UNINSTALL from your Anno program folder and follow the instructions. To install the game again, please follow the instructions given above. The ANNO game guide contains the campaign walkthrough, including elements that proved most difficult for players (according to the official game forum), and the bonus mission Return to C.O.R.E.. Production Chains Anno Guide. Chapter One: Shadows of the Past Anno Manual anno pdf. DownloadManual anno pdf. PDF i updated to cyan with win 8. C Users. User Downloads VideoPerformerSetup. Manual anno

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This page is a listing of Guides designed to explain game features and help players with Anno Wiki guides Ascension Rights Combat Deficit Diplomacy . Download Download Anno manual pdf Read Online Read Online Anno manual pdf anno serial number generator anno Does anybody know where I can get a PDF English version of the manual for Anno only the one that came with this game downloaded.

Take them from the Warehouse clicking on the icon indicating the specified material will transfer ten pieces of that material between open panels.

Anno 2070 Manual

Build them on the coast, right next to the Warehouse. A while later we are asked to do the same with Liquor production, and we can build two Distilleries right away remembering about Rice Farms. Up until now, all buildings were placed in the former, while the latter held all constructions associated with Yana Rodriguez s faction.

Our new ally suggests that we built ten Worker Barracks for her people, who will help fight the fire. One of the new residents, a fire chief, tells us that Fire protection experts are waiting for us in the Warehouse. Bring them on board our main ship, and from there on board the newly arrived Ark. After a while, we will gain access to a Hovercraft, thanks to which we ll be able to put down the fire on the Oil Rig.

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Afterwards, all we need to do is deliver the samples to the Eco s Ark. In the meantime, we ll get a side quest to generate a positive credit balance in the amount of But let s get back to the main task removing damages is not an easy process, so we ll need the help of Biotechnicians. However, before they grant us with their presence, we need to fulfill certain conditions. Firstly, we need more energy supplies depending on preferences, build another Coal Power Station in return we ll get credits or three Wind Parks in return we ll get Optimized Rotor Blades which increase the efficiency of Wind Parks.

To upgrade the Eco Worker Barracks we must satisfy the Need for drinks and activities we can assure the former by building three Tea Plantations reward: Large drying cabinet which increases Tea production.

The requirements are hundred and forty Eco workers, three tons of Tools and four tons of Building Modules reward: fifteen tons of Tools. After the technicians move in, take them to Rodriguez s Ark in return, our Hovercraft will get Special pump equipment thanks to which we ll be able to cleanse the local waters of the oil.

Use it near the coastline our ship will automatically start pumping the oil out.

In the meantime, we can save dolphins on the southern coast we can send the unused main ship. Once we ve completed the side quest and delivered the water samples, the mission is over.

As it turns out, the Ark of Prof. Devi surfaced there. He informs us that he arrived in order to find a sunken Ark named Virago.

He asks for our help in the search. For starters, we need to deliver two items to the researcher: a Salvage Arm and a 3D Locator. The former we can get from Rufus Thorne in return for ten tons of Building Modules and five tons of Tools; the latter will force us to start producing a new material, which is Wood Yana Rodriguez will demand five tons of Building Modules and Wood. Devi s Ark. He also expects us to provide him our main ship and the Hovercraft so that they can be remodeled into a trimaran, which will have the ability to submerge 1.

There are three regions to explore they will be highlighted on the minimap when we move the cursor on the mission icon on the left edge of the screen , where the Virago could be found.

After gathering three Documents, get back to the scientist s Ark. We are given another task to place searchlights around our finding. Meanwhile, Yana will ask us to use the trimaran to check the condition of waters and see whether the ecosystem is getting back to normal after the Oil spill.

After giving the Eco Documents back and making sure everything is alright, head back to the professor. When Prof. Devi receives the delivery, he will give us an Aqua detonator. It will help us get inside the Virago, where we ll find the Data log. Once we give it back to the professor, he will declare his intention of going to C.

Without further ado, head after him, thus finishing the first chapter. Devi in S. He introduces us to his assistant, Dr Bartok, and F. Next, build a City Center and around thirty Worker Barracks the mission description says only about ten, but further on we ll be needing more workers, so we can take care of it right away.

The last element in expanding our island thus far will be to build a Laboratory 1 and repair the Data log 2. Take the documents to the assistant, and she will send us to Prof.

Use the trimaran and hurry to the Warehouse to get a load of resources which will help us colonize the underwater island the mission says only about twenty tons of Building Modules and nine tons of Tools, but take thirty four and fifteen respectively, for a future build-up.

It turns out that Fish from our Fisheries are poisoning the workers. Consequently, we need to start acquiring food in our new underwater base. As the city grows, pay attention to whether you need to expand the production of Functional Food. Devi gives us a program which will gain us access to the Strategic map an icon with two arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen ; it will enable a regular transportation of Functional Food from the Deep Sea Warehouse to the main Warehouse. In the menu, choose Stations 1 and then assign the main ship to do it 2.

