Emily the Strange: The Lost Days. Read more Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger Dark Visions: The Strange Power; The Possessed; The Passion. Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger. Home · Emily the Strange: Stranger Emily And The Stranger · Read more Stranger in a Strange Land. Read more. Emily the Strange has 16 entries in the series. Rob Reger Author Cat Farris Author (). cover image of Strange and Stranger (Emily the Strange).

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13 Elements you will find in the first Emily the Strange novel: 1. Mystery 2. A beautiful golem 3. Souped-up slingshots 4. Four black cats 5. Amnesia 6. Cala. Get Free Read & Download Files Emily The Strange Books PDF. EMILY THE EMILY THE STRANGE BOOKS - In this site isn`t the same as a solution. If you need a piece of mind emily the strange novels 4 rob reger, you can download them in pdf format from our bestthing.info file format that can be downloaded.

The lost in inner space was funny too with the references to old 8 bit Nintendo games. Ooooh and the Troublican Convention Emily the strange has special powers that you do not have! Do not chop off legs with your home guillotine! I was expecting a lot more from Emily the Strange. After all, I see her products everywhere that Jack Skellington also frequents so you'd think she'd have quite a following.

I was extremely disappointed.

While the artwork was beautiful and had a lovely minimalist color palette, the writing was very boring, very uninteresting, and flat.

I'll stick with Jhonen Vasquez. Though her cats are very cute. Jul 25, Holly Letson rated it it was ok Shelves: I wasn't impressed with this series at all. I don't know what I was expecting from it, but it truly failed to meet any expectations I might have had.

Apr 10, Rain Misoa rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Emily fans and people who like pop-culture references and weird things! Just to let you know, I am going to write the same introduction as I did in my previous Emily the Strange review because XD Emily the Strange. Man, do we go back.


I've been a fan of hers since I've always been a fan of the macabre and the grotesque. Anything that's dark and a little spooky.

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I love it all! I like getting the crap scared out of me so when I discovered Emily a few years back, I was quite glad. I like the weird elements that Just to let you know, I am going to write the same introduction as I did in my previous Emily the Strange review because I like the weird elements that she brings.

I like the oddness to her style, her personality, her mindset.

Just the way she handles herself, doing her own thing, inspires me. Sure, not a lot of people get her. They think it's just some "weird comic" but that's the whole point to Emily! It's being weird! It's not about making sense or having an actual plot.

It's to have fun, get into the bizarre, see the grotesque, yet still be intrigue with what the dark world has to offer.

It's amazing and I love Emily for that. This issue revolves around the theme of lost XD This is so weird, I love it! Nothing makes sense in this volume! It's all thrown together in a bizarre way yet I felt like I understood it all! Does that make me lost? I guess it does!

X3 Personally, I think this issue was a lot better than the last. The first one being a spoof on the Wizard of Oz. I love the Wizard of Oz! Seeing Emily take a spin on it was just nostalgic to me. Not to mention the cameo of the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy himself!

XD That was hilarious! Emily did an Alice in Wonderland reference as well.

Fairytales, people! Do you know how much I love them! Not to mention all the video game references! Donkey Kong, Mario, Pac-man!

Dude, it couldn't get any better than that! Well, if Sonic appeared, I would have freaked because who doesn't love that blue hedgehog!?

[PDF] Emily the Strange: Lost Dark and Bored Volume 1 (Emily the Strange: Dark Horse Comics)

Man, this issue! I just keep getting sidetracked and going crazy over all the cool stuff without saying anything about the actual issue Emily has such a great wit. She made me laugh quite a few times with her snarky comments. Just everything about this girl puts me in a better mood. Who cares if she's a bit twisted?

I know I don't! The art is just as amazing as it was in the first volume. With all the black, white, and red, it makes it for a very interesting read. There is a slight difference in this volume, though!

They added just a little bit more color! Pick this up, readers! It is such a fun read!

Emily the Strange

It's a lot better than the last issue as well! If you like the macabre and the pop-culture references, then you will enjoy this volume just as much as I did. I guarantee it!

It is worth the read! Feb 08, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: Not bad, but not great. Here is why I liked it. Hints to Wizard of Oz. Ozzie shows up. Effects of Costco. Lost in Space. Bump into Cheshire cat. Old arcade games like Q-bert. The matrix 8. Dec 05, Sue rated it really liked it. Oct 11, Tasha rated it really liked it Shelves: May Dec 12, Michelle Lynne rated it liked it Shelves: I love Emily the Strange.

Mystery is identified by the star on her collar, one curly whisker and occasionally a star on her left eye. Character origin controversy[ edit ] The very first Emily the Strange illustration dates from , but the children's book Nate the Great and the Lost List features a very similar illustration of a young girl named Rosamond.

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She also has long black hair and is frequently accompanied by her black cats. When Rosamond is introduced she wears a short dress and white Mary Jane shoes, similar to Emily, and in a similar pose. She looked like she always looks. Sharmat and Simont counter-sued. Emily, like Rosamond, has long dark hair with square-cut bangs. Emily, like Rosamond, is typically attended by four black cats. Emily, like Rosamond, is described as being strange and has a fascination with dark themes," alleged the complaint.

Cosmic Debris contended that Emily and Rosamond both drew from a tradition of similar characters including Vampira and Wednesday Addams , and argued that while the text of the initial Emily illustration was nearly identical with Sharmat's text, that illustration had been withdrawn in and the statute of limitations had therefore run out.

Each side agreed to give up all claims against the other as part of their settlement. Strangerous for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi is a puzzle and adventure story based around Emily the Strange and her missing kittens spanning 6 chapters and over 60 puzzles.May Nov 18, Corinnagoodwin rated it liked it.

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Mystery is identified by the star on her collar, one curly whisker and occasionally a star on her left eye. While the artwork was beautiful and had a lovely minimalist color palette, the writing was very boring, very uninteresting, and flat.

For more than ten years, pop culture cultists have revered and adored a mysterious, brooding thirteen-year-old girl named Emily the Strange. Archived from the original on

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