API SPEC 11AX: Specification for Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump Assemblies, Components, and Fittings. Secure PDF. Single User. $ API SPEC 11B . API 11AX PDF - Are you looking for Ebook Api 11ax Pdf? You will be glad to know that right now Api 11ax Pdf is available on our online library. With our online. API equipment and service specifications, covering oilfield equipment, refinery . API Spec 7NRV, API Spec 10A, API Spec 10D, API Spec 11AX,. API Spec 11E.

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Our very own Brian Miller has written about the anatomy of an Experience API statement in a downloadable (and free) ebook. Get your free copy of it today. This eBook is a guide for architects and developers to discover the core principals of Representational State Transfer (REST) in order to design APIs that will. [FREE] Ebook Api 11ax - PDF File. You can download and read online Api 11ax Book PDF file only if you are registered here. PDF Book Download file Api 11ax.

The secret to a great API developer experience When it comes to providing a great developer experience, there is no substitute for a high performing, easy-to-use API.

Developer experience will always start with providing a reliable API that teams want to work with, and can trust to securely integrate with. A critical component to providing a great developer experience is providing accurate and up-to-date API documentation. API documentation is the information that is required to successfully consume and integrate with an API.

This could be in the form of technical writing, code samples, and examples for better understanding how to consume an API. Today, the companies behind some of the most well-known, and widely adopted APIs are investing in rich, human friendly documentation for their APIs.

How can you start your API documentation journey?

Providing a great developer experience, with documentation at the center of it, has never been more accessible to API teams. While in the past, teams had to rely on static forms of documentation — like PDFs or manually-updated webpages — there are now solutions to automate your documentation workflow, and build out interactive API docs that make consumption of APIs a smooth and easy process. There have been significant changes in the ways organizations document their APIs.

Nowhere are these changes more evident than in the widespread adoption of API description formats like the OpenAPI Specification formerly the Swagger Specification , which provides the building blocks for generating beautiful, interactive API documentation that end consumers can interact with without having implementing it into their code base.

This auto-generated documentation is a central resource that your development team can customize, and build on to create a more comprehensive user manual for working with your API. In this ebook we will look at the factors that go into providing a great developer experience, and how documentation fits in.

We will introduce best practices for API documentation, and will look at how your team can start documenting your APIs with Swagger tools, and improve existing documentation work-flows in SwaggerHub.

Applying product management principles when dealing with APIs is the first step to treating your APIs as first class products. These can be categorized into two groups: API users: The developers who want to integrate with your services and are looking to resolve a specific issue using your API. API decision makers: The people who will be evaluating your services and seeing if it solves a strategic need.

Understanding the API Adoption Journey Your audience will now go through different stages of discovering and evaluating your API before fully committing to your services. This user flow takes your target audience from awareness to finally be-coming familiar and comfortable enough to use your API services.

A well-designed API will cater to the optimal developer experience across every stage of this journey. The graphic below provides an overview of the key stages users will go through before adopting your API.

These stages can be simplified into four main questions: Why should I use it? How do I register to use it? Where do I start? How do I use it?

Keep in mind that audiences can overlap, but breaking down the user journey allows you to establish a starting point to understand how you need to communicate with the different people involved in adopting your API. These phases also tap into different roles within your organization. For example, the first two stages are more of a product marketing exercise, concentrating on communicating the value of your services and how they alleviate existing prospect challenges.

Of course, the next two stages are purely a technical writing exercise wherein the technical writers need to be producing content to help your end consumers to understand and integrate with your services. API users and evaluators should quickly understand the value your API is offering and how they can start using it.

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This is where the target audience interacts with the information presented for the first time. In order to present this information in a simple and effective manner, you need to understand why these prospects are coming to your API, how they discover your services, and what are the existing problems that your services can help solve.

The registration process is the first step to getting into your API services. This process should be as straightforward as possible, but you should also be able to obtain the information required for you to effectively manage these users.

One strategy is to allow developers to sign up using popular third party services, like Twitter or GitHub. If you do have to include extra steps for people to register to access your API, be sure to provide comprehensive documentation and help tips to accelerate the process. One example of a bad developer experience is to force users to fill out a lengthy form, or requiring unnecessary details before providing an API key.

These are the last stages of your developer journey towards consuming your API services. They want to get their hands dirty with your API code, try it out, and eventually integrate it with their own apps. The secret to guiding them through this journey? Great API documentation. Documentation is the Center of Good Developer Experience Concise and clear documentation — which allows your API consumers to adopt it into their application quickly — is no longer optional for organizations that want to drive adoption of their APIs.

A survey by ProgrammableWeb found that API consumers considered complete and accurate documentation as the biggest factor impacting their API decision making, even outweighing price and API performance.

Good documentation accelerates development and consumption, and reduces the money and time that would otherwise be spent answering support calls. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. I searched for almost 2 hours on the net but not able to find any 5 GHz wifi module which can be used with any microcontroller Arduino,, AVR, etc Do you have any idea where I can find such WiFi module or any advice would help.

