Friday the 13th is a six-issue comic book miniseries written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, illustrated by Adam Archer and Peter Guzman and. Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees has been part of pop-culture for decades. It shouldn't be surprising that he's had his share of comic book adventures, what with. Friday the 13th 06 () March 15, → · Friday the 13th 05 () March 15, → · Friday the 13th

Friday The 13th Comic Book

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Read Friday The 13th comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Comic Book. VIEW GALLERY. a. FRIDAY THE 13th #1. U.S. Price: $ Availabledownload Now See All Comics in series. c. g. Graphic Novel. FRIDAY THE 13TH. Get ready for a new look at the legend of Crystal Lake, as Jason returns in this volume collecting the first six issues of the hot new series! A beautiful young.

The FBI sets up a sting that successfully kills Jason.

Friday The 13th comic books issue 1

Through possession, Jason manages to survive by passing his black heart from one being to the next. It is revealed that he has a sister and a niece, and that he needs them to get his body back. Jason resurrects himself, but his niece, Jessica Kimble Kari Keegan , stabs him with a mystical dagger and he is dragged into Hell.

A scientist, Rowan LaFontaine Lexa Doig , decides that cryonic suspension is the only method of stopping him, but Jason breaks free and kills the army personnel guarding him before he can be again imprisoned.

Over years later, a team of students studying Earth discover Jason's body and take it into space.

Upon being thawed by the team, he proceeds to murder everyone aboard the spacecraft. He is seemingly killed, but is then resurrected via nanotechnology as a cyborg version of himself. Finally, he is ejected into space and incinerated by Earth Two's atmosphere, his mask falling to the bottom of a lake. Jason , was a crossover with A Nightmare on Elm Street. Set in the contemporary period, Freddy Krueger Robert Englund resurrects Jason Ken Kirzinger and sends him to Springwood hoping that he will create enough fear among the residents that Freddy will be strong enough to invade their dreams.

Jason accomplishes this but refuses to stop killing.

A battle ensues both in the dream-world and at Crystal Lake. The outcome is left ambiguous, as Jason surfaces from the lake holding Freddy's severed head, which winks and laughs. In this film, after witnessing his mother being beheaded at a young age, an adult Jason Derek Mears follows in her footsteps and kills anyone who comes to Crystal Lake. Jason subsequently kidnaps a young woman, Whitney Miller Amanda Righetti , who resembles his mother at a young age.

Six weeks after her disappearance, her brother, Clay Miller Jared Padalecki , comes to look for her. The pair reunite and work together to seemingly kill Jason. Cunningham took out this advertisement in International Variety magazine.

The original Friday the 13th was produced and directed by Sean S.

Cunningham, inspired by the success of John Carpenter 's Halloween , wanted Friday the 13th to be shocking, visually stunning, and "[make] you jump out of your seat". Distancing himself from The Last House on the Left, Cunningham wanted Friday the 13th to be more of a "roller coaster ride". The concept for Friday the 13th began as nothing more than a title.

A Long Night at Camp Blood was the working title Victor Miller used while he drafted a script, but Cunningham believed in his "Friday the 13th" moniker and rushed to place an advertisement in International Variety.

Worrying that someone else owned the rights to the title and wanting to avoid potential lawsuits, Cunningham thought it would be best to find out immediately. Cunningham commissioned a New York advertising agency to develop his visual concept of the Friday the 13th logo, which consisted of big block letters bursting through a pane of glass.

Moderately successful. But someone still threatened to sue. It is unknown whether Phil [Scuderi] paid them off, but the issue was eventually resolved.

Steve Miner , associate producer of the first film, believed in the idea, and he ultimately directed the first two sequels after Cunningham opted not to return to the director's chair.

With every film repeating the same basic premise, the filmmakers came up with subtle adjustments so the audience would return. Mancuso, Sr. So until they really stopped coming, why not continue to make more?

Jason Lives attempted to create a "funnier, faster, and more action-packed [ The idea proposed by screenwriter Daryl Haney stemmed from his realization that the films always ended with Jason battling the " final girl ". Haney decided that this final girl should have telekinetic powers , which led Producer Barbara Sachs to dub the film, Jason vs.

