more. The pro version adds more theming, Bluetooth and headset controls, password protection, annotations, and an extra widget.

Advanced options, with subscription, converting documents, editing them, and collaborating on them.

Annotation involves more colors and shapes think circles, squares, arrows, and so on when compared to the competition. One of the features is a tab-like format where you can open more than one PDF file on a tablet at once. Much like modern day browsers. This is more suitable for tablets with wider screens but works on smartphones too.

Other features include filling forms, signing docs, and support for cloud storage sites. Two other features which not every PDF viewer app comes with are night mode and sleep mode for those who like to read before going to bed.

Advanced features include converting images and collaborating with others. Makes it even more awesome.

PDF Reader - View, Edit, Share

Looks cool. More suitable for avid readers who like download and reading content like books, comics, etc. More suitable for book lovers rather than business users or productivity enthusiats, eBook Droid is the best PDF reader for Android if you want to customize your book reading experience.

You can cut or crop margins, change layout and zoom in, automatic bookmarking, and fun annotation tools. You can use continuous flow, two-column or one column layout based on your reading preferences.

Download eBook Droid 5. You can play audio and video files plus there you can also view GIF files.

There are plenty of viewing options available to satisfy most of your reading habits. Google Drive is a popular cloud storage platform which is used by millions across the web to store all sorts of files and data including PDFs.

Moreover, you can read files in vertical direction or horizontal direction and it supports the auto-scrolling mode too. It also has plenty of In-app downloads for different features. There are no options to annotate or edit the PDF files, however, you can search for the particular text in the PDF file.

Moreover, you can also copy the text from the PDF file and can paste it in another document on Android Phone. This is what you should install on your Android Phone.

15 best PDF reader apps for Android!

The main interface of the application is just like a stack of books in a library where you can easily open any book that you want. The unique thing about this PDF opener app is that you will not need to download the whole PDF file, it will automatically load each page one by one to save cellular data on your Android Phone.What better way to read PDF books and documents than on your Android smartphone?

For this, you will need a PDF reader app for Android smartphone or tablet.

In addition to standard features offered in Chrome and Edge, you can expand a sidebar, rotate in both directions, and toggle the hand tool. Download Google Play Books.

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Read More. Adobe Acrobat Reader is perfect for those who want to view and perform basic annotations on a pdf document.

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