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It is in fact said that a celibate aspirant should ever be humble and meek before god, asking him for guid ance and the power to win over the senses and be constantly aware of the fact th at he is still a student in controlling his passions and not yet a master.

If an aspirant lets some sensory stimuli to enter his domain, he soon finds himsel f being overpowered by more and more sense stimuli, which grow like hay on fire an d finally devour him! So the trick is to nip them at the bud.

It s good that you have been without slips since the past 4 months. This is in fac t an indication that you are destined for more if you strive rightly. The first 3 -4 months of celibacy make a person experience a drastic change in his state o f mind and attitude. This is because man slightly touches upon that beautiful stat e of soul serenity which he never knew all through his adult life.

But a word of caution is necessary here: As you progress further this initial euphoria or high will settle down and stabilize, and then the celibate should very clearly rememb er to be eternally vigilant and alert against any form of sexual stimulus, else he will be tempted to stray and loose his ground.

The desire to stare at a beautiful lady is a clear indication of latent lust. Th ere are people who argue that they are looking at beauty and not at sexuality. Would they stare at the same lady if she were old or say dead?

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Where did the beauty g o then? True beauty is permanent and imperishable, it cannot age, and it cannot perish. This thing which we call beauty in a man or a woman is the physical beauty of the body, an illusion.

Look at this beautiful lady after she s down with disea se for a few days all grungy, haggard and unkempt and see if you feel the same a ttraction.

This attraction which you refer to will have vanished Because th e beauty you were referring to and looking at was the illusive, temporary and semi -permanent physical beauty and not the true soul or god beauty. This is exactly wher e celibacy comes; it makes man get in touch with the real beauty of the soul or go d. John, have you ever wondered why a young virile man or a pretty girl in her teen s look so attractive? What is it in them which disappears once the man grows old o r this pretty girl bears a few kids?

The secret of reality and creation lies in th is answer.

It is God who shines through these people at youth in the form of their sexuality and makes them look beautiful in order to facilitate them to attract a mate, marry and produce offspring.

Once this purpose is achieved this pretty girl starts losing the physical charm and oomph which she previously had.

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In reality th e physical body made of flesh and bones was never beautiful. The God power shining through it with the above said purpose held it high and together to give it fi rmness, fullness and an aura of beauty!

If the same pretty girl were to die, say at youth her dead body would no longer look beautiful Why? Because the beauty or God oul which resided in her body has vacated its residence!! Coming to your other question, a true and a great artist when he paints a beauti ful lady, would at that instant knowingly or unknowingly be into painting this i mperishable, all pervading God beauty in the soul of the object, shining through t he body.

We can clearly see this difference between the works of an ordinary art ist who merely paints the body and that of classics like Renoirs or Rembrandts. So a gain, all superlative results, be it in any field of life are results of man s con nection with the Divine and not the flesh.

A Renoir of even a very old man looks Fant abulous! In these times all men have to guard against the feeling of envy of the alpha male s or "players" who are successful in having sex with many women.

So does this no t mean that the intellectual approach has to examine the false values at the roo t of the anger? And do we not also have to guard against the easy rationalizatio n that the corrupt culture that identifies manhood with sexing is too powerful t o resist?

Hello Bruce, Trust you are doing fine. Coming to the topic on hand, A 'Brahmachari' is a man whose chief aim is to ascend the ladder of eternal blis s and divinity by unveiling the layers of ignorance which have wrapped themselve s around the soul and blocked its limitless light, energy, bliss, power and divi nity.

They know nothing of the outer world beyond the room's walls and look up to t he torch lights they have in their hands as a source of heat and light. Many a t ime they look at this light and marvel at it. Sometimes they swish their hands i n the small volume of polluted air within this chamber and exclaim how large the room is and how much space they have, for that is all they have ever known sinc e birth.

They erroneously assume the light emanating from the battery powered to rches to be the best source of heat, light and brightness in their existence for they know not of anything more than darkness and delusion. And one fine day, th ese torches will run out of power due to constant use the sensual man finally l oses all, wasting his vitality and one by one each sinks deeper into darkness, disease and illness and finally dies a miserable death never knowing the freshne ss of breeze blowing across a meadow, the beauty, splendor, grandeur, warmth and magnificence of the splendid light giver the Sun soul whose batteries are ine xhaustible and whose effulgence can never be compared with anything else.

The celibate who is also in this room is however on a scientific mission to brea k out of this room within which he finds himself imprisoned. He has been informe d about the warm, bright rays of an entity called the 'Sun' the soul which no heating seating system can ever match, which no log fire can ever compete with.

He still doesn't have first hand experience of how exactly this 'Sun' appears or the warmth and heat he gives out.

Celibacy_Abstinence_ Brahmacharya After 32-33, Any Example of Full Success_, Brahmacharya, Sex

He doesn't yet know the expanse, virtual infi nity, space and fresh air in the so called 'outside' world that he has been told about. He knows not what it is to see the Sun in all splendor lighting the enti re world and making life possible on this planet Earth by being the source of al l heat, light, energy and growth. Lord Buddha took up his quest for self realization while nearing his 30th year.

Swami Sivananda was himself in his early thirties when he took to Sanyas for enlightenment. There are innumerable examples of people having taken up Brahmacharya in their early thirties and having attained to the final goal. The period of is a general pointer for the same.

Hence those wishing for liberation should try for marriage as soon as they start earning through a job and get done with fathering a child, following which the path becomes clear to practice unbroken Brahmacharya. The earlier this is got done with, the better.


When ones devotion to the Lord is genuine with complete surrender and honesty, it leads to unbroken Brahmacharya with deep God mediotation. Self-realization comes not merely by ones efforts but by the grace of God, for HE is the doer and not us. Our right is to the effort alone and never to the fruits.

That, the Lord delivers, based on ones efforts, past karma and HIS own divine Experience The term 'Yoga' is a derivative of the Samskruth verb 'Yuj' which refers to union. The eight limbs viz.

Brahmacharya or spiritually based continence is one of the important components of 'Yama'. When ones efforts are sincere, when there is much weight of positive Samskara-s from previous births towards the attainment of liberation meaning the Jiva has striven much in this direction previously , the Lords grace shines in plenty and marriage does not become an impediment to unbroken practice.

Even an unwilling wife, eventually becomes willing and helpful. Then, favorable conditions come without doubt in this very birth or in next successive births. I donot perform any actions for myself but only as a token of service to HIM. Let it take as long as necessary, I will not worry about time.

The ever just and merciful Lord never fails HIS sincere devotees and always awards them with liberation at the right moment. The troublesome phase remains till one becomes a complete Urdhvareta. After the Yogi reaches this rank, he becomes relatively immune to the vulnerability experienced as a beginner.

However, other dangers then blossom as he acquires siddhi-s, name, fame, wealth etc.. While the earlier troubles disappear, these offerings of Mya then test HIM in more subtle ways.There are innumerable examples of people having taken up Brahmacharya in their early thirties and having attained to the final goal. Well, I who out of fear of hell had condemned myself to this prison, companion of scorpions and wild beasts, often seemed in imagination among a band of girls.

Sex is one of the prominent, most important and absolutely essential aspects of human, animal as well as plant life. He became a prey to lust. Sometimes they swish their hands i n the small volume of polluted air within this chamber and exclaim how large the room is and how much space they have, for that is all they have ever known sinc e birth.

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