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He was the son of Udara. He was a prince of Majapahit and a highly respected general of the Majapahit army. The territory of Majapahit one by one fell to Blambangan. He does not have time for job seeker like you. Every body hated them but nobody dare to express their feeling.

But if you need a job. But he was very disappointed when his father appointed his sister instead. Soon he had a good relationship with the prime minister and his family. They wanted Damar to do whatever they want. So the queen and the prime minister met everyday to discuss the worsening situation.

Under his leadership the Blambangan army could win several battles with Majapahit army. I am the son of the former prime minister Udara. When his father passed away he was sure that he would become the successor. At the time the morale of the Majapahit army was already down. His sons were very arrogant and lazy. Since his father had retired his family live in a quiet and prosperous village outside the capital.

He was a half brother of the Queen Kecono Wungu. The guards sarcastically questioned him when he told them he would see the prime minister. Damar was a smart boy so he could easily learned the lessons his father taught him. He thought that he was more capable than Kencono Wungu so he rebelled. When his father thought that he is mature enough. They treated Damar more and more cruelly. Prime Minister Logender was his name.

Damar did a good job so his superior was satisfied with him. I am very glad to receive this order. Today you have to prepare everything and tomorrow you must leave for Blambangan secretly.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Logender had implemented his own plan. But if Damar was killed then they had nothing to do. His name is Menak Jinggo. Since now on we have to launch a new tactics of secret operation.

Logender was angry but also satisfied since he found a way to get rid of both problems — his home and his country. Now there is a rebellion in Majapahit. Suddenly an idea struck his sharp mind when he was meditating at midnight. I am very proud of you. The king of Blambangan has done a crime. He prepared a small army unit under the leadership of his two sons.

He was a very respectable person while his daughter dated with a poor boy. When you can kill Menak Jinggo behead him and bring his head here. He thought very hard to find a solution.

Not even Anjasmoro. He applied for a job instead. Send him as soon as possible to Blambangan. They went behind Damar in a distant so that Damar did not notice them. He is very capable at individual fight. Waito and Puyengan were the wives of King Menak Jinggo. The Majapahit army kept on spying on him.

They will back you and provide all your needs. So we have to avoid open warfare. Both of them fought emotionally since they hated Damar very much. So he is ready for this duty. His father had trained him Pencak Silat. He could not accept it. They went secretly so no one knew it. But Damar was smart. I think you are right. His skill in martial art is excellent. The Blambangan army is very good at a frontal open warfare like that.

Prime Minister Logender was shocked when his wife reported to him about the affair of Anjasmoro and Damar Wulan. Do not tell any one about this duty. For a highly respected person like him. Once again he was accepted to work in the palace to take care of the horses. Early in the morning he went to the palace and asked the queen for an audience. They were surprised to see Damar did not directly attack the palace. Find him in his palace and Blambangan and kill him. Every report they received about the war was only about the defeat of the Majapahit army.

Are you ready? Damar said he had mastered some fighting skill. This fact made him very angry. He asked him about his martial art skill. In just several minutes he could beat both of them without difficulty. Everybody including the king Menak Jinggo liked him because he was very polite and he did his job well.

Their task was not to protect Damar but to kill him and seize the head of Menak Jinggo if he could kill Menak Jinggo. Then he explained his plan. Several days later Damar Wulan arrived in Blambangan. As a result. It was a serious humiliation. Consequently Damar could beat his enemy and Menak Jinggo was beheaded. The sudden attack did not give him much chance to survive. He did not kill Damar instantly. Let him alive. Menak Jinggo did not realize their conspiracy.

Then they gave it to Damar Wulan. One night he secretly jumped the palace wall to kill the king. As everybody trusted him. But unfortunately the king was ready to welcome him. It is just a small amulet. But Menak Jinggo was a smart person. A small army unit was there to arrest him. Its shape is like a stick. He wanted to gather information from him. They used that opportunity to steal the amulet.

Could you help me find his amulet? He was no match for Menak Jinggo. But Damar was also a smart person. So he ordered his guards. When the night was very quiet they opened the door for Damar Wulan. Damar Wulan immediately left Blambangan palace that night while promising Waito and Puyengan to be back after he received the rewa. He dated Waito and Puyengan and he asked them the way to kill Menak Jinggo. We have to stop him. He even let Waito and Puyengan to see Damar. By doing so he hoped that Damar would give him valuable information.