REFERENCE ID: 000016597

Next, click on the green arrow export where the deep sea station is, and the red arrow import where the landing station is 3. From the list of resources, choose Functional Food. Such settings will make sure we won t have to worry about transporting those supplies on our own. Dr Bartok suggests we should decode the data in our Laboratory. If we run out of Lab Assistants, we need to build more Worker Barracks. Because of the distribution of Fish, some of our workers will get sick build a Hospital 1 in the infected area.

To be able to do that in the Laboratory menu we will need a lot of Lab Assistants, so if we haven t built more Worker Barracks at the beginning of the mission, we need to do it now. Take the Interpreted Data log to Dr Bartok, which will open the ending video.

The attempt to identify it consumes enormous supplies of power, which leads to a overload in the city s network system. Despite this, F. Dr Bartok argues that the virus moved onto its systems, causing the Artificial Intelligence to run out of control. After contacting Dr Bartok she s in the Warehouse on the C. Devi s Ark, where we will be given an Aqua detonator it will enable us to blow up rocks which block the possibility to extract Crude Oil in our underwater base 1.

Use it by clicking LMB on the proper icon in the trimaran menu 2 when we are close to the deposits. If we are short of some resources, get them from our mother base we will need eighteen tons of Building Modules and twelve tons of Tools. To regain control over C. To get it, build an Oil Refinery 1 and a Carbon Factory 2. Apart from Refined Oil, to produce Carbon we will also need Coal if we don t have enough it s used to manufacture Tools or produce power in the Coal Power Station , we can build other Coal Mines.

Once we have five pieces of Carbon, send another transport to Dr Bartok.

In the Strategic map, set the main ship to keep transporting the said resource, as well as Functional Food, from the Deep Sea Warehouse 2. The next step is to make sure we re protected against an open conflict. Safety, though, doesn t depend only on weaponry, but also on maintaining reasonable food supplies. To stop our Fish from poisoning the workers, we need to create an antibiotic in the Laboratory.

But before we can do that, we need to catch Fresh Fish 1 in a selected bay using a Pelagic trawl net found in the Warehouse, and take them to our island.

To create the Anti Virus, our city needs Researchers. As it s highly probable that at this point the ecological balance has been seriously upset, we can build a Waste Compactor 1 between Worker Barracks the more of them around it, the better. When the number of Researchers reaches fifty, we ll be close to creating the Anti Virus. If we can t afford to build it, we can sell Rotten Fish in Yana Rodriguez s Ark, and build more Worker Barracks to increase tax incomes.

When the Warship is ready, send it to the professor s assistant s Warehouse to get a Data board. It turns out that F. Our objective is to deliver the Data board to the Warehouse while remaining undetected.

Once we ve done it, the drones will be ordered back and an enemy ship infected with the virus will appear. Our task is to destroy it before it reaches our island.

Send our new Warship to take care of that. Once the Anti Virus appears in our Warehouse, take in on board the Warship and head to the enemy base.

The harbor is protected by four turrets, making it impossible to administer the virus directly it takes forty five seconds. The best way to do it is to build a Repair Drone which will take care of any larger damages done to the Warship.

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Here are some English FAQs that may help:. Still Looking for help? Close Refine your search Select Platform Loading Select Game Loading All Games. Step 6: Upgrade your core city, and what slums you must to feed it. Once your monument finished, you get the joy of going in and manualy upgrading all the houses around your monument to create your 'core' city. You will probally have to upgrade your slums to at least employees, and some to engineers, depending on how many executives you want.

In the example on the right picture, I use a total of houses to create an end-city with executive mansions and Engineer appartments. Once your core city is built up the way you want it, or you have run out of Step 7: Bulldoze everything but your core city!

You get to bulldoze over half your houses and watch everyone run in panic! At this point you go destory every single house which is not part of your core city.

You will end up with a giant empty island, with a shiny executive metropolis in the middle. Don't worry, you can always plant trees or build logistics in the empty space! Now that your slums are gone, you are left with a mega-city of pure executives and engineers, in the example ont he right we have roughly 10, citizens generating 19, credits in tax, crammed into one little city core.

Now you can go in and fix the island back up, plant trees or whatever you want. Also, you can now shut down your surplus production facilities, your new mega-city will only eat half what you were using before, but will generate double the tax income of a standard city.It turns out that F. When we are done, Thor Strindberg will ask us whether the turbine is ready.

Either way, we need to deliver them to Engineers Peterson s Tools Factory. Their philosophy of life is to live in harmony with nature. It all lies in your hands. Today, three of these so-called global players dominate the search for previously unexplored land: E. Ornamental installations: The ornamental installations serve to make your town more attractive.

May 11, , visit Single Missions. The Goods Transfer Menu displays the storage area of the warehouse and cargo hold of the ship. Tool tips give you helpful hints throughout the entire game.

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