Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Vikram and the Vampire: Classic Hindu Tales of Adventure, Magic, and Romance . No cover available. Download; Bibrec Language, English. Short moral stories in english for kids pdf. Tamil Pdf Book Size: MB Once you have downloaded the Vikramathithan Stories In Tamil Pdf. Baital Pancsihi ('Twenty Five Tales Of The Vampire) which consist of twenty five tales chronicling the adventures of King Vikramaditya and how his wits were pitted against a "Who is at the door, and what is the meaning of the noise I hear?.

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Vikram Betal Stories English - Vikram And Betal stories is based on Betal Pacchisi, written nearly Legend has it that King Vikram (Vikramaditya). about · read · complete · download · ePub · site . The following translation is rendered peculiarly; valuable and interesting by My husband only gives eleven of the best tales, as it was thought the translation would prove more interesting . Vikramaditya, in the fourteenth year of his reign, pretended to. Read and Download free English Books, Novels and Stories PDF, English Novel free Download, English The Vikramaditya Secret by Rahul Thaker in English.

King Vikramaditya King Vikramaditya ruled over Ujjain. In his kingdom, all law and order arrangements were based on the Dharmashastras and were excellent.

In order to ensure ideal rule, in his cabinet of ministers he had nine important ministers who were truly gems. His kingdom extended up to Arabastan and he was a generous king who always looked after the welfare of his people. Vikramaditya had defeated the rulers of Arabastan and had added that region into his kingdom. Of the sixty years that Vikramaditya ruled, he spent twenty five years in wars. He was an ideal ruler who always ensured that everyone benefitted from his decisions.

He was a generous ruler who always thought of the welfare of his people and ruled accordingly. He rarely hunted, and he visited his pleasure gardens only on stated days.

He acted in his own dominions with justice; he chastised foreign foes with rigour; he behaved generously to Brahmans, and he avoided favouritism amongst his friends. In war he never slew a suppliant, a spectator, a person asleep or undressed, or anyone that showed fear. Whatever country he conquered, offerings were presented to its gods, and effects and money were given to the reverends.

Become Vikram the Great he established his court at a delightful and beautiful location rich in the best of water. The country was difficult of access, and artificially made incapable of supporting a host of invaders, but four great roads met near the city.

The capital was surrounded with durable ramparts, having gates of defence, and near it was a mountain fortress, under the especial charge of a great captain. The metropolis was well garrisoned and provisioned, and it surrounded the royal palace, a noble building without as well as within. Grandeur seemed embodied there, and Prosperity had made it her own. The nearer ground, viewed from the terraces and pleasure pavilions, was a lovely mingling of rock and mountain, plain and valley, field and fallow, crystal lake and glittering stream.

The banks of the winding Lavana were fringed with meads whose herbage, pearly with morning dew, afforded choicest grazing for the sacred cow, and were dotted with perfumed clumps of Bo-trees, tamarinds, and holy figs: in one place Vikram planted , in a single orchard and gave them to his spiritual advisers. Behind it, rose another sub-range, wooded with a lower bush and already blue with air, whilst in the background towered range upon range, here rising abruptly into points and peaks, there ramp-shaped or wall-formed, with sheer descents, and all of light azure hue adorned with glories of silver and gold.

After reigning for some years, Vikram the Brave found himself at the age of thirty, a staid and sober middle-aged man, He had several sons — daughters are naught in India — by his several wives, and he had some paternal affection for nearly all — except of course, for his eldest son, a youth who seemed to conduct himself as though he had a claim to the succession. We now learn how Bhartari Raja becomes Regent of Ujjayani.

Having thus resolved, Vikram the Brave gave the government into the charge of a younger brother, Bhartari Raja, and in the garb of a religious mendicant, accompanied by Dharma Dhwaj, his second son, a youth bordering on the age of puberty, he began to travel from city to city, and from forest to forest.

The Regent was of a settled melancholic turn of mind, having lost in early youth a very peculiar wife. On his return home he related the adventure to Sita Rani, his spouse, and she at once made reply that virtuous women die with their husbands, killed by the fire of grief, not by the flames of the pile. To prove her truth the prince, after an affectionate farewell, rode forth to the chase, and presently sent back the suite with his robes torn and stained, to report his accidental death.

Sita perished upon the spot, and the widower remained inconsolable — for a time. He led the dullest of lives, and took to himself sundry spouses, all equally distinguished for birth, beauty, and modesty.