He is a tough guy and he is protected by god. There was a fight but it was too late for Menak Jinggo. Since the two women loved Damar they revealed a secret. He knew where Menak Jinggo lived.

Raden Putra was shock and angry to hear the explanation. Every morning. He decided to go to the palace to meet the king. The two roosters fought bravely. Your Majesty.

Raden Putra was about to asked. He had a beautiful queen and concubine. Raden Putra challenged Cindelaras with one condition. One day. On his way. But in just a few minutes. The egg hatched into a chick and then it slowly became a strong rooster. On his way back to the palace.

She is sick because the queen put poison in her meal. Unlike the queen. Who is he exactly? His house is in the woods. Of course the queen denied. The queen then told him the whole story. He won again and again.

Several months later. She was envious and jealous with the queen. After the general left. Raden Putra was the king of Jenggala kingdom.

Gunung Kachi-kachi

Raden Putra shook his head and stared at Cindelaras from his seat. They challenge him to see how strong his rooster was. The rooster could sing.

Cindelaras accepted the condition. Raden Putra called the royal healer to give the concubine treatments. The baby was named Cindelaras.

She also told him why they were banned from the kingdom and lived in the woods. He felt both thrilled and happy to see Raden Putra. The concubine then asked the royal healer to help her in her plan. He grew up as a nice. He called the queen and asked her if the story was true. The competition was held in the front yard of the palace. The queen was banished to the woods.

Raden Putra would share half of his wealth. My Majesty. In a few minutes. Cindelaras accepted the challenge. He was challenged again by other man. He did not know that the queen was already pregnant.

He also brought his rooster that grew bigger and stronger each day. The queen should be banished to the woods and terminated. Raden Putra commanded one of his general to do the punishment. Cindelaras brought the egg to be brooded by a chicken behind their house.

He built a simple house in the woods for her. The rooster is no ordinary rooster. Cindelaras stopped at a village. Cindelaras was very surprised. He immediately went to the woods to pick up the queen. Raden putra called the general who had banished the queen. Raden Putra was so shocked. The general then confessed that he never killed the queen.

My name is Cindelaras and my mother was the queen. Ever since. Cindelaras and his parents lived happily together. As for the concubine. He knew his father was angry with him because he was a spoiled boy.

While he was sitting under a big tree. He was so tired. Rohib kept the Mentiko Betuah carefully. The dog followed the smell of the goldsmith. Finally he ran out of money. After waiting for a moment.

This is Mentiko Betuah. He realized his mistake. The king and the queen had a son. He then went to a goldsmith and asked him to make the magical stone as a ring. The prince was very happy. After that they all went back to the palace. He was also scared of going home. He asked the Mentiko Betuah to give him a lot of money. I want to give you a gift. However they could not enter his house because it was locked.

This magical stone can give you anything you want. After he left the palace. A long time ago. Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. He then promised himself that he could become a great merchant. He said he could not find the magical stone. Luckily Rohib had made friends to the animals. Later on his journey.

He was so worried. He wanted to give the prince a lesson. I will not eat you. But the goldsmith stole the Mentiko Betuah. The prince was then sent to study in a school. I heard you helped many animals from being tortured. But because the prince was used to be spoiled. Use the money only for trading. He then ordered the prince to leave the palace and became a merchant. He asked a cat. He also gave them some money. After that. He was so scared. Don't come back until you are rich!

Only the mouse was small enough to enter through a small hole in the door. The King was so angry. He knew that his father would be very angry at him. He kept on giving some money to people who tortured animals.

The King told him to study seriously. The cat and the dog did not know that the. Prince Rohib was sad. They loved the prince very much and they always gave him anything he wanted. While he was walking. He knew he could not become a merchant without any money in his pocket. Then he went home and told his father that the money was from his business as a merchant. Prince Rohib. Rohib saw some men were torturing a snake. Before he passed away. The older one is named Muzakir and the younger one is named Dermawan.

He put his entire share inside the cash-box and locked it. After a while. He was hiding it in his mouth. Dermawan was a caring and kind person. They knew that the mouse had tricked them. Dermawan then moved to a smaller house. The two brothers were so different in their attitudes.

His salary was not much. The following day. His elder brother laughed when he heard the news about Dermawan. It held a seed with its beak. He was not greedy and always tried to help those in needs.

