eBook (Sample Chapters). Atomic Scala We give you a foundation in programming and in Scala but we don't overwhelm you with the full extent of the. download an eBook or print version of this book at Check for other support products or events. About Us. Bruce Eckel is the. This is the the 2nd edition, released March 27, , in PDF, epub and mobi ( site) formats. The PDF file has a bookmarked table of contents.

Atomic Scala Ebook

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If you bought the first edition eBook, you automatically get an update to the second I cannot thank you enough for your book, Atomic Scala. Atomic Scala, 2nd Edition. eBook Details: Paperback: pages; Publisher: MindView LLC; 2nd edition (March ); Language: English. atom. No chapter numbers to make them easy to shift around. Book can be an intro for a dedicated learner. Designed as an ebook first, print book later.

You can sample the first pages and make sure it works on your reading device here. So far, this scheme hasn't worked out, and eBook technology holds true. There are definitely some good tools out there. On top of that, in order to produce a site book that properly supports embedded fonts on e-ink devices, I had to hijack the output of Calibre, process it a little and then run it through site's sitegen tool.

Figuring that out required a lot of wandering around bumping into walls. For this I have become pretty darn good at using the Python BeautifulSoup library, an amazing tool that allows you to automate just about any manipulation on HTML that you can imagine. Extremely powerful, but of course there's a learning curve.

This is my third time around the block with eBook generation, and finally I've gotten it all sorted out -- you can see this in the free sample which includes both ePub and site formats. Oh, and then there's the eBook readers themselves. Every device has its own idiosyncrasies, so you need to have access to as many of them as possible for adequate testing.

I ended up with an oldish Android tablet, a site keyboard, a Nook, and an iPad boy, do things look nice in iBooks! I have a friend with a site Fire, and another with a Kobo.

Despite all that testing I will still be unsurprised if someone tells me that the format won't work on their device.

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Fortunately I've included HTML and PDF as backups so I think the bases are covered; also the free download includes the eBook formats so people will be able to decide ahead of time whether the eBook will work for them. One saving grace: the payment and distribution system I'm using, Gumroad.

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Atomic Scala: A Book Gets Written

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Atomic Scala, 2nd Edition

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Secured by Gumroad. JavaScript is required to download this product. Enable JavaScript in your browser settings and refresh this page to continue.Two reasons: it's about Scala : and it was written by Bruce Eckel.

Digg del. It was very much like some point-and-click adventure game where you wander around, then periodically encounter a random puzzle that you have to struggle with but ultimately doesn't have much meaning. Although I was initially hesitant to reconfigure the course for modern HTML5 browsers, upon reviewing the material I realized that most of it is still relevant for today's new Java programmers, so the course continues to have significant value.

The seminar will be exciting for me in another way.

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