of the “void” in his book The Power of Now. I could feel myself being sucked into a void. It felt Introduction Resisting Happiness: A True Story about Why We. Stumbling on Happiness DANIEL GILBERT Alfred A. Knopf New York I wrote much of this book while on sabbatical leaves that were subsidized by the. No. But as it happens, twelve is the number of weeks that a seminar at Harvard Univer- sity typically meets, which means that my book is ideal for teaching.

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Stumbling on Happiness: book summary and review. Read here Daniel Gilbert Stumbling on Happiness summary and review, also available in. [PDF] Download Stumbling on Happiness Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at Download. Stumbling On Happiness PDF Summary by Daniel Gilbert explores our brains and their ability to create whole images out of pieces of.

Well, once you create an image of a future event, you cannot imagine it playing out another way. In other words, you create an expectation. And we all know how disappointing it is when your expectations do not get met.

But disappointment is not the danger here. Belief in predictions about the future is. Sometimes we mistake our own mental images with facts about the future, which can affect our behavior and decisions.

You need to remember that your current emotions have a large impact on the image you create about the future. However, we are not saying that you should not take chances. Most of the time you will regret all the things that you did not try to do than those you did and made a mistake.

The truth is, mistakes can be great teachers, while idleness will bring you nothing. However, accept that there are and there always will be unpleasant events and situations and life and prepare to face them. Interestingly enough, our brains are made in such a way that we distress more about small and trivial misfortunes than about significant matters. How come?

Stumbling on Happiness Summary

Well, our brains protect us from big and really stressful events. When it comes to minor shocks, on the other hand, they leave the ball in our court. But our brains also allow us to induce a positive worldview. The only thing you need to do to become more positive is to surround yourself with people and information that backs up your perspective.

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In other words, you need to control the information that you are letting get to you and limit it just to information that is positive. Yes, it is time you look at the direction of happiness and ignore everything else! Compare Products Based on Their Value 3. Take Chances Your Brain Creates Whole Images Out of Pieces of Information Our brains are capable of creating a whole image out of a few, or sometimes even out of just one piece of information.

Often, when it does that, it is wrong. This means that your memories are not completely factual, and that indulging in predicting the future can prove destructive to the choices you make, since what you think of as predicting based on facts, is actually daydreaming.

Compare Products Based on Their Value Whenever you compare products, do not compare them based on their past princes. Prices will go up, and if you allow yourself to think like this, you will always get frustrated. Instead, compare products based on their value. Just think about what else you can get for the price you are paying.

Take Chances It is essential you take chances, make choices, and simply act. He does not expect too many people to heed this advice, as our culture, accompanied by various thinking tendencies, is against this method of decision making. Also, Gilbert covers the topic of 'filling in' or the frequent use of patterns, by the mind, to connect events which we do actually recall with other events we expect or anticipate fit into the expected experience. This 'filling in' is also used by our eyes and optic nerves to remove our blind spot or scotoma , and instead substitute what our mind expects to be present in the blind spot.

The book is written for the layperson, generally avoiding abstruse terminology and explaining common quirks of reasoning through simple experiments that exploited them. In the Prospection Section Gilbert contends that humans are most special because of their ability to imagine.

Our large frontal lobes biologically distinguish us from other animals and the function of the frontal lobe is to help us imagine.

The Subjectivity Section addresses the meaning of happiness and emphasizes that happiness is a subjective feeling.

The first shortcoming is a lack of accuracy or realism. Imagination relies on memory and perception, and both memory and perception are prone to omit important details and to add false details. In the Presentism Section, Gilbert addresses the second major shortcoming of imagination which is that it is biased toward the present.

People project their current circumstance and values onto the future, but the future is often different enough from the present as to make such projections misleading.We might understand all this if we had neglected them, ignored them, mistreated them in some fundamental way—but damn it, we gave them the best years of our lives!

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Because feelings of surprise are generally accompanied by reactions that can be observed and measured—such as eyebrow arching, eye widening, jaw dropping, and noises followed by a series of exclamation marks—psychologists can use surprise to tell them when a brain is nexting. But our brains also allow us to induce a positive worldview.

But the truth is that, often, our situations and life events are not that different from each other. It is what keeps you from sending your nine-year old to the rough part of town one night for a loaf of bread.

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For example if you do grocery shopping while hungry you will probably download more food than you actually need. What did this new bit of cerebral apparatus do to justify an architectural overhaul of the human skull?

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