He did it so that both of his sons will not envious at each other. When Dermawan saw those peoples coming. The sparrow twittered in pain. Few days later. He also worked as a foreman. But Dermawan was happy with his simple life. Muzakir would summon his servants to chase them away. On the contradictory. Muzakir then bought a big cash-box. Rohib was so happy and said that the mouse was the hero. He always thought that Dermawan was a fool to share his money with other people.

He himself has just bought a large new house. The cat and the dog were jealous and angry. According to the local people. After some time. The mouse then gave the Mentiko Betuah to the prince. It was almost every day a poor came for his help that f inally he ran out of money. Muzakir had a very mean and greedy character. He had two sons.

Harvesting time finally came and he decided to take the watermelon. As the harvesting time approached. A week passed. Created By Asmawati Taken From: It smelled very bad. He cut the watermelon himself and was very shocked when black mud mixed with dirt flushed out to his face.

Muzakir asked his servants to take the fruit into his house. Days passed and the bird was completely healed and let to fly. Dermawan took good care of the tree. The next day. Muzakir immediately commanded his servants to find a bird with broken wings as he heard the story from his brother. It was an ordinary seed. Dermawan was shocked. Muzakir planted the seed at the back yard of his house and it grew to a fine watermelon tree after several days.

Muzakir then pretended to pity the bird and took care of it. Then he realized that the strange yellow sand was actually a pile of pure golden sand. It was a watermelon tree.

Day by day. All the people on the street laughed at him for what they saw. He saw the sparrow on a tree. He then planted the seed in the back yard of his house.

Of course. He had so much money. He went to Dermawan house. He was very happy. Dermawan would not run out of money. He thought the tree would bear many fruits since it was so blossomy. All of the poor came to his house and were welcomed for meals. Three days later. Inside the watermelon is some kind of yellow sand. It also bore only one fruit. Dermawan then bought a big house with a very big garden the next day. He took a knife and started to cut the watermelon. He heard bird twittered and he looked outside.

Pak Lebai was invited to a party by his neighbor. Pak Lebai was upset and blaming himself for being so inconsistent. Pak Lebai immediately paddled his sampan to the east side again. On the way there. Those two party invitations made him confused. I can have two heads of buffalo. He also could get a buffalo's head from the party. If I go to the east side. He was an inconsistent man. Pak lebai was happy. On the following day. He did not realize that his sampan was drifting away at the river.

Still on the same day. He was confused. The two parties were held at the same time. He loved party because he could eat delicious food. One neighbor lived on the east side and the other one lived in the west side. There are not many buffalo's heads. Pak Lebai Malang Pak Lebai was an old man living in a village by the river.

Pak Lebai paddled his sampan to the party at the west side of the river. When he woke up. But he also missed the party. He then fell asleep in his sampan. The two neighbors who invited him lived in different sides of the river. But the host at the west side is friendlier. He always changed his mind before he did something. Pak Lebai had a bad habit.

But then he changed his mind and went to the east side. He was so hungry and tired because he was padding back and forth in the river.

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Pak Lebai turned back his sampan again and went to the west side. The sampan started to drown. He swam as fast as possible to the river side. The wave almost swallowed the poor man. After the husband arrived in the river. The wife was helpless.

Suddenly a rope appeared from the river. The poor man became greedy. He then slowly pulled the rope and at the end of the rope he saw a golden chain! The chain was sparkling and glowing. You can cut and take it. He was so panicked.

He wanted to do the old man's advice as said in his dream last night. She was so surprised to see her husband was busy preparing the sampan. Take the rope slowly. In the next day. While he was busy pulling out the golden chain. It was so full that finally the sampan could not hold the weight any more. He kept pulling the chain.

It talked. He wanted to take the golden chain as long as possible. He knew his wife would think he was crazy by following up a dream. The husband then woke up from his dream. He just slept and slept everyday. It was made from pure gold. One night the husband had a dream. The wife was very diligent. Take only a short golden chain. The golden chain was sinking and went to the bottom of the river creating a big wave in the river.

He did not want to help his wife to earn a living. See you later! He then looked around the water surface very carefully.

In his dream. He forgot the old man's advice to take only short chain because it was enough for him. Slow but sure. Created By Arfah Taken From: He told the husband to take his sampan and went to river. They were very poor. They gave what ever she wanted. They sent many presents to the palace to express their happiness.

