Richard Stoker was, first and foremost! a family man. A devoted husband to his wife Evelyn, a loving father to his daughter. India Evie and India are seated by . Stoker – script by Wentworth Miller (writing as Ted Foulke) – hosted by: Horror Lair – in pdf format. After India's father dies, her Uncle. Obtained by Wentworth Miller bestthing.inforthmillernet. Page 2. Obtained by Wentworth Miller bestthing.inforthmillernet. Page 3.

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I read the script for "Stoker" by Ted Foulke (Wentworth Miller) and was astounded at how Script: 40 Wentworth Miller (aka Ted Foulke), Stoker screenplay, 18 January , HorrorLair, 41 James. Bram Stoker's. DRACUL A. Screenplay by. Jim Hart. SCORE. Storyboards. AME: 14 tarote. 10 • AMERICAN ZOETROPE. (REVISED ). H.

Its haunting, even when played with more precision than passion as it is now. Each note sends vibrations shimmering down the web The spider sets off to investigate, moving rapidly over a series of ridges and planes. It comes to a smooth lacquered surface, starts to descend. As we watch it wind its way down one of the pianos front legs, we realize weve been lurking beneath the instrument the entire time.

The music continues as the spider quietly touches down on the hardwood floor, begins crawling stealthily toward the pedals The black and white saddle kind, the kind a young girl might wear, moving up and down on the gleaming brass pedals. The spider comes closer. The shoe moving up and down, up and down And just as were sure this repulsive creature is about to skitter up that shoe and sink its teeth into tender skin, the shoe casually pivots toward the spider, crushes it underfoot.

End of spider. And with no more than a glance at the thing on the floor that used to be alive, this unusually cool customer goes back to her recital. Not an easy face to describe. Not that its without beauty it isnt , not that its without character it isnt , but its a face that gives nothing away. You cant talk about the view with the shade pulled down. Dressed in a sweater set and skirt black , hair pulled back in a ribbon also black , India sits at a black baby grand in the room her mother refers to as the parlor.

A long way from Pottery Barn. Back straight, fingering correct, Indias pale hands float easily over the keys as April sunshine filters through the big picture window behind her. They eventually ended up in Mexico in another prison, but get this, the prison was so relaxed that the characters were actually allowed to roam the basement area unattended.

So the first prison was the most secure prison in the world and they broke out of that. Now they were having trouble breaking out of a prison where they could hang out in the basement for days at a time without anyone knowing or caring? I kept watching out of sympathy for the writers, who were tasked with making this whole thing conceivable. But Prison Break will be immortalized for its ability to continue on longer than any dead show in history.

And people thought Lost had filler.

Anyway, I have great news. It sold earlier in the year so if anyone wants to guess what it is, please do so in the comments. Unfortunately the only thing scary about it is the comedy. Should be a groovy week. As he integrates himself into the wealthy family, the eccentric teen is torn between trusting a man who may be an imposter and discovering her true nature.

What caught my attention was the Edward Gorey-esque illustration of a girl on the cover, and I opened it and was enamored by the writing the description and destruction of a spider as said girl plays a piano within the first three pages. Intrigued, I paused to look up information on the script, and quickly discovered that the screenwriter, Ted Foulke, is the non-de-plume of the actor who played Sunnydale swim team member turned Lovecraftian fish monster on season two of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

So, this thing is about vampires, right? Well, not of the bloodsucking variety, anyways. But Bram Stoker and the mythology he created are woven into the story as thematic metaphor. Evie Stoker, who has perhaps had too much to drink and then some , arrives in the parlor, which is decorated like a French mausoleum Chippendale chairs, Georgian tables, Louis XVI commodes , to berate her daughter about changing her shoes for once.

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Not one to acquiesce, India joins her mother at the cemetery for the funeral of her father. Richard Stoker, according to the Reverend, was a pillar in the small community of Middle Bend, known for his openness, honesty and integrity. My poor little doctor. Really, doctor. What a naughty bear. Let me feel Oh, my darling. Oh, you look wonderful. It's my snake dress. Jonathan says it's a defect of the aristocracy that they say what they please.

The truth is that I admire Lucy, and I'm not surprised that men flock around her. I wish I were as pretty and as adored as she. Renfield, successful solicitor in the firm of Hawkins and Thompkins, respected member of the Lord Nugent's Wyndham Club. Returns from business abroad in Transylvania.

Promptly suffers a complete mental breakdown. He's now obsessed with some bloodlust. Seward, or a canape? No, thank you, Mr. Is my personal life of interest to you? Of course it is. All life interests me. Your diet, Mr. Renfield, is disgusting! Actually, they're perfectly nutritious. You see, each life that I ingest gives life to me. Renfield turns away from Seward But you might as well ask a man to eat a molecule with a pair of chopsticks than to interest me in lesser carnivora.