The counselors all hit it off and immediately pair up with no problem. In fact, they pair up a little too easily, like they were handpicked. Discovered through some really unnatural dialogue, they all come to realize that all ten of them are orphans and have no families. Much like in Jason X , the military and corporations are very into the idea of bringing Jason in for the sake of studying his healing factor and weaponizing him.

The camp is nothing more than bait. You end up getting a story of the would-be victims vs.

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It actually has a really good ending too, which will be ruined months later. Yes, a Jason X comic. As it turns out, when Uber Jason was blasted to a lake on Earth Two at the end of the movie, he was really back on the original Earth.

A woman named Kristen, one of the few remaining humans on the planet, tricked the ship into turning back to Earth for the sake of getting her hands on Uber Jason. Even though she is able to capture Uber Jason with some nanites, you can imagine that this is a bad idea.

Uber Jason is shot into space, where he stumbles across a party-based space ship. That leads us right into the two-parter Jason vs.

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Jason X by Mike Wolfer. Is that even a contest? The story of this one is more contrived than even the beginning of Jason Takes Manhattan. I live my entire life without seeing his hockey stick. It takes the whole first issue for the two Jasons to meet up and the entire second issue is them fighting while anyone who crosses paths with the brawl gets chopped up. The fight brings them to Earth Two, where, big surprise, Uber Jason wins.

You know, just in case they were to ever make another Jason X movie. The last book from Avatar is Friday the 13th: Fearbook by Mike Wolfer and Sebastian Fiumara. Jason just effortlessly kills everyone for two dozen pages.

Also, the art is really bad in the sequential sense. It seems to go from point A to C from panel to panel with no sensical movement.

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For instance, in Bloodbath , they were able to stop Jason by freezing him. The ending suffers from the same problem. Violet is backed up to a window and Jason is coming. She decides to take her chances and makes a leap of faith, hoping the trees will break her fall. Suddenly, Jason has her by the neck and drags her back in. Anyway, Jason would then move on to the next publisher, Wildstorm, in Wildstorm mainly gave us a bunch of two-parters, but started it with a six-issue miniseries simply called Friday the 13th by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Adam Archer, and Peter Guzman.

A handful of teens are brought in to clean up the cabins. Sex and drugs and beer are had. Jason shows up and starts killing people.

FRIDAY THE 13th #1

Same old shit. The comic plays up the supernatural aspects of Friday the 13th more than just Jason surviving taking a machete to the neck. Not only do they establish that the lake is haunted by the ghosts of a hundred murdered children, but the final issue even explains that the area is literally cursed due to some settlers murdering a Native American shaman.

It hits comedic levels once we see the doctor smoking a cigarette while delivering the baby. At Camp Crystal Lake. Anyway, Davie has a bone disorder that gives him a malformed head and will likely kill him in five years. After lots of campers, councilors, and cops are killed, Jason picks up Davie and drags him away, kicking and screaming. The only other survivor is the sheriff, who was so hopped up on meth that he accidentally shot up two councilors, and then hacked them up with a machete to cover his tracks and blame it on Jason.

Meanwhile, we get what is essentially a Batman and Robin origin story with Jason and Davie. The horrifying tragedy of Camp Crystal Lake continues!

Jason commits terrible mayhem through the ominous night, but what's the bloody secret that the lake and surrounding forest hold Issue Four: Jason is stalking and killing the teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake, fulfilling a vendetta from beyond the grave!

But appearances are deceiving as the bodies pile up Issue Five: What secrets do Crystal Lake and the surrounding forest hold for the elemental monster Jason? Is he a vengeful soul from beyond the grave or the living embodiment of evil and revenge?The other takes place a couple centuries earlier, where three fur trappers enter a teepee to escape a similar storm and come across a Native American woman and her baby.

Friday the 13th fans who like comics. But as their first night of debauchery commences, they begin to learn, one by one, that their surprisingly common family backgrounds are a little too coincidental The dialogue is pretty awful, the story is run of the mil shit, and of course the ending makes no goddamn sense but they never do.

Then not only does she start dressing like a sexy X-Men supervillain, but she starts making out with her father. The surprising thing to me is that the earliest Jason comic is only in the early 90s. Her boyfriend beats her, her classmates make fun of her, her father and stepmother bully her, and no authority figure will help her in any way.

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