This necklace is a gift from people in this country. The kingdom was ruled by a king called Prabu. All people in the kingdom felt very happy. Some times he would take them to give to his people who needed it. People gathered in the palace field. That was why Prabu decided to go to the jungle. Prabu got up from his chair and took a small pillow.

They waved to their beloved people. The baby grew as a beautiful teenager then. His dream finally came true. A beautiful necklace was on the pillow. A few months later. Prabu only took a few gold and jewels.

But then he realized that it was a lesson for him to work hard if he wanted to earn money. They presented it for you to express their happiness. But it was already too late. It made the couple very sad. Even though the princess behaved badly. Time passed and the princess grew more beautiful. The princess accepted the necklace. Everybody in the kingdom loved their king. He wanted to create the most beautiful necklace for the princess. In a few days. Then he brought them to a goldsmith.

Prabu and his queen loved their daughter so much. Then Prabu and the queen appeared. The goldsmith worked with all his heart and his ability. She even said bad things often. He blamed himself for being a greedy man.

Then Prabu stored them in a special room. When he arrived on the river side. He was a kind and wise king. She looked at the necklace in a glance. It made the princess grew into a spoiled girl. Everyday he begged for a child. They love you so much. Prabu collected the presents. Everybody admired her beauty. They bring gold and beautiful jewelries. Cheers were loud and louder when the princess appeared.

Nine months later a baby girl was born. Prabu took that necklace. The birthday came. There is only a small lake now. Every woman felt sad and began crying too. The King was very sad. These colors come from the reflections of forest. The King did not agree. The king decided to marry Dewi Mutiara. She jumped into the water and swam.

Then everybody was crying. They never thought that their beloved princess would do such a cruel thing. She walked for almost seven days and seven nights. On a bright day. The ocean water cured her illness. The necklace hit the floor and was broken. She also had a power to command the whole South Ocean. Nowadays the water on that lake is not as full as before.

It smelled bad. Soon the place became a big lake. The ocean was so clean and clear. It means the goddess of the sun. He had a son from her. In their silence. The gold and jewels were spread out on the floor. The beautiful princess cried. Because of her beauty. Dewi Mutiara wanted hor son to became a king in the future.

She did not have any bad feelings about her stepmother. She became more beautiful than before. She asked the King to send his daughter away. People called the lake Telaga Warna it means lake of colour. Her father was King Munding Wangi. The King did not want her daughter to be a rumour.

Although he had a beautiful daughter. Dewi Mutiara called a black wizard tor curse Kadita. The poor princess did not know where to go. It quickly became a pool. No body dared to speak. No one could cure the illness of his daughter. The palace was getting flooded.

His body was getting bigger and bigger. They had no other choice but to ask the villagers to help them provide the food. They said that Majapahit. Kebo Iwa was more powerful than they were. The Maha Patih of Majapahit then planned something. They were pretending to invite Kebo Iwa to Majapahit to help them dig some wells.

And by the time he was a teenager.


The baby was extraordinary. And they also knew that they could not conquer Bali with Kebo Iwa there. God finally answered their pray. Created By Dzulkifli Taken From: Day after day he ate more and more. They have been married for a long time but did not have any children. The villagers then worked together to cook and build a big house for Kebo Iwa. The wife got pregnant and they had a baby boy. The villagers just prepared the raw materials. He was very much different from other babies.

Kebo Iwa agreed and as an expression of his gratitude to the villagers. They prayed to God to give them a child. They then asked Kebo Iwa to cook his own food. They were very happy. It was easy task for him since he also had incredible strength. He ate and drank a lot. They finally went bankrupt. They knew about Kebo Iwa. Because of his eating habit. They prayed and prayed. After a few months. He was like a giant. The statue looked like a real human.

After the death of Kebo Iwa. The statue changed into a very beautiful girl. He then put beautiful clothes and jewelries on the statue. Kebo Iwa had difficulty in breathing and buried alive. They named her Nai Manggale. I am the one who made her live like a human. He died inside the well. I want to make her as our daughter. When Kebo Iwa was busy digging a well.

He worked all day in his workshop to carve the wood into a statue of a beautiful woman.