What about spiders? Spiders eat the flies. What about sparrows? Did you say sparrows? Oh, yes. No one would refuse me a kitten. My salvation depends upon it!

Stoker script pdf

Oh, yes, a big cat! I need lives for the Master. What Master?

Renfield suddenly attacks Dr. The Count, the way he looked at Mina's picture fills me with dread as if I have a part to play in a story that is not known to me. It is old and has many bad memories. Be warned. We are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England. Our ways are not your ways. And, to you, there shall be many strange things.

Those animals? I wrote three letters--to the firm, to my family, and to my beloved Mina. I said nothing of my fears as he will read them, no doubt. I know now that I am a prisoner.

Jonathan, come to me! Lay down, lay back into my arms. Lay back, Jonathan. And I shall love Yes, I too can love. The Count's gypsies, fearless warriors who are loyal to the death to whatever nobleman they serve, day and night they toil, filling boxes with decrepit earth from the bowels of the castle.

They are to be delivered to his newly acquired Carfax Abbey in London. Why do they fill these boxes with earth? The Count has insisted I remain for a month to tutor him in English custom. I can say no more except I love you.

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Ever faithful, Jonathan. Oh, Mina. It's so wonderful! I've decided! I love him, and I've said yes. MINA: Don't tell me.

The Texan with the big knife? Lord and Lady Holmwood. Would you want to be my maid of honor? Say yes. This is the most exciting day of my life.

You don't seem to care. This letter I received is so cold. It's so unnatural. It's not like him at all. Set sail at noon into a storm that seemed to come out of nowhere, carrying us out to sea. Nearing Gibraltar. Storm continues. Crew uneasy, believes someone or something is aboard the ship with us. Gather round! I am here to do your bidding, Master! I have worshipped you long and far off! Now that you are near, Master, I am your slave! I await your command! Yet there is method in his madness, with his flies and spiders.

Had I the secret of even one such brilliant mind, the key to the fantasy of one lunatic. He injects himself with morphine Lucy! Do not see me! I couldn't control myself. Lucy, you're dreaming.

You're walking in your sleep again. LUCY in extreme confusion and agitation : My soul seemed to leave my body. There was this agonizing feeling and, when it came back to me, I saw you shaking me. LUCY: I had to. It sort of pulled me and lured me and I had no control. And those red eyes!

I still have the taste of his blood on my mouth. I have worshipped you! A wonder of modern civilization! An amazing sensation See me now. Paper, sir? Dracula downloads a paper Thank you, sir. Forgive my ignorance. I have recently arrived from abroad and I do not know your city.

Is a beautiful lady MINA: You may download a street atlas for six pence.

I am only looking for the cinematograph. I understand it is a wonder of the civilized world. MINA: If you seek culture, then visit a museum. Excuse me. London is Good day. Are you acquainted with my husband? Shall I call the police? I shall bother you no more. If you are looking Vlad of Szekely. I am your servant. Wilhelmina Murray. I am honored, Madame Mina. MINA: This way. Holmwood asked me to stop by to see Miss Lucy.

Seward, Miss Lucy. Brilliant Jack. Do you like it? She twirls in the dress Did Arthur put you up to this or did you want me alone just once before I'm married? I am here as your doctor.

Your fiance is very worried about you, and I assure you a doctor's confidence is sacred. I must have your complete trust. I don't know what's happening to me. I'm changing.

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I can feel it. I can hear everything. I hear the servants at the other end of the house whispering. I hear mice in the attic stomping like elephants. But I'm having horrible nightmares, Jack. The eyes! Oh, Jack. Nothing will harm you. Let it work.

Kiss me. They get off their horses Dr. And how is our lovely patient today? Oh, Jack, are you still brooding over Miss Lucy? I can only conclude it must be something mental. Did you hear that, Quince? Last week he wants to marry her, and now he wants to have her committed.

Let's go have a look at her, shall we? I've taken the liberty of cabling Abraham Van Helsing, a metaphysician philosopher. Van Helsing knows more about obscure diseases than any man in the world.

He's my teacher and mentor. Do it, man. Bring him here. Spare no expense.


There are no limits to science. MINA: How can you call this science? Do you think Madame Currie would invite such comparisons? I shouldn't have come here.

I must go.The spider comes closer. Come over here. Come and give your Auntie Gin a hug!

India squeezes her eyes shut, bracing for the unthinkable I need lives for the Master. Would you want to be my maid of honor?

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