25 Important Model IBPS Banking Awareness Questions - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text In IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB exams, there is one section named as ' General Free Download June Curr Affairs PDF IBPS RRB CWE Online. A2Z Banking Awareness Capsule especially for IBPS RRB/Clerk/PO of Corporate Affairs under the ______ – Companies Act IBPS PO V and Clerks V Banking Awareness Study Materials. could you please update the ibps po paper. Delete. Replies. Reply. Reply . please provide all these notes in pdf format so that we can download. Reply.

Banking Awareness For Ibps Clerk 2013 Pdf

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IBPS Clerk Old Paper for Prelims, Mains Pdf Download. Last 10 Year IBPS IBPS Clerk QUESTION PAPER 1 . IBPS Clerk Study Material PDF | Quant | Reasoning | English | General Awareness | Computer Download Now, Click Here. 5 days ago Updated Banking Awareness study material for IBPS, SBI and RBI exams. Download free Study Material and Question banks from previous. Banking Awareness Study Material for Bank Exams. Banking Awareness Questions and Answers for IBPS, RBI, SBI Exams.

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme offers an easy and inexpensive platform to bank customers for lodging their complaints against certain services offered by the Banks. The Ombudsman sees to it at the complaints of the customers are resolved in a timely manner. PS: For more information on Banking Ombudsman, visit here What is a Derivative? A derivative is a financial contract that derives its value from another financial product.

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This underlying product may be a stock, foreign currency, a commodity, etc. Forwards Market is a nice example of derivative trade. What is Inflation?

This rise in prices means the demand for these goods and services exceeds their supply. PS: For more information on Inflation, visit here What is Deflation?

Deflation is the decrease in prices of goods and services. PS: Cross Question: Why is deflation bad when there is a decrease in prices?

Banking Awareness Notes PDF

PS: For more information on Deflation, visit here What is FII? FII Foreign Institutional Investor used to denote an investor that proposes to make an investment in Indian securities. Institutional Investors includes pension funds, mutual funds, Insurance Companies, Banks, etc. What is FDI? Whereas lesser investment will be treated as FPI.

What is IPO?

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This is the first offering of shares to the general public by a company who wishes to enlist itself on the stock exchange. What is GDP? The Gross Domestic Product or GDP is a measure of all of the services and goods produced in a country over a specific period usually one year.

What is GNP? Gross National Product is measured as GDP plus income of residents from investments made abroad minus income earned by foreigners in domestic market. What is Revenue deficit? Where the net amount received by the govt. What is Fiscal Deficit?

What is Disinvestment? What is National Income? National Income is the money value of all goods and services produced in a country during the year.

What is Recession? What causes Sub-prime crisis? The Sub-prime crisis occurs when the too many loans are given to customers with low credit rating. What is Dematerialization? What is a DeMat Account? DeMat is just a dematerialized account. One can open a DeMat account if one wants to download or sell stocks.

In order to open a DeMat account, one needs to approach the Depository Participants. All such things are taken care of by the DPs.

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What is RuPay Card? The initial focus of NPCI is to approach banks that do not issue cards.

What is Private Banking? Banking services offered to high net-worth individuals is called Private Banking. Financial Institutions offering Private Banking earns commission by providing quality assistance to their high net-worth customers in investing their money. By Private, we mean that the services are provided and tailored on a more personal basis. On August 10, , RBI mandated that any individual, including poor or those from weaker section of the society, can open zero balance account in any bank.

PS: These guidelines are applicable to all scheduled commercial banks, including foreign banks having branches in India. What is SEBI?

Set up in through an act of parliament, it was incorporated initially as a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Development Bank of India. This code is used particularly in International transfer of money between banks. In SWIFT code, first 4 characters are bank code, next 2 characters are country code, next two characters are location code. The next 3 digits are optional and indicate the branch code.

What is the difference between Nationalized bank and Private Bank? This was carried out in two phases. One in when 14 banks were nationalized. What are the intangible assets?

What do you mean by Current Ratio? Who fixed Service charges on Foreign Letter of Credit? Any check of bankers is valid for from the date of issuing a b c d 3 months 6 months 12 months 24 months Join this site w ith Google Friend Connect Members 24 b 6 months What do you mean by Remittance?

G.K. Power Capsule for IBPS Clerk Mains

Already a member? People often lose marks in this section because they may have some basic idea on other sections like Aptitude, Reasoning, English, Computers and Current Affairs because you might have prepared them for other competitive exams too. But the Banking Awareness section is completely new for them who are writing this exam for the first time.

So people often feel tensed about this section. Trust us friends, no need to be tensed. With a little effort and hard work you easily can clear this section with good marks. After all, we are with you.

All that you have to do is just to learn the basic concepts and functionalities of Indian Banking Industry and to prepare important events occurred in Indian Economy from January to one month before our Exam Date. We will try our best to provide you with all the required material of Banking Awareness with some practice exercises.He is the CEO of which organization?

What is the difference between Nationalized bank and Private Bank? What is the Banking Ombudsman Scheme? Presentation in a very interesting way. What is SLR Rate? Bela Ulicsak.

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