They were also impressed by the beauty of the statue. Among them were Datu Panggana and Bao Partigatiga. Nai Manggale honestly told the villagers that she was actually a statue which became a living woman by the grace of God. Kebo Iwa did not know the plan. Datu Partoar and his wife then took the girl home.

His name was Bao Partigatiga. Datu Panggana went after Datu Partoar to claim his own creation and Bao Partigatiga also claimed his right for the living statue.

Bali was conquered by Majapahit. He was very impressed by the beauty of the statue. When he got an order. Aji Saka passed through a very dark forest where he met an evil genie. The two of them then fight for seven days and seven nights.

The old man was wounded. Bao Partigatiga. It was because the king liked to eat human flesh. Aji Saka then carried the old man to his hut. Far away from the kingdom of Medang Kamulan. With his magical white turban on his head. Datu Panggana. And Datu Partoar. On his journey to Medang Kamulan. The genie blocked his path. Those three men were arguing. Some thieves just hit him and stole his money. He loved to help people who needed help. The genie finally allowed Aji Saka to pass through the forest.

The people in the kingdom were very scared by the king. Mereka biasanya mencari orang-orang yang tidak puas dengan kehidupan mereka, seperti wanita yang sudah menikah dan sedang menunggu suami nelayan mereka.

Jika seorang wanita ingin melakukan kontak dengan selkie laki-laki, dia harus menjatuhkan tujuh air mata ke laut. Jika seorang pria mencuri kulit selkie perempuan dia berada dalam kekuasaannya dan dipaksa untuk menjadi istrinya. Selkie perempuan adalah istri yang baik, tapi karena rumah mereka yang sebenarnya adalah laut , mereka akan sering terlihat menatap penuh kerinduan di lautan. Jika dia menemukan kulitnya dia akan segera kembali ke rumah yang sebenarnya, dan kadang ke suami selkienya, di laut.

Kadang-kadang, gadis selkie diambil sebagai istri oleh seorang manusia dan memiliki beberapa anak-anak dengannya. Dalam cerita ini, salah satu dari anak-anaknya menemukan kulit anjing lautnya sering tanpa disadari maknanya dan dia pun segera kembali ke laut. Selkie wanita biasanya menghindari melihat suami manusianya lagi tapi kadang-kadang ditampilkan mengunjungi anak-anak dan bermain dengan mereka dalam gelombang.

Cerita tentang selkies umumnya beraliran romantis disertai dengan tragedi. Kadang-kadang manusia tidak akan tahu bahwa kekasih mereka adalah selkie, dan menyadari ketika mereka kembali berubah kedalam bentuk anjing laut.

Kisah yang lain menceritakan manusia akan menyembunyikan kulit selkie, sehingga mencegah selkie kembali kedalam bentuk anjing laut. Selkie hanya dapat membuat kontak dengan satu manusia untuk waktu singkat sebelum selkie harus kembali ke laut.

Selkie tidak mampu untuk membuat kontak dengan manusia lagi selama tujuh tahun, kecuali manusia mencuri kulitnya dan menyembunyikan atau membakarnya. Seorang petani muda dari kota Mikladalur di pulai Kalsoy pergi ke pantai untuk menonton tarian selkie.

Dia menyembunyikan kulit selkie yang indah, jadi dia tidak bisa kembali ke laut, dan memaksanya untuk menikah dengannya. Dia menyimpan terus kulit itu di peti, dan menjaga kuncinya dengan baik siang dan malam. Suatu hari ketika keluar memancing, ia lupa membawa kuncinya.

Kumpulan Cerita Rakyat Indonesia

Ketika ia kembali ke rumah, istriya telah melarikan diri dan kembali ke laut, meninggalkan anak-anak mereka. Kemudian, ketika petani sedang berburu, dia membunuh suami dan anak yang asli dari istri selkienya, selkie yang dulu menjadi istrinya murka dan berjanji untuk membalas dendam pada orang-orang dari Mikladalur.He called the queen and asked her if the story was true. He once again asked for forgiveness for all of his mistakes. The king and the queen had a son.

They were surprised to see Damar did not directly attack the palace. He had two sons. Manik Angkeran still liked to gamble and he still owed some people a lot of money.

The villagers then worked together to cook and build a big house for Kebo Iwa. How pity on him, he saw the content of the traps just only head and the bones of fish left. I will live in the sea.

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