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Jennifer Egan's spellbinding interlocking narratives circle the lives of Bennie Salazar, an aging former punk rocker and record executive, and Sasha, the. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. Book Discussion Guide. Prepared by Patricia Moore. About the Book: Bennie Salazar, an aging punk rocker and. LANGUAGE ADVISORY: This excerpt contains language some might find offensive. Chapter 1: Found Objects. It began the usual way, in the.

March 17, Language: English ISBN Enabled X-Ray: Literary Fiction. Book Series. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention goon squad visit from the goon jennifer egan pulitzer prize powerpoint new york music industry back and forth rock and roll well written san francisco bennie salazar music business collection of short time is a goon record producer book club punk rock points of view short story.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. This book was so much different than what I expected.

I certainly wasn't expecting a narrative told in separate connected stories think: It's a bold approach, and it works. The back cover of the book does a pretty apt job explaining it: It's indirectly about them, at least. After starting off with stories focused on Bennie and Sasha as the main characters, the other stories are about people who knew them throughout their lives.

Bennie and Sasha serve as the connecting thread that binds everyone together. This kind of narrative is gutsy because you have to make sure a each story is interesting in its own right while b holding the reader's attention with so many different characters and c maintaining enough of a connection to the central characters that it doesn't feel random.

Here, Egan succeeds on all fronts. With captivating characters and intellectually stimulating prose, she kept me fully engaged and eager to read each succeeding story.

She even plays around with form in an exhilarating way; one story one of my favorites is told as a sort of PowerPoint presentation from the perspective of a young girl. I enjoyed this book immensely in spite of not connecting with it emotionally as much as I did intellectually.

site Edition Verified download. I thought I would. Typically, any book that involves the music biz with its myriad characters that come in every shade and style of humanity completely engrosses me. I wanted it to, but it didn't.

Maybe it was my state of mind, I don't know, but there was not one emotional punch that landed with me. The characters were cleverly constructed, with lots of smart dialogue and angst-ridden plot points, but I was not moved by a one.

And, frankly, even after repeatedly checking the book description to remind myself of who characters were and what they were supposed to be doing, their outlines somehow kept disappearing in the meandering narrative.

I couldn't keep them straight, and their vignettes and individual chapters often with bouncing time-lines and seemingly little connection were indistinct and, for me, ultimately forgettable. At times I felt the writer was working too hard to be clever: As it was, I skipped ahead, just wanting to grab onto some thread that kept me as connected as possible to the difficult-to-follow narrative.

For me it never got there. There were some interesting, well written sections, but it wasn't cohesive enough to really impel this reader forward to find out what was going to happen. I did get to the end That was about it.

It left no mark.

Stay with this one. It cracks the world open afresh. Would that Marcel Proust could receive [a copy]. It would blow his considerable mind. Then expect it to lodge in your cranium and your breastbone a good long while. Turn up the music, skip the college reunion and curl up with The Goon Squad instead. I knew the title of this book before I knew almost anything else. So I, too, entered the project in a state of wondering who the Goon Squad was, exactly. In addition to Proust, whose In Search of Lost Time I was working my way through as I wrote Goon Squad, my other primary literary if you will influence was The Sopranos , whose polyphonic structure I found deeply compelling.

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In the thirteen chapters in this book we meet a large cast of characters and come to see, chapter by chapter, how all of their lives are connected, and often entangled, in surprising ways.

Where did you get the idea to have their stories unfold in this way? It happened organically, and I was led by little more than my own curiosity. I thought: Why would someone do those things? And I thought: Who is that person? Where is she going right now? What does his apartment look like?

Excerpt: 'A Visit From The Goon Squad'

But in fiction, I can go anywhere I want. Things really got interesting when the new pieces I was working on began to extend their tentacles to a few pieces I had already written. It seems that Bennie, former punk rocker turned music industry executive and Sasha, his assistant, are the two people around whose lives most of the other people in this book connect. Can you talk a little about how they anchor the book? So I began with that intersection of Bennie and Sasha, and followed it as it fanned out into each of their private lives and then their pasts and futures, and then the private lives and pasts and futures of some other people connected to each of them.

It was an instinctive unfolding, with Bennie and Sasha as its starting and endpoint. There are so many wonderful people in this book. Are there any you are particularly fond of or had an especially good or especially difficult time writing about? I had a ball writing about many of these folks. Beyond that, chance probably has the most impact on lives that are relatively privileged: Presuming that one has the luxury of getting some education, choosing a job, picking a partner, etc.

Music is a huge part of A Visit from the Goon Squad. Why did you decide to make music so significant and do you think it is fair to say that in one way or another it is what connects every character in the book? This time, the music industry—so ravaged by digitization—became another lens through which to look, even peripherally, at some ramifications of technological change.

You capture the music industry so well, from the early punk rock scene of nineteen-seventies San Francisco, populated by bands like Flipper and The Damned, to a current day boardroom meeting where Bennie actually serves cow patties to his board members as a metaphor for the shit they are forcing him to serve to the public.

Lou: A music producer, and Bennie's mentor.

Has many different affairs, marriages and children. Scotty: Member of the Flaming Dildos as a teenager, continues on the margins of society in later life. Achieves a level of musical success as an older man. Stephanie: Bennie's first wife. A member of a country club she resents, but where she enjoys playing tennis. Dolly: Publicist in pursuit of fame who loses her business in disgrace.

Eventually opens a cheese shop upstate. Lulu: Dolly's daughter; unsure of father. Replaces Sasha as Bennie's assistant in the final story, set in the near-future.

Kitty: A hugely successful teen star who becomes jaded and harsh after Jules assaults her. Later does a publicity job for Dolly. Jules: Stephanie's older brother.

A bi-polar celebrity journalist who goes to prison after assaulting Kitty. Rob: Sasha's debatably bisexual best friend in college. Survives a suicide attempt but drowns while swimming with Sasha's boyfriend months later. Bosco: Guitarist. Once a rockstar in The Conduits, later an overweight cancer survivor with health problems. Alex: Went on a date and slept with Sasha in his twenties, later marries Rebecca and has a daughter Cara-Ann. Does a job for Bennie, secretly advertising Scotty's show.

Jocelyn: Dated middle-aged Lou when she was teenager. Drew: Sasha's boyfriend in college.You mean— Now. On the other hand, there is a jump back in time from chapter 2 to chapter 3.

A feminist critique of a visit from the goon squad

Mar 23, Patrick Brown rated it it was amazing Recommended to Patrick by: Edan Lepucki, everyone on the internet, Shelves: best-of , favorites Spoiler alert: You will get old. The couch where she lay in his office was blue leather and very soft. When Sasha produces the gold flakes, the reader understands that she intended to steal them, though the act of returning them is a redemptive move toward combating her addiction. He was trying to get Sasha to use that word, which was harder to avoid in the case of a wallet than with a lot of the things she'd lifted over the past year, when her condition as Coz referred to it had begun to accelerate: Apart from depicting a span of 50 years, starting on the s and going through past, there is an explicit reference in the story itself told by a character whose name is Scotty Hausmann.

How do you know this world so well? Therefore, there is a flashforward effect from chapter 4 to chapter 5. In addition to Proust, whose In Search of Lost Time I was working my way through as I wrote Goon Squad, my other primary literary if you will influence was The Sopranos , whose polyphonic structure I found deeply compelling.

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