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"Memoir of entertainment legend Sidney Sheldon, now 88 years old, an Academy Award-winning screenwriter and creator of many television hits"--Provided by. The Other Side of Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Author of over a dozen bestsellers, Academy Award-winning scr. The character of this book is fairly struggling and persevering, and, finally, he made it. Download The Other Side of Me-Sidney Sheldon pdf.

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November 25, His dream was to become a writer and to break Hollywood. By a stroke of luck, he found work as a reader for David Selznick, a top Hollywood producer, and the dream began to materialise.

Sheldon worked through the night writing stories for the movies, and librettos for the musical theatre. Little by little he gained a reputation and soon found himself in demand by the hottest producers and stars in Hollywood. But, this was wartime Hollywood and Sidney had to play his part. He trained as a pilot in the US Army Air Corps and waited for the call to arms which could put a stop to his dreams of stardom.

This is his story: Publication Details Publisher: His father rescued him and says "Life is like a Novel. Its filled with suspenses. You have no idea what's going to happen until you turn the page. Every day is a different page and they can be full of surprises.

If you really want to commit suicide, Sidney, I understand. But I'd hate to see you close the book too soon and miss all the excitements that could happen to you on the next page.

The page you are going to write". After hearing his dads words Sidney decided to postpone his plan to die and thus started the beginning of a legend. Sidney worked as clerk, salesman, bus boy, usher and whatever opportunities coming along his life. Even though he did all these labours, he got a talent- to write. No one can ever take that talent away from him. He wrote stories which received appreciation from his teachers as well as from his peers. He went to sell his stories.

The Other Side of Me

He knocked lot of doors. Even at stages of helplessness he remembered his fathers words and he always expected a suspense in the next page of his life. Finally the stroke of luck came when he got offer to work as a reader to the then renowned producer David Selznick.

Wings sprouted to his dreams. Slowly he built his reputation and became the hottest writers in Hollywood. He worked for MGM and Paramount, the biggest studio tycoons of the world.

He wrote Broadway scripts which became huge success. He is not always successful, as everyone else he too tasted the bitterness of failure, several times. Each failures were lessons to him. He understood the mindset of people and what do they expect.

He joined US Army Air corps and trained as Pilot during the second world war but he never got a chance to fly a plane on war front. He returned back to Hollywood and worked with all the best actors, actress and directors of his time.

After that, One day, an idea of a story got into Sidneys mind. It was about a psychiatrist whom someone was trying to murder. The plot was introspective and it would be impossible to do in dramatic form because we need to get into psychiatrist head to see how he solved the problems.

Thus he thought about writing a novel. That paved the way to his first novel 'The naked face'. It was a success. He realised the freedom of a novelist. A novelist can write what ever he needed without bothering the actor, actress or directors. He can put his full imaginations to readers. Keeping all these aspects he created his next novel- 'The Other Side of Midnight'.

This novel became a classic phenomenon and an International Best-seller. Followed by this he wrote a series of novels and most of them became International Best-seller and he became World famous. Sidney Sheldon became world famous not because of his Oscar Award, Television shows or movies but through his novels.

His father were right, everyday in his life was filled with suspenses. The hope and the confidence to face these suspenses made him the master of his games. If you know Hollywood of 40's,50's and 60's then you should read this autobiography. Because it reveals the green room stories of famous movie stars of those times. Go for it guys.

Its a very good read. My verdict 4. May 12, Ice rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sheldon writes his memoir as an intense and emotional rollercoaster as only he can with battling bipolar disorder nearly his entire life. From his suicide attempt at age 17 in to the publication of his first book in , Sheldon has worked hard for his accomplishments. His prolific writing career reads like a grocery list of productions spanning film, theatre, television and books.

O'Malley guides listeners through the author's adventures in Hollywood and Broadway with a lively and animated Sheldon writes his memoir as an intense and emotional rollercoaster as only he can with battling bipolar disorder nearly his entire life. O'Malley guides listeners through the author's adventures in Hollywood and Broadway with a lively and animated tone that engages listeners. Some of his vocal caricatures for secondary characters seems questionable, instilling them with comical or bland voices that disrupt the story rather than enhance it.

When year-old Sheldon reads the Afterword, his voice lacks O'Malley's energy. As a bonus feature, Sheldon is also interviewed about his life and the writing of this book.

Though he repeats some anecdotes from his book, listeners will still enjoy the additional words from the author. Sidney Sheldon, playwright, Oscar-winning screenwriter, and bestselling novelist, has written a glossy, gossipy, candid show-biz memoir. Mike O'Malley narrates this rags-to-riches saga at a leisurely pace with subdued intimacy, even when he reveals the lows of Sheldon's life, including the struggles he has had being bipolar and experiencing profound personal losses, such as the death of a child.

