Microsoft VBScript (Visual Basic Script) is a general-purpose, lightweight and VBScript is the primary scripting language for Quick Test Professional (QTP). Scripting language for QuickTest Professional (QTP) is VBScript. Automated Testing Books. Automation Testing QTP Books. VBScript in QTP. Scripting language for QuickTest Professional (QTP) is VBScript . VBScript (short for Visual Basic Scripting Edition) is a lively scripting language.

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One Step Further: Using Win32_Environment and VBScript to Learn About WMI The. Download Bootstrap Tutorial (PDF Version) - Tutorials Point. application, see the UFT Tutorial for GUI Testing of Web applications, available from the UFT installation PDF or Help window. This section includes the . Editor: Each step is displayed as a VBScript line, displayed in a text/code editor. Now you can download the VBScript PDF file for free and print it, share it, learn and read it offline in your own free time. Password for the file is.

When we enable log tracking, QTP receives the Java or. NET log framework messages from our application and embeds them in the run results. We can click a log message in the results to jump to the relevant step in the run results tree, or we can click a step in the run results tree and view the log message that was generated at the time that the selected step ran.

We can also specify that a log message of a particular level or higher will fail our test. After we view the results, we can print or export the log tracking details to a file to show to a developer, or we can provide the developer with the standalone Run Results Viewer installation so that the developer can view and analyze the results directly on his or her own desktop. This enables us to create actions that can be used for a variety of different purposes or scenarios by referencing different sets of data.

We activate this option by selecting the Automatically parameterize steps option in the General tab of the Options dialog box. When we stop a recording session while this option is selected, QTP replaces the constant values in the test object operation arguments of our steps with either Data Table parameters or action parameters, based on our selection in the Options dialog box.

QTP performs this automatic parameterization for all relevant steps in any action in our test, in which we recorded one or more steps during that recording session.

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If we work with HP ALM, and we select the Global Data Table Parameters option, we can map the generated parameters to the column names of a data resource and then use different configurations in our test sets.

This enables us to create a more reliable identification definition for test objects that are otherwise difficult to differentiate, and to ensure that the identification remains reliable even if the user interface design changes. The Visual Relation Identifier Dialog Box provides the interface and tools to help us create and verify our visual relation identifier definitions. We can use these add-ins just as we would any other add-in.

We can also use Web Add-in Extensibility or Extensibility Accelerator to customize the provided support to match our needs. We install these add-ins by running the Web 2.

The operations supported for each Web 2. Object property to access the Firefox DOM. Use these scripts to perform operations on, or retrieve data from, the browser pages in our application. DeleteCookies 16 New LoadFunctionLibrary statement: The new LoadFunctionLibrary statement lets us load a function library when a step runs instead of at the beginning of a run session. This means, for example, that us can define conditional steps that use functions from various function libraries, but load only the required function libraries during a run session.

We can also use the property "micClass".

If you are still unable to record it is advisable install QTP and application, on the same machine 15 Explain the keyword CreateObject with an example. The name of the application providing the object. The type or class of the object to create.

The name of the network server where the object is to be created. If yes how? We can switch.

How to Use it? You can access object spy directly from the toolbar or from the Object Repository Dialog Box. It is very useful during Descriptive Programming Learn more about Object Spy 18 When ordinal identifiers alone can make an object unique then why they are not given top priority?

Why it is first mandatory and next assistive. Why we cannot go for ordinal identifiers directly? Consider the following - a If two objects are overlapped on each other than location based object recognition will fail. Hence mandatory and assistive properties are used. Code file extension is script.

Almost all dialog boxes in QTP have a corresponding automation object which can set or retrieved using the corresponding properties or methods in the Automation Object Model.

QTP Automation Objects can be used along with standard VB programming elements like iterative loops or conditional statements to help you design a script of choice.

Text Output values enable you to capture text appearing on the application under test during run-time. If parameterized, text output values will capture values appearing in each iteration which would be stored in the run-time data table for further analysis. Step Generator enables use to Add Test Steps in your script.

UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Using step generator you can add steps to your script without actually recording it. Suppose there are 5 check boxes in a page and I have to choose the 2nd one, how to do that through script?

You can use ordinal identifiers like index along with a little descriptive programming for object recognition. Watch a video of this example.

Test Fusion Report , displays all aspects of a test run and is organized in a Tree format. It gives details of each step executed for all iterations.

It also gives Run-time data table, Screen shots and movie of the test run if opted.

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In QTP Exceptional handling is done by using a. Recovery Scenarios. Triggered Events. Recovery steps. Post Recovery Test-Run. Value "name" -- This will retrun name as Guru99 Environment. Bitmap checkpoint does a pixel to pixel comparison of an image or part of an image. Image checkpoint does do a pixel to pixel comparison but instead compare image properties like alt text , destination url etc. Actions help make your Test modular and increase reuse.

Vb script for QTP

Example: You can divide your script into Actions based on functionality like Login, Logout etc. Functions help in re-use of your code. Keyword View is an icon based view which shows test steps in tabular format. It also automatically generates documentation for the test steps.

You also identify the environment and system configurations required to create and run your QTP Tests. If you are using Quality , defects can be automatically raised for failed tests in QTP.

Learn more about Test Automation Frameworks. It is an xls file which is stored in the Test Results Folder. It can also be accessed in the Test Fusion Report. Check point is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified property with the expected value for that property. To connect to the database you must know a connection string of your server b username c password d DNS name You can code the database connectivity command directly or you can use the SQL Query tool provided by QTP.Adobe Acrobat Reader: If it pops-up randomly during execution you need to use Recovery Scenarios.

Public statement variables are available to all procedures in all scripts. Maximize a browser window from QTP. Data fron that table to Excel sheet using vbscript to use in QTP.

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