NOVEL: Death Note L Change the World. Identifier manga_Death_Note_L_Change_the_World. Identifier-arkark://ts OcrABBYY. Death Note: L, Change the World by M - L has twenty-three days to live, and twenty-two days to save the world. L to R (Western Style). In an alternative. Death Note book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In an alternative continuity in the Death Note setting, ace detective L.

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L: Change the World (novel) could therefore be viewed as a spin-off of a spin-off. Fans of the Death Note manga or anime should be warned. Death Note: L change the World: Novel (German Edition) eBook: Takeshi Obata, M: site Store. Death Note: L, Change the World [M] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. L has twenty-three days to live, and twenty-two days to save the .

Not to mention being able to witness L one of the smartest people in the world accomplished even more feats of intelligence is always a fun time. You should read this book, just watch Death Note first. Sep 29, Annabelle rated it liked it.

Change the WorLd is a novel by an author who uses the pen name "M. It will make a lot more sense if you have prior knowledge of the series specifically of the movies, as they are notably different from the manga , though is still enjoyable if you haven't. The story is about the world's greatest detective, L, who must stop a terrorist or L: The story is about the world's greatest detective, L, who must stop a terrorist organization called "Blue Ship" before his inevitable death in twenty-three days.

The main theme is that no human has the right to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die. I'm a huge fan of Death Note myself, and pretty much everyone in the fandom has gone through some huge phase where they were completely obsessed with L. To be honest, I'm far past that point, and L in this novel isn't exactly true to the original from the manga. I'm not going to say that none of the characters interested me, though; almost all of the Blue Ship members I didn't feel very strongly about Yoshizawa or Kujo caught my attention pretty quickly.

As a whole, they get a lot more elaboration on their characters as a whole than they did in the movie, which is part of the reason I like Konishi as much as I do. CtW is really a novel that is easy to like, but also easy to hate, depending on what kind of book you like. As I mentioned earlier, L isn't exactly like his canon self, so if you'd rather stick to canon L, you might have a problem with his portrayal.

If you just generally like L a lot and don't care too much about a bit of change from main canon, you'll probably enjoy it. As for the story outside of L, it's alright; honestly, it's not nearly as good as the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases novel or the rest of DN, for that matter , but it's still okay if you're not comparing it to the original.

Mar 10, Udolpho rated it it was ok. Only devoted fans who want more L will be interested in this book. The cover art is beautiful and I'll be keeping this book just for that.

The writing style was off, and it wasn't just translation issues. It read like someone had developed story boards for an anime, it got cancelled due to budget constraints, so they tossed it to some random hack and said "You, make this a novel!

By the time I got to the Only devoted fans who want more L will be interested in this book. And that's the problem, It doesn't read like a novel should.

You really, really can tell that there's a disconnect with the medium. There's no flow to the writing, things happen way too fast with so little description. I had to go back and re-read short sections because way too much was being crammed into a few short throw-away sentences. It's also very poor at telling you who people are and where in the time frame of the Death Note series this is taking place.

If you read it very, very slowly, visualizing it in your mind as if it were an anime, it is somewhat bearable. And sadly, L isn't very L-like. He is presented as a caricature of himself. It becomes silly. Dressing in goofy outfits, elaborate scenes with sweets and treats, and less about being a brilliant detective. One scene he throws a hissy-fit screaming tantrum when things don't go his way. This, I assume, was supposed to "humanize" him. I rolled my eyes. How about next he walks on water and was resurrected?

Jun 09, Mbst87 rated it it was ok. I hadn't had high expectations of this book.. Don't read the book if it represents your first approach to "Death Note" world.. You'd better read the manga first or watch the anime otherwise it will be quite hard to understand the plot. It is a novel, not a manga..

So deep and full of details.. In here, we find no drawings at all..

And it's a pity.. I expected at least few of them.. The original manga melts perfectly a detective story, a psychological battle between main characters and some fantasy elements belonging to Japanese tales.

It is amazing. In the novel we can find just a detective story.. A nice and well-written one but Still not enough.. I was disappointed with that.. I didn't like very much the interpretation the book gives to L character.. I think that his personality is too complex and intricate to be summarized in such simply way as the book does. The storyline is not so bad.. Dip Not: I wouldn't be crying reading the novelisation of said film, right? My only complain would be the writing lol.

It suits a comic-type thing, therefore, easier if you just suck it up and imagine it in imagery. The cover and design are pretty thoooooooooo.

Jan 28, Inky rated it it was amazing. Wow wow wow. This book is second only to the B. Murder Cases for me, and even then, I have a feeling that I may eventually flip that. Dude, it was really good. I enjoyed everything about this book. The complexity of the case. The new Wammy's. The thing I think I loved the most though? We got to see a different side of L. The thing that makes this book is the time limit.