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Like his brother, he performed all the proper devoirs of a Raja, rising before the day to finish his ablutions, to worship the gods, and to do due obeisance to the Brahmans. He then ascended the throne, to judge his people according to the Shastra, carefully keeping in subjection lust, anger, avarice, folly, drunkenness, and pride; preserving himself from being seduced by the love of gaming and of the chase; restraining his desire for dancing, singing, and playing on musical instruments, and refraining from sleep during daytime, from wine, from molesting men of worth, from dice, from putting human beings to death by artful means, from useless travelling, and from holding any one guilty without the commission of a crime.

He united to himself the seven or eight wise councillors, and the sober and virtuous secretary that formed the high cabinet of his royal brother, and they met in some secret lonely spot, as a mountain, a terrace, a bower or a forest, whence women, parrots, and other talkative birds were carefully excluded.

And at the end of this useful and somewhat laborious day, he retired to his private apartments, and, after listening to spiritual songs and to soft music, he fell asleep. But it was observed that the viceroy reserved this exercise for nights when he was troubled with insomnia — the words of wisdom being to him an infallible remedy for that disorder. Having, however, fortunately for himself, few predilections and no imagination, he began to pride himself upon being a philosopher.

Much business from an early age had dulled his wits, which were never of the most brilliant; and in the steadily increasing torpidity of his spirit, he traced the germs of that quietude which forms the highest happiness of man in this storm of matter called the world.

He therefore allowed himself but one friend of his soul. But he placed an intimate of his own in the high position of confidential councillor, the ambassador to regulate war and peace. Mahi-pala was a person of noble birth, endowed with shining abilities, popular, dexterous in business, acquainted with foreign parts, famed for eloquence and intrepidity, and as Menu the Lawgiver advises, remarkably handsome.

Bhartari Raja, as I have said, became a quietist and a philosopher. But Kama, 21 the bright god who exerts his sway over the three worlds, heaven and earth and grewsome Hades, 22 had marked out the prince once more as the victim of his blossom-tipped shafts and his flowery bow.

How, indeed, could he hope to escape the doom which has fallen equally upon Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and dreadful Shiva the Three-eyed Destroyer 23? By reason of her exceeding beauty, her face was a full moon shining in the clearest sky; her hair was the purple cloud of autumn when, gravid with rain, it hangs low over earth; and her complexion mocked the pale waxen hue of the large-flowered jasmine.

The warrior laid down his arms before her; the politician spoke out every secret in her presence.

The religious prince would have slaughtered a cow — that sole unforgivable sin — to save one of her eyelashes: the absolute king would not drink a cup of water without her permission; the staid philosopher, the sober quietist, to win from her the shadow of a smile, would have danced before her like a singing-girl. So desperately enamoured became Bhartari Raja. It is written, however, that love, alas! The warmth of his affection, instead of animating his wife, annoyed her; his protestations wearied her; his vows gave her the headache; and his caresses were a colic that made her blood run cold.

And as women must give away their hearts, whether asked or not, so the lovely Dangalah Rani lost no time in lavishing all the passion of her idle soul upon Mahi-pala, the handsome ambassador of peace and war. By this means the three were happy and were contented; their felicity, however, being built on a rotten foundation, could not long endure. It soon ended in the following extraordinary way.

In the city of Ujjayani, 24 within sight of the palace, dwelt a Brahman and his wife, who, being old and poor, and having nothing else to do, had applied themselves to the practice of austere devotion. In fine, as a reward for their exceeding piety, the venerable pair received at the hands of a celestial messenger an apple of the tree Kalpavriksha — a fruit which has the virtue of conferring eternal life upon him that tastes it.

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Scarcely had the god disappeared, when the Brahman, opening his toothless mouth, prepared to eat the fruit of immortality. Surely our present lot is the penalty of some great crime committed by us in a past state of being.

Better we die at once, and so escape the woes of the world! If that fruit could have restored thy dimmed eyes, and deaf ears, and blunted taste, and warmth of love, I had not spoken to thee thus.

And she spoke with such success, that the priest was about to toss in his rage the heavenly fruit into the fire, reproaching the gods as if by sending it they had done him an injury.

She concluded with impressing upon her unworldly husband the necessity of requiring a large sum of money as a return for his inestimable gift. I shall be happy in your living long!

This fruit — joy of my heart! Whereupon the pretty queen, sweetly smiling as before, slipped the precious present into her pocket. When the Regent was transacting business in the hall of audience she sent for the ambassador who regulated war and peace, and presented him with the apple in a manner at least as tender as that with which it had been offered to her.

Then the ambassador, after slipping the fruit into his pocket also, retired from the presence of the pretty queen, and meeting Lakha, one of the maids of honour, explained to her its wonderful power, and gave it to her as a token of his love. But the maid of honour, being an ambitious girl, determined that the fruit was a fit present to set before the Regent in the absence of the King. Bhartari Raja accepted it, bestowed on her great wealth, and dismissed her with many thanks.

