ChiRunning App which includes video lessons and on-the-run audio coaching from Danny Dreyer, creator of ChiRunning. Download Now» Download Now». Download» ChiRunning has helped thousands of runners improve their running form Founder of ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer is the best-selling author of. ChiRunning. A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO. EFFORTLESS, INJURY- FREE RUNNING. Danny Dreyer. With Katherine Dreyer. A F I R E S I D E B O O K .

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The revised edition of the bestselling ChiRunning, a groundbreaking program from ultra-marathoner and nationally-known coach Danny Dreyer. I picked his book up (well, downloaded for site) a few months ago and have been reading it. ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running by Danny Dreyer. Read online, or download in secure ePub format. Download ChiRunning and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created by ChiRunning founder, Danny Dreyer, this app is feature-laden with Chi .

At one point, I visualized an image Lindahl referenced: riding a unicycle with your feet strapped to the pedals. To get going, I needed a forward lean; then I lifted—not jammed on—each pedal to move.

After finishing his first ultra, he met Zhu Xilin, a Tai Chi Master in Boulder, Colorado, where Dreyer lived, and was intrigued by the powerful, effortless way Zhu moved his body. Dreyer worked with Zhu to apply Tai Chi to his running.

After teaching lessons in the Bay Area for a few years, Dreyer and his wife wrote ChiRunning, which was released in Since then it has reportedly sold , copies and spawned a family of other guides, including ChiWalking, Chi Marathon, DVDs, and online training plans.

Testimonials on the Web site represent a large percentage of Chi Running's core consumers: injured runners and triathletes.

Luke collaborated with two researchers who completed a week study of relatively unfit, beginning runners. One group ran on their own; another ran with a coach without running-form instruction; and a third worked with a Chi Running coach. Luke reports. In Dreyer's own survey of over 2, people who have tried Chi Running, he found that most are between ages 40 and 60, and more than half of them were dealing with injury most had knee issues.

Easy running may be the ultimate goal, but getting there isn't necessarily easy, especially for impatient runners. Dreyer is a big fan of the phrase "gradual progress.

If it's under K, Dreyer's next question is, "In what year do you want to safely run a marathon? I couldn't see drastic physical changes. But inwardly, there was a revolution going on.

Throughout the day, after each form drill, we circled the parking lot. The difference was apparent: My steps were effortless; I felt 50 pounds lighter; my legs seemed relaxed and springy.

I drove back home excited, if overwhelmed.

On my passenger seat lay a handout titled "Now what was I supposed to remember? It would be my companion guide as I undertook a week Chi Running K beginner program. The "workout" for day one, a Monday—Rest. Get a good night's sleep—reinforced the idea that I would have to adjust my idea of training. I found a slice of transcendent Chi for probably about 20 percent of my first run, and that's being generous.

I felt self-conscious of my metronome's constant beeping. When I saw other runners approaching, I turned it off so they wouldn't brand me as a total geek or worry that a bomb was about to explode.

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

A runner from my clinic, Jill Burchmore, was also frustrated initially. But she kept working at it, and eventually embraced the method as a lifelong practice not a quick injury fix or a means to a PR. This is a task that most children could carry out with relative ease. But what would happen to this person?

Chi Runners Poised for Softer Landings

But think about this a step further -- where would he be injured? His wrists would break down, or his forearms would stress fracture, or his elbow would get displaced so that the cartilage degraded. And of course, this is exactly what we see in recreational runners.

So, you know, I very much appreciate what Chi Running is trying to do. Dreyer would have us all running with low impact, high turnover, an aligned spine, and a properly balanced midfoot strike. Which is great!

These things will all improve running efficiency, and minimize injuries. But the simple truth is that this type of running would feel perfectly natural if you had never worn shoes. All you need to do is glance at an unshod child tearing pell-mell about a playground.

Perfect ChiRunning form.


I am doing my very best to learn ChiRunning, I am. But this shit is hard, it is. So I had to subtract that one star. Because 5 star books change me.

I think someone with his biomechanical insight could have made the connection between running posture and the pathological foot-spine alignment engendered by running shoes, and he really could have taken the problem head on.

That would have been nice. Maybe in the next edition? Richards, Craig et al. J of Sports Medicine, Mar; 43 3 Richards, Craig.

Accessed Aug 3.

Divert et al. Mechanical Comparison of Barefoot and Shod Running. International Journal of Sports Medicine, ; — 4. RAO, U.

In: Segesser B. The shoe in sport. Chicago: Year Book Medical Publishers, But think about this a step further -- where would he be injured? These books have introduced the world to the concept of approaching running, walking, and sports in general as mindful practices. I realized how much I missed it.

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

All of that is bringing the awareness in as well. So I always go back to my practice of Tai Chi. You can turn it into a meditative state.

At one point, I visualized an image Lindahl referenced: riding a unicycle with your feet strapped to the pedals.

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