L knows he only has 23 days to solve the case, Wow. L knows he only has 23 days to solve the case, and therefore is willing to do more because of it. I love how it really showed the bond between L and Maki. I love how it showed he's a genuinely kind person, in his talks with K near heh--NEAR the end of the book. I love the entire last four days an unexplainable amount. I love how quotable the characters are--and like good quotes too. Not like "I will be taking your cake" an excellent quote, without a doubt , but like "if there is even one person who continues to have hope in justice, I will continue to believe in justice under the law and protect it.

For as long as I am L. Something about it was just very personable and, gah, lovely. I'll say this again, I don't normally cry at books. But I was crying like a baby at the end of this one. I just M has written a story that will touch the hearts of Death Note fans for years to come, or even people that are not yet Death Note fans. And yes, I realize this was based off the movie, but I think it's safe to call it its own spin-off.

Demi adilnya, dari awal harus aku katakan bahwa aku tidak suka dengan premis awal novel ini.

Sebagai pembaca DN manga , bagi aku L adalah L di tankubon 7. That's it.

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Sebagaimanapun baiknya dunia pararel tempat DN Live Action bermain, aku tak bisa melewati kenyataan itu. Stlh itu kukatakan, kuakui sebenarnya novel dari LA ini bagus kok. Lebih bagus dan njelimet dari LAnya.

Kejutan tak disangka-sangka dari kemunculan tokoh lama juga jd pemanis yang pas buat L. Selain itu karakter N yang bakal jd pengganti L juga sempat diperkenalkan dengan layak. Meskipun jelas aku lebih suka karya Ohba-Obata sensei, ranobe ini lebih kusuka drpd BB Case yg terbit sebelumnya.

[Read Book] Death Note: L Change the World EBook

Cover art-nya cuantik sekali. HC pulak: Dec 22, Matthew rated it liked it Shelves: My first light novel. This is an alternate timeline based on one of my favorite anime series and characters.

The usual wit and mentally thinking several steps ahead from Death Note are present here and L is written as more of a protective character as he has someone to help in this story.

Besides a plot twist at the end, it was generally predictable, but the ending was touc My first light novel. Besides a plot twist at the end, it was generally predictable, but the ending was touching and well done. Yine de mangadaki hali daha iyiydi. Sep 17, Kikijanika rated it liked it. I was quite excited to read this book because I loved the Death Note manga. I loved L's character as well so I was interested in reading more about him.

This book does take some influence from the manga but it does not follow the manga story line. I understand it more follows a live-action movie that was made based on the manga. I haven't seen the movie so I can't say how similar the book is, though. Not because it didn't follow the plot of I was quite excited to read this book because I loved the Death Note manga.

Not because it didn't follow the plot of the manga or because it didn't have almost any characters from the manga. The problem was more with L's character and the story itself. The plot was very action oriented. Almost too much for my taste. I felt that things just happened and the characters' thoughts or emotions were just brushed aside or at least they were not widely described.

I also felt like sometimes I couldn't really follow what had happened, like suddenly Watari was dead and I didn't know why or when he died. It's possible I just missed the part, though, because I was so tired at times while reading this book after work that I hardly understood anything I read: The story in itself was not really original, a terrorist group threatening to unleash a deadly virus and wipe out the people of Japan.

L takes on a mission to stop the group and to save Maki daughter of the professor who created the virus who's infected with the deadly virus.

The two develop a bond and we also learn more about L's childhood and past in the process, which was interesting. However, I did feel like Maki was acting a little mature for her age at times. When it comes to L, I had quite controversial feelings about him. I was happy to learn more about him and see new sides of him but some things he did just didn't fit the image I have of him.

It was hard for me to picture L running around blasting bombs or driving around the city in a Takoyaki van. I guess it's because in the manga he's always just sitting in front of the computers and is not involved in any action. It was also weird to see him act as he actually cares about people other than Watari because in the manga everything just seems to be about strategy and analysis to him. So, it was interesting to see these new sides of L but something in the back of my mind kept screaming that L should not act like this: Also, I understand that this is a different story but still it felt wrong to me that L died in this book.

I was sad to see him die in the manga but the fact is he died. So as this book takes place after the Kira investigation, L should actually be dead, which means he's now dying a second time.

Like I said, I get that this is a another story with alternative plot twists when compared to the manga but this was just something I paid attention to while reading this book. Anyway, I'd say this book is a must-read to any Death Note or L fan and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about L. Guiding Concepts His principles of management represented a code of good practice which he claimed if strictly adhered to should lead to success in administration or management.

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Death Note: L, Change the World

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Archived from the original on June 30, The story is about the world's greatest detective, L, who must stop a terrorist or L: I would probably enjoy any death note related thingy and I think ''M'' did great job in most parts too. I love how quotable the characters are--and like good quotes too.

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