He then took up the apple and looked at it with eyes brimful of tears, for he knew the whole extent of his misfortune. What is life but a restless vision of imaginary pleasures and of real pains, from which the only waking is the terrible day of death?

The affection of this world is of no use, since, in consequence of it, we fall at last into hell. For which reason it is best to practice the austerities of religion, that the Deity may bestow upon us hereafter that happiness which he refuses to us here!

But before setting out for the forest, he could not refrain from seeing the queen once more, so hot was the flame which Kama had sited in his heart. He therefore went to the apartments of his women, and having caused Dangalah Rani to be summoned, he asked her what had become of the fruit which he had given to her. She answered that, according to his command, she had eaten it.

Upon which the Regent showed her the apple, and she beholding it stood aghast, unable to make any reply. The Raja gave careful orders for her beheading; he then went out, and having had the fruit washed, ate it. He quitted the throne to be a jogi, or religious mendicant, and without communicating with any one departed into the jungle. There he became such a devotee that death had no power over him, and he is wandering still.

But some say that he was duly absorbed into the essence of the Deity. We are next told how the valiant Vikram returned to his own country. When the news reached King Indra, Regent of the Lower Firmament and Protector of Earthly Monarchs, he sent Prithwi Pala, a fierce giant, 29 to defend the city of Ujjayani till such time as its lawful master might reappear, and the guardian used to keep watch and ward night and day over his trust.

In less than a year the valorous Raja Vikram became thoroughly tired of wandering about the woods half dressed: now suffering from famine, then exposed to the attacks of wild beasts, and at all times very ill at ease. He reflected also that he was not doing his duty to his wives and children; that the heir-apparent would probably make the worst use of the parental absence; and finally, that his subjects, deprived of his fatherly care, had been left in the hands of a man who, for ought he could say, was not worthy of the high trust.

He had also spied out all the weak points of friend and foe. Stand and deliver your names!

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Who art thou that darest to stop or stay me? If thou be really Raja Vikram, prove thyself a man: first fight with me, and then return to thine own. He girt his girdle tight round his loins, summoned his opponent into the empty space beyond the gate, told him to stand on guard, and presently began to devise some means of closing with or running in upon him.

If I desire it I can kill thee; how, then, cost thou talk about granting me my life?

I will save thee from a nearly impending death. Only hearken to the tale which I have to tell thee, and use thy judgment, and act upon it.

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So shalt thou rule the world free from care, and live without danger, and die happily. You, the first, were born in the house of a king. He is now anxiously plotting thy destruction.

The white ants had surrounded his body with a case of earth, and had made their home upon his skin. All kinds of insects and small animals crawled up and down the face, yet not a muscle moved.

Wasps had hung their nests to its temples, and scorpions wandered in and out of the matted and clotted hair; yet the hermit felt them not. He spoke to no one; he received no gifts; and had it not been for the opening of his nostrils, as he continually inhaled the pungent smoke of a thorn fire, man would have deemed him dead.

Such were his religious austerities.

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That evening, as he sat in the hall of audience, he could speak of nothing but the devotee; and his curiosity soon rose to such a pitch, that he proclaimed about the city a reward of one hundred gold pieces to any one that could bring to court this anchorite of his own free will. She cautiously put out the fire.

Then, having prepared a confection, she approached from behind and rubbed upon his lips a little of the sweetmeat, which he licked up with great relish. Thereupon she made more and gave it to him. I have now come into this forest! She explained its luxuries by the nature of her vow, which bound her to indulge in costly apparel, in food with six flavours, and in every kind of indulgence. Briefly the saint and saintess were made man and wife, by the simple form of matrimony called the Gandharba-vivaha, 31 and about ten months afterwards a son was born to them.

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Skip carousel. AdobePhoto Shop in Tamil. A Blog About Tamil Comics.Judging from these signs the brave king at once determined the creature to be a Baital — a Vampire. He had also spied out all the weak points of friend and foe. Until now the program was downloaded times.

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But so far from losing heart, he quite entered into the spirit of the adventure. Afar in front gathered the bards chanting the praises of the gods and of the king; also the charioteers, elephanteers, horsemen, and soldiers of valour.

After a few such examples the women of Ujjayani became almost modest; it is the fault of man when they are not tolerably well behaved in one point at least. Faithlessness combined with bad example or brazen-facedness was further treated by being led in solemn procession through the bazar mounted on a diminutive and crop-eared donkey, with the face turned towards the crupper. The other castes were on the left, and close to him stood the ministers and those whom he delighted to consult.

Presently he bathed, worshipped his guardian deity, again heard hymns, drank a little water, and saw alms distributed to the poor. Varruchi: Expert Linguist and an expert in Grammar 6.

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