User Manual for WiFi Module. WiFi module. ESP is a very powerful and The WiFi-1 Module. Users can realize uart device networking via simple configuration. Our WiFi communications module make it easy to connect your office or home network to the entire range of NCD Industrial controllers.

Garden and Outdoor Life 3, views. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of module coming in high density, good performance and competitive price. Lifetime Tech Support. Technology goes ahead exponentially with each year whether we do something or not.

We have requested to minimize packaging and now ship without a CD since all modern computers have support built in. What is this module? WiFi If you want to download cheap wifi module, choose wifi module from banggood.

eBook: Anatomy of an Experience API Statement

Turn the screw clockwise to secure the wire. So any device with TTL serial ports can easily be connected with this WIFI module and controlled and managed remotely through a wireless network.

Document Version July About Us. A little more than a year ago, a new product was released onto the vast, vast marketplace of cheap electronics. Exciting features on the Digi XBee Wi-Fi module include: Native Digi Remote Manager support: Module can automatically connect to Digi Remote Manager The release of the ESP chipset made it cheap to do so but there are lots of steps required to get started and for someone not familiar with electronics, programming, data storage solutions, it can be daunting.

IEEE WiFi Module 4. This The WiFi module may look slightly different than above, but all modules shipped contain the same chipset and have equivalent performance, the only difference is the plastic shell and any printing.

Find great deals on site for wifi module. The purpose of this post is to get you up and running with this device using the Sparkfun Thing board and Arduino IDE. The sync module connects to your router via WiFi. Rain Bird now offers this new LNK WiFi Module for pre-existing residential or light commercial Rain Bird controllers - one's that you already know how to use and understand. ESP maximum working Voltage is 3.

It has WiFi written on the module.

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This allows the module to function in free air-space while there is a complete seal around it. The wifi module is located in the corner, under the plastic cover.

The cameras also connect to the sync module using a different wireless protocol that is not WiFi. And you will see web user interface to enter text. This module equipped with low power, 2. Full Tutorials and Projects. How do I select my secondary users? Most equipment you will need to insert the module into your machine, then do a workout. Simply place the module on your PCB. ESP library for Arduino that facilitates the implementation of WiFi communication via user sketches.

However, a lot of projects require hard coding the WiFi credentials into the device module, which is fine for prototyping but if your devices are sent to remote locations then the WiFi credentials will have to be changed resulting in reprogramming the device.

The WF is a fully integrated single 2. The module also incorporates timing clocks and voltage regulators.

If you take a video or photo with your phantom, and you can stream the video or photo back to your phone vis the app after it was taken, does it uses the same wifi module and does it mean the wifi module is good?

Why would a wifi module be only bad to stream live video but be ok streaming a video from the camera memory card after the shot? This microcontroller has the ability to perform WIFI related activities hence it is widely used as a WIFI module with other microcontrollers and boards such as Arduino.

The "Pitch" is the space between pins on the ESP module, which is important to know if the device will be used on a breadboard. And it controls the relay working status through the app. With adding This module to your electrical device or electronic produce, you will be able to control your device from every where of the world via your cell phone, tablet or PC. It is a small and inexpensive WiFi transceiver that can be used in several different projects based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other applications.

ESP module can operate as a station, so we can connect it to the Wi-Fi network. Fujitsu Components America is demonstrating a variety of sensors and intelligent, wireless IoT solutions in booth at Sensors Expo, including 24GHz Doppler radar technology, high-density Wirepas mesh networking and interactive sensor applications.

ESP WiFi module is basically a microcontroller developed by Espressif Systems which is a company based out of shanghai. This is the wiki page for this product, which will show you how to use the product, as well as details about the software and hardware. ESP module is low cost standalone wireless transceiver that can be used for end-point IoT developments. AlarmNet is an industry leader in alternative alarm communication paths. Pre-Certified vs.

It is cheap and simple to configure and use. Add to Cart. Features and specifications Select from a wide range of Wi-Fi modules featuring various Murata innovations to address your unique design requirements, such as: Modules for MPU-based applications to meet high through-put demands and modules for MCU-based applications demanding low through-put of the WiFi module.

However, a word of caution -- it is highly undocumented primary reason for writing this document , and more importantly, it is frequently updated and not backward compatible. WiFi Module 3. The Rain Bird you know and love, but smarter. Place a plastic cover over the module like a hat , make the cover large enough to cover the whole module. Shenzhen Embstar Technology Co. A wide variety of wifi module options are available to you, such as ip camera, wireless, and led modules.Home wifi internet is made possible via a wireless router, which is basically a box that transmits and receives wireless signals between an internet connection and internet-enabled devices.

Using outdated or corrupt Huawei drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.

Avoid using a lot of technical jargon, and write in a way that can be easily understood by people who are new to the API. This means that technical adopters of software products are now the decision makers for adopting and downloading products.

The S switch is a 24 port switch. Wifi connectivity issue My pc has an issue from last two years.

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