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Sweet Seduction (Sweet #3). by Maya Banks · Sweet Persuasion (Sweet by Maya Banks · Seduction of a Highland Lass (McCabe Trilogy #2). by Maya Banks . , 1, |a Banks, Maya. , 1, 0, |a Reckless |h [electronic resource (open EPUB eBook)] / |c Maya Banks. , |a Macon, GA: |b Samhain Pub., |c Maya Banks - Letting Go - dokument [*.epub] PRAISE FOR THE SWEET PERSUASION SWEET SEDUCTION SWEET TEMPTATION SWEET.

He'd wonder if she'd finally snapped and he'd probably haul her into a shrink's office so fast it would make her head spin. Which was why she had no intention of letting him know.

Her girlfriends were another matter. Chessy would understand absolutely. She'd even be encouraging. Kylie was Joss's sister-in-law, Carson's only sibling. They'd both grown up in horrific circumstances, and just as Carson could never provide what Joss craved-needed-neither would Kylie ever understand what drove Joss.

She might even be angry with Joss's choices. Might think it was a betrayal of her brother. Joss could only hope she'd support Joss even if she didn't fully understand. But she was getting ahead of herself.

First the cemetery and talking to Carson one last time. Then she'd tackle her best friends over lunch. She needed as much as possible to keep busy today, because tonight?

Tonight was when it all began.

Joss waited for the betraying sting of tears as they neared Carson's grave. But oddly, she felt at peace for the first time in three long years. Yes, it was time. She knelt and gently brushed away the leaves and dust at the base of the headstone before setting the vase of flowers in the middle.

Her gaze drifted upward to the inscription. The reminder of Carson's birth and death.

Her finger slowly traced the words. Beloved husband, brother and best friend. Those words said it all. A reminder of those left behind who mourned him still. She'd insisted that Dash be honored on the headstone, as he was every bit as much family as herself and Kylie.

She only wished they'd had children so his legacy and memory would live on through them. But as with any young couple, they'd thought they had all the time in the world. Carson was apprehensive about having children. He feared that he shared the same genetic traits that his father had possessed. No matter how many times Joss had gently reminded him that he was nothing like his father, Carson still lived in fear of hurting those he loved the most.

She understood his fear.

Sweet Seduction

She knew how much he loved her. She also knew he'd die before ever hurting her or any children they had.

But the darkness of his past still overshadowed his present. The past still haunted his dreams at night. Though Kylie, his sister, hadn't spoken of it often, Joss knew that Kylie had the same nightmares that Carson had. That she shared many of the same sleepless nights Carson experienced. A wave of sadness overtook Joss. Such a waste.


Carson's father had destroyed the lives of two innocent children. Worse, he lived on well into their adulthood, influencing their choices, always living in their fears even though he was dead. He still held them in his grasp from the grave, his memory and the memories of all he did torturing them still. He sounded worried and a little uncertain, and Dash was never nothing if not sure of himself.

It was her. He knew it was her.

She turned, tilting her head up so her gaze connected with Dash's. Wait for me at the car if you don't mind. I'll only take a few minutes and then I'll be ready to go. Never before had she asked to be left alone at Carson's grave.

It had been too difficult, too emotional. Dash had always remained at her side, steady and strong, her rock to lean on.

He'd stayed with her as long as she wanted to remain and then he'd take her back to the car and back home, where he'd spend the rest of the afternoon sitting with her as she cried on his shoulder. Not today. Not anymore. She nodded firmly, making sure no tears threatened. She wasn't going to unravel in front of him.

She'd been doing that far too long. I've arranged to take the entire day off.

Of course he would have. But she didn't intend for him to spend it with her as he'd done in the past. There was too much to get done before tonight. And she didn't want to chance breaking her resolve and confiding in Dash.

Not only was it not appropriate, but he would most certainly not approve. He'd think she'd lost her damn mind. And maybe she had. Or perhaps she was just getting it back. She turned back as Dash headed toward the car and then pushed herself upward to stand over the grave.

She stared down, her jaw tight, locking down her emotions for the conversation she intended to have with her husband. But I want you to know I'm going to move on. Try to move on," she amended. I know there were.

And I want you to know I never resented you for that. God, I loved you far too much to ever expect you to give me something it was impossible for you to give. I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you.

You were so good to me. The love of my life. I know I'll never find that again. Finding perfection once in a lifetime is incredible. The Heir The.

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She understood his fear. Sweet Persuasion Sweet 2 by Maya Banks.

Sweet Seduction

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