O'Malley lightens up with some hilarious moments, some very personal, as well as some shocking interactions with movie stars like Judy Garland, Groucho Marx, and a surprisingly combative Cary Grant. O'Malley's conversation with year-old Sheldon and Sheldon's afterword don't add any life lessons but neatly tie up a relaxing, titillating entertainment. May 26, Chasia Lloyd rated it it was amazing.

And the book opens with his father talking him out of a suicide attempt, and the conversation they shared hit me so damn hard. I clung to Sheldon's words and read the book in one sitting.

King of pulp fiction

Maybe I'm not in the best condition right now, but it often felt like Sheldon was sitting there next to me, turning the page for me. Filling me with hope and echoing both the light and the darkness I feel so often.

Reminding me that I'm not alone. Sheldon was a very talented man, and while his mental health wasn't always at the forefront of discussion, it's easy to see how it shaped him. He would take on multiple jobs or multiple creative projects, and it wasn't hard to assume he was manic during those times.

And he never shied away from discussing the depressive episodes which choked him. In one chapter, he's close to a much anticipated victory, and then he thinks he's a fraud and promptly goes home before taking the next step in his career. It's relentlessly relieving to see someone successful discuss their mental health.

The Other Side of Me

Every time he brought up something about turning the next page, I cried a little. May 17, Cynthia Bugsey rated it it was amazing. What did I expect? This is an autobiography, so it isn't as interesting as his usual fictional books. The interesting thing about this however is that one can't STOP reading it also. I loved how he told the story of his uncle who was broke and had to 'steal' his work from him which won lol!

It also gives one the sights and scenes of long ago when people like Cary Grant were big and a good insight on how Hollywood really IS. Sheldon teaches us that you have to have determination coupled with gu What did I expect? He also discloses trivia that his character Tracey Whitney If Tomorrow Comes is the name of his grand daughter.

I'd recommend this man's autobiography to anyone because it is both inspiring and motivational. Dec 26, Esther Fanny rated it it was amazing. It was the title that caught my eye. A clever play with words, it is indicative both of arguably his best novel, The Other Side Of Midnight , and the story of the private Sheldon.

You have to hand it to the guy. He's had a career as a usher, bar-boy, druggist, bell-boy, hollywood, broadway, playwright, screenplay, nibbled at direction and production before finally becoming what he is now. In short, this is an account of Sheldon's life and is an interesting read.

This is not the regular self-promoti It was the title that caught my eye. This is not the regular self-promotion biography and neither is it an inspiring saga. It's just what Sheldon has given in the book's front jacket - memoirs; but presented in his very own inimitable style so that the collection of facts and dates don't peg u down. Apr 26, Parva Chhantyal rated it liked it Shelves: Frankly, I was kind of bored in the middle.

He focused too much on Hollywood and not much on the novels but I guess that's what it is all about 'The other side of me'. Still, its great to know so much about him. The book is really slow compared to his novels but let's not compare autobiography with fictional books. Jun 14, Amrutha Stephen rated it did not like it Shelves: Too many names of people Sheldon's come across in Hollywood.

One gets enough of the names that one can't keep track of who's who. Though it's an inspirational book , it's quite unlike his other books. Having read books like Bloodline and Rage of Angels, I find this book not up to my expected 'Sheldon standard'. Sep 01, Paula Kalin rated it did not like it Shelves: Written for a fifth grade intelligence. Dec 24, Thirumoorthy rated it liked it. Life is like an elevator, the trick is not to get down when it hits the bottom.

Interesting autobiography to read. Jan 31, Chavelli Sulikowska rated it really liked it.

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There's no business like show business! Clearly Sheldon was not only an incredibly creative writer, he was also tenacious and a workaholic! His autobiography, albeit somewhat emotionally vacant, is highly entertaining, honest, and a real insight into the highs and lows of being a Hollywood writer.

I have a renewed admiration for this most prolific, diverse and talented of authors! Jan 07, Leanne Hunt rated it it was amazing Shelves:Catherine tries to tell the doctor about Larry's plot to kill her, but the doctor thinks she is hallucinating. There are too many nay-sayers out there who will try to discourage you. But, this was wartime Hollywood and Sidney had to play his part. Wings sprouted to his dreams. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

Too many names of people Sheldon's come across in Hollywood. Although I had read several of Sidney Sheldon's books in the eighties, I had no idea that he was also a prolific writer of Broadway musicals, Hollywood screenplays and television series.

At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. Publication Details Publisher: Failures we face in our lives will not continue forever.

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