Taken by Storm (Give & Take series) by Kelli Maine. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Kelli Maine - [Give & Take 03] - Given (epub) - dokument [*.epub] To families in their many shapes and forms. No one lies so boldly as the man. Editorial Reviews. Review. " an interesting, exciting, heart-catching take, and certainly one I'll Taken (Give & Take Book 1) - site edition by Kelli Maine.

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Kelli Maine is the author of Taken ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ), No Take Backs ( avg rating, ratings. ned direkt. Köp Taken: A Give & Take Novel (Book 1) av Kelli Maine på Bokus. com. Format: E-bok; Filformat: EPUB med Adobe-kryptering. Download this nice ebook and read the Taken Maine Kelli ebook. You'll not find this ebook anywhere online. See the any books now and if you.

Being an author is very similar to strapping in on the world's biggest roller coaster. There are highs that are insanely high, and lows that make your stomach bottom out. One constant is the support and encouragement of my family. I couldn't write without my mom who thinks I can do anything and rushes over to give me pep talks when I need them; my dad whose words in college when I was working two jobs, interning for free and going to classes full time, "Buck up and do it," have stuck with me and become my motto; my sister who's always ready to rush in and face an army of adversity for me if she has to; my husband who instinctively knows when to give hugs or tough love a.

My biggest thank you goes to you, the readers who have reached the end of Rachael and Merrick's story with me. One Merrick Sleep wouldn't come to me.

I was no stranger to insomnia, but this was different. This was sleeplessness due to frustration and worry. Countless hours had been spent racking my brain-where was Nadia? I'd left my daughter several messages and hadn't heard from her in at least a month. All I wanted to do was make sure she was okay and taken care of. I padded down the grand staircase, barefoot, into the open, three-story entryway of Turtle Tear Hotel.

Moonlight lit upon the wall murals, wavering with shadows from the trees outside the windows. It made the painted birds seem to move in that eerie, hallucinogenic way of sleepless midnights. I should be in bed, curled up against Rachael. It wouldn't be long before she woke and came looking for me.

Give & Take: Taken 1 by Kelli Maine (2012, E-book)

Causing her worry was something I hated, but staying in bed, staring at the ceiling, had driven me mad. I had to get up and move. Taking quiet strides down the hallway, I exited through the patio door.

The fountain gurgled. Water fell from the conch shell the stone mermaid held in her hands. Frogs called from the banks of the island.

I'd love nothing more than to feel the cool grass between my toes and breathe in the breeze off the water, but I knew it was too risky to walk that close to shore at night in the Everglades. Sitting in one of the wrought iron patio chairs, I slouched down and looked up at the moon.

It was hard to believe that not long ago, I stood in this very spot-the hotel behind me still in ruins-and was the loneliest man on the planet.

Now that I had Rachael and my family, my son, Nadia's twin, MJ, nothing was going to take them away from me.

I took a deep breath and held it in, fighting off the foreboding feeling that this happiness was fleeting. As I blew it out, the soft, deep notes of a cello reached my ears from the direction of the boathouse.

I chuckled.

Beck playing the cello was as likely as Beck becoming my best friend, but there it was-both recent facts. Lately, everything that had once seemed absurd and impossible was happening.

I threaded my fingers behind my head and listened, admiring the cloudless, starry sky. Beck was pretty damn good. Just as my mind cleared of worry and the anxiety wafted away on Beck's smooth strings, footsteps shuffled behind me, bringing me back to reality.

I turned my head to find Joan, my ex-assistant and Beck's girlfriend, walking toward me. I did my very best to avoid any time alone with her, even though I knew Rachael was secure in our relationship. I didn't need to give her any reminders of our rocky beginning when she perceived my past romantic relationship with Joan as a threat.

Then Joan turned to me. I wasn't holding him hostage. Beck was a grown man. He could do whatever he wanted with his life. His choice. He certainly didn't need another man telling him what he should be doing. He doesn't want to leave you high and dry here. Has been. Why does he feel he needs to stay? Showing loyalty? There was no way I'd let my hard work fall into those conniving hands.

The last thing I wanted was to be an obligation, like someone's decrepit old grandparent. It's about standing by someone he thinks of like a brother. And now there's the Weston Plantation. MJ will need him as foreman there. What she was asking. I nodded and turned away, trying to block out thoughts of the conversation I'd have to have.

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She stood for a moment longer before padding to the gate and heading off toward the boathouse in a golf cart. I stretched my arms over my head before standing and inhaling a deep breath of lime-scented air. It was late fall, and Mr.

Simcoe and I had cleaned up the overripe key limes from the orchard floor, but their sweet, pungent scent still lingered in the earth below the trees. From now until the day I died, this would always be what I identified as the scent of home. This island, this hotel, Rachael.

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The awareness of home was something I'd never known before. Experiencing it gave me a heady feeling as I blew out a breath and turned toward the patio doors to find Rachael lingering in the entryway watching me. Her hair hung down past her shoulders to touch the lace trim on the top of her silky tank. Her matching pajama shorts clung to every curve. She was a sexy angel standing there beckoning me to her. She radiated sexual heat and emotional warmth.

Two things I could never live without. Only from her. My Rachael. I guess my question now is whether this is the calm before the storm and if we're going to see things get thrown all about since we know that Enzo is still on the run and he's not going to let things go so easily.

I also wonder what's going to happen with the Twin that we just met in the last book, and with Gina - since there's something that's not quite right.

I think that what was hinted at - at the liklihood of a 12 yr old fathering a child on his first time having sex being slim to none - i'm curious is there's more to the story there. I don't know about you guys - but part of me wonders if it was Enzo and not Merrick that fathered the twins.

No take backs a taken novella kelli maine epubs

So i guess it's now off to reading Given - the 3rd full installment to see where things go. While i'm not sold on the 2nd person that we often get when Rachael is the narrator - at least the story itself is getting better to keep me engaged. I did not love this book, way too much about the ghost Ingrid, and I thought it was so strange how obsessed Rachael became with this whole thing, I did not like how she became this unfocused person that put this whole ghost thing in front of everything she said she loved.

I read it and I gave it 4 stars because I really like this series, around chapter 16 til the end I loved it because we got to read more about Merrick and Rachael which I missed and I enjoy reading everything Kelli writes but this did not thrill me, I could have done without this one, I hope the next one coming out in is better.

Reviews All this Turtle Tears history lesson is making my head spin 10 times a million Rachaelfacer I really enjoyed this story. Can't wait for Given nightray Review to come. Loved it. Kummer Review will shown on site after approval.

Review will shown on site after approval Other books by Romance.I've had the amazing opportunity to meet so many crazy, book-loving, dedicated women who blog for the sheer joy of interacting with other readers and authors.

Causing her worry was something I hated, but staying in bed, staring at the ceiling, had driven me mad. But before Maddie can start over, she must return home to put the past behind her once and for all I'd already had two orgasms and he was showing no sign of relenting. I'd given myself over to him and never once looked back. They're in alphabetical order by author, with links to author entries on the Maine Writers Index at the Maine State Library, if applicable not all books set in Maine are written by Maine authors.

I guess my question now is whether this is the calm before the storm and if we're going to see things get thrown all about since we know that Enzo is still on the run and he's not going to let things go so easily. I didn't need to give her any reminders of our rocky beginning when she perceived my past romantic relationship with Joan as a threat.

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