𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Oct 26, , Miles Engell and others published Animal Behavior, Ninth edition. John Alcock. CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Animal Behavior 3. CHAPTER 2 Behavioral Ecology and the Evolution of Altruism CHAPTER 3 The Evolution of Social. Get this from a library! Animal behavior: an evolutionary approach. [John Alcock].

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Animal behavior, 1. Animal behavior by John Alcock. Animal behavior. by John Alcock; Dustin R Rubenstein. Print book. English. Eleventh edition. of pests (introduction, conservation, and barriers to adoption), resistance management (to pesticides and transgenic plants), assessment of pesticide risks to. As an undergraduate, years ago, I was assigned the third edition of John Alcock's “Animal Behavior,” and found it to be an interesting read, with.

The remaining chapters each address a different type of behavior, but the common theme of evolutionary theory is used to tie them together. The final chapter is devoted to the evolution of human behaviors, which is always fascinating for the beginning animal behavior student.

I prefer to intersperse human behavior throughout the course, and would have preferred the book do the same, but since many animal behavior texts omit human behavior entirely, I am hesitant to complain. Much of the conceptually based discussion and theory is difficult for my beginning students. I encourage my students to read the summary at the end of each chapter first, so as not to lose sight of the big picture and get lost in the details and examples.

Animal behavior : an evolutionary approach

Overall, this is a terrific text for the introductory animal behavior course, providing a wealth of background information and covering the breadth of the field.

It is in general a highly enjoyable book to read, both for those who know the field well and for those just being introduced to the wonders of animal behavior.


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