A / AMa Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet, Carbon, Structural, and 31, $ Standard + Redline PDF Bundle ASTM License Agreement. ASTM A A M – 03 pdf free download. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense. click below. Designation: A/AM – Steel, Sheet, Carbon, Structural, and High-Strength, Low- steel sheet in coils and cut lengths.

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ASTM AAM Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet, Carbon, Hot- Rolled and Cold-Rolled, General Requirements For - Download as PDF File. Descripción: ASTM AAM DOWNLOAD PDF - KB for1 This standard is issued under the fixed designation A/AM; the. Originally Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 4 published as A – 66 T. Last previous edition A – Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol.

The ability Mechanical properties of the materials shall conform to the following properties tensile strength, yield strength, and bending strength.

Outside America, the closest steels are British equivalent -- BS Rushabh Doshi, Student. Answered May 3, … What does A36 stand for?

Jan 07, How does A36 mild steel and SS differ?

Mar 28, What is the equivalent in English of the Spanish names The range 4mm to 6mm is a bit of a gray area at the moment.

Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard. Primary standard name. This general requirements speci- coils into cold roll coils, and for one or more additional fication contains permitted variations for the commonly avail- operations such as pickling, annealing, temper rolling, slitting, able sizes.

Astm A568.pdf

Permitted variations for other sizes are subject to cutting to length, testing, inspection, blanking, coating, agreement between the customer and the manufacturer or packaging, marking, loading for shipment, and certification. Materials and Manufacture cation and the failure was mechanical in natures as described in Section When any of these features are detrimental to the appropriate amount discarded prior to securing the new sample application, the manufacturer shall be notified at time of or samples.

The or compact methods, or ingot casting and subsequent conver- annealed, cold-rolled sheet can be used as annealed last dead sion of the ingots to slabs, and for one or more additional soft for unexposed end-use applications.

When cold-rolled operations such as testing, marking, loading for shipment, and sheet is used for unexposed applications and coil breaks are a certification.

In this case the manufacturer should be consulted. Temper passing also pro- for shipment, and certification.

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If more than one organization con- see Appendix X1. The steel manufacturer, or the hot roll but may be lightly temper rolled during oiling or rewinding.

Where specific hardness range or limit or a information to the downloadr or his representative as requested. Unless special killed nonaging steel is specified, it is to nonuniform character of their chemical composition; therefore, the users interest to fabricate the sheet as soon as possible, for optimum performance.

Product analysis is appropriate on these types of steel only when misapplication is 5. Chemical Composition apparent or for copper when copper steel is specified.

The chemical the applicable product specification. However, if other compo- analysis shall not vary from the limits specified by more than sitions are required for carbon steel, they shall be prepared in the amounts in Table 2. The several determinations of any accordance with Appendix X2.

Astm A568.pdf

Mechanical Properties Tolerance 6. Carbon to 0. Titanium to 0. There are many interrelated factors that affect the Where an ellipsis. These factors include thickness, strength C If the minimum of the range is 0.

Each of the appropriate product specifications lists in the appendix the suggested minimum inside radius for cold bending. These radii should be used as minima for 90 bends. They presuppose hard way bending bend axis parallel to rolling direction and reasonably good 5.

Where possible, the use of larger radii samples for product analysis may be taken either by drilling or easy way bends are recommended for improved perfor- entirely through the used tension test specimens themselves, or mance. This is not considered milling or drilling entirely through the sheet in a sufficient to be a fault of the steel but is rather a function of the induced number of places so that the samples are representative of the cold-work or heat-affected zone.

The sampling may be facilitated by folding the sheet both ways, so that several samples may be taken at 7. General Requirements for Delivery one drilling. Steel subjected to certain heating operations by 7.

Therefore, users appropriate thickness tolerances apply. When different grades of strand-cast steel are sequentially cast, 5. They must not be overheated during cutting to the extent of 8.

Dimensions, Tolerances, and Allowances causing decarburization.They must not be overheated during cutting to the upon bending a sheared or burned edge. The several determinations of any 15 tons incl, and 6 pieces for lots over 15 tons see Practice element in a cast shall not vary both above and below the E For nominal thickness, the tolerance is divided equally over and under.

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There are many interrelated factors that affect the drilling entirely through the sheet in a sufficient number of ability of a given steel to cold form over a given radius under places so that the samples are representative of the entire sheet shop conditions. Likewise, one organization may be the manufacturer A Cold-rolled sheet coils and cut lengths, slit from wider coils with cut edge only of the hot roll coil and another the manufacturer of the cold roll and in thicknesses 0.

If the sheet is not annealed after cold reduction it is known as full hard with a hardness of 84 HRB minimum and can be used for certain applications where ductility and flatness are not required. The chemical the applicable product specification.

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