Documents Similar To six ki. TRIORIGIN Uploaded by. SmileTriorigin. Sujok Six Ki Therapy for Chronic & Acute Diseases. Uploaded by. cmchordia. Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. six ki color. Treatment: For apply (rubb) sujok ring in portion of thumb between distal . Introduction to Six Ki - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SUJOK.

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The Six Ki and Triorigin; Why Six Ki Treatment is more Fundamental Then Five element treatment; The theory of the 6 Ki, its role and relevance for medicine. Download Sujok six ki treatment pdf >> six+ki+treatment+pdf Read Online Sujok six ki treatment pdf. global tendency to restore to natural healing systems, Sujok as a refined follows. • Correspondence System • Energy Flow Therapy / Sujok Ki • Six Ki.

Line no. Yang side of Thumb - Core area of eyes - Orange. Over orthodox character or over Excitement in one's Personality that appears not regulerly but rarely with Severity. Over sensitive nature or suppression of anger can be recognized as leading metaphysical.

Pulmonary Asthma. Over sensitive nature but reluctant to show their reactions are the most common patients suffering from asthama. Meta Physical Aspect People with dominating mentality may suffer frequently by tonsilitis. Along with intrinsic physical factors, metaphysical factors such as over anxiety pride and boasting characters can favour high B.


Negative approach towards life and inferiority complex can result in such Low B. Over anxiety, agong or sadness at emotional level or excessive eating desire can be promotive reason of cholesterol.

When expansive and development ideas are restricted, it might cause varicose vein. Some people who try to match their low mental levels with excitement are prone to addiction.

They try to seek satisfaction through addiction. Surrendered mentality against sociality or lack of victorious spirit can favour such swelling in lower limbs. Excessiveness of Yang wind energy Lack of tolerance towards naissance or hastening or excessiveness of possessive attitude can be related with less heighted nees.

Over thoughtfulness, over desires and fantasy mental levels can enhance the cause of hypothyroidism. Over ambission or over sensitivity to cold can be prominent reason that promote hair fall.

Lack of satifaction: Seek satisfaction through eating. Excessive possessiveness along with sincere personality. Skin and Joint Problems. Consumption of spicy foods along with feelings of over excitement at mental physical or even sexual levels may aggravate it.

Character Consisting of over cautiousness or feeling of dependency over a long period may lead to knee joint degeneration.

Those people who are generally with positive attitude but at times become aggressive in complaining or aggressively reveal sadness. Anxiety and emotionally sensitive personalities are common victims of such gastric and indigestion problems.

Hyper kinetic activity of mind and body in case of children can result in bed wetting. Lack of viscosity can also be described for this purpose. Or On YIN surface of thumb on both above and below the distal joint a circle of brown colour. People with dominating mentality may suffer frequently by tonsilitis. Meta Physical Aspect.

Over sincerity or show-off of over maturity can favour frequent burps. Constant fear over a long period or over elderly character can favour the mal- functioning of kidney. Triorigin is a vast field. We were getting satisfaction through Six Ki Therapy until the theory of Triorigin was introduced.

Study of Triorigin is easier as compared to Six Ki but its implementation requires great level of consciousness. Till we reach to that stage let us try to get results from initial study of Triorigin world. Each meridian according to Six Ki is composed of 6 energies. Similarly each meridian is also composed of 4 forces that are necessary for existence. Energy Meridians: Triorigin Meridians: Kidney Meridian: X Meridian.

What is Energy?

You might have gone through this word a number of times. Now let us study this word in detail. Before the creation of this universe can we imagine what would have existed?

The existing thing was Tao. This is a Korean word whose meaning can be understood as godness or holiness and nothing else. From Tao, chi was created which means energy. Agony 4. It represents.. Yellow 7. It houses in. Consciousness -at mental level activity 5.

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It represents Flesh. Itching etc.

It's Emotion. Weight related disorders can be cured by balancing this energy in the body. Introduction to energies. Prosperity as a life cycle 3.

Atrophy as a life cycle 3. Will -as a mental level activity 5. Sadness Menopause in women. Lungs and Large Intestine. Symptoms of excessive Dryness in person. It represents Skin and Hair on body. Final stages of all diseases are coldness. Heat Energy Head. Wisdom -as a mental level activity 5. By using one of these system all type of health disorders can be cured successfully.

Introduction to Six Ki

Old age or death. It represents -Bones of body. These systems can be described as follows2. Spinal cord and Brain meridians together makes Nervous system.

Humidity energy Right Hand. Kidneys and Urinary Bladder.

Psychic & Psychosomatic Disorders: Treatment

In Six Ki treatment method-Circulatory and Nervous system are used for giving treatment. Fear 4. A systematic study under the guidance of an expert six ki therapist is required to become a successful six ki therapist. This information is given here only to give some basic idea about six ki treatment methods. It represents -Bones of body- as a body component It represents - Old age or death- as a life cycle 3. It's Emotion - Fear 4.

It represents- Wisdom -as a mental level activity 5. It represents- salty- taste. It's representative color is- Black 7. It houses in- Kidneys and Urinary Bladder. Symptoms of excessive coldness- all diseases like cancer,chronic ulcer,sclerosis and everything hard and cold in the body, are all belongs to coldness. Final stages of all diseases are coldness.

In Six Ki treatment method-Circulatory and Nervous system are used for giving treatment.

These systems can be described as follows2.It represents Flesh,fat and lymph as a body component Weight related disorders can be cured by balancing this energy in the body. Practicing skills of axial treatment on the level of unified and individual energies on models. Frontal spin of chakras.

Sujok sujok zone palm leaves twist therapy towel. S ujok cupressure acupuncture sujok korean therapy developed late prof.

It's representative color is- Black 7. Clinical case studies to determine symmetrical constitutions of individual energies. This course gives you an opportunity to learn Advance Sujok Therapy online. The spirit of doctor and patient.

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