SSB Interview: The Complete Guide and over 2 million other books are available for site site. SSB Interview: The Complete Guide Paperback – A perfect substitute for SSB coaching Dr. (Cdr) N K Natarajan has an experience of over 25 years in the Indian Navy and a three. Let's Crack SSB Interview Paperback – Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests - SSB Interview (TAT/WAT/SRT. This is the new edition of Let's Crack SSB interview, the best selling SSB interview book for NDA, AFCAT, CDS and all other Army, Navy and Air Force SSB AFSB. SSB interview is known as one of the toughest interviews in the country, but some candidates find it easier and don't find need of any preparation or coaching.

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Do you have SSB interview this year? are you planing to download a good SSB interview book for guidance? So, here we are writing down few best books for SSB. This book on SSB will also contain practice sets of O. I. R tests which will help you to Which is the best book to refer for ssb interview?. Hello all! Got this book from flipkart. It took some time to come as it came all the way from Hyderabad to Delhi, but still satisfied. Now about the book, it's good.

I believe that religiously practicing and implementing these tips will help you crack SSB interview! While you appear for it, treat others like your friends, enjoy your stay there and give it your best shot! In the first point, I described how important it is to know more about the schedule, events and procedure of SSb Interview.

SSB Interview Books and eBooks

Knowing all these details about the interview will help you win half the battle! Rest of it can be conquered through practice and preparation. In the next section, you will find everything you need to know about SSB Interview. It is the one which conducts interviews for the shortlisted candidates at various locations in India.

Services Selection Board is responsible for recommending the eligible candidates for Officer Cadre post in Indian defence forces. All recommended candidate list once again will be shortlisted according to the all India merit. Final merit list will be released after one or two months by the SSB board and the candidates selected in this list will be commissioned into Indian armed forces as officers.

Name of the post: After medical checkup and training, the candidates are going to be inducted as Commissioned Officers.

Notifications: Candidates are intimated for the SSB interview through call letters. In case call letter is not received on time after clearing the UPSC exam, the candidate must immediately contact the concerned office.

They can be very helpful in guiding you. It will build up your confidence, you also have to know the procedure and method of Interview or what to expect and when. Candidates can also read some books on the subject, to get a feel. It will give them an exposure to the types of questions. The answers are either within you.

Coaching can only help the candidates to be familiar with the Tests. Some of the candidates would not personally recommend coaching.

SSB is looking for in you so, what you are, not what someone has drilled into you. Coaching sometimes creates a lot of conflict between your real self and the tutored. Get yourself updated on General Knowledge and General Awareness of important happenings around the world and the country.

Most of the candidates lie about themselves which cost them later. Be positive in your outlook and remember all Group Tasks are to see your team spirit, the leadership of a group and decision making. Remember, the main goal of SSB is to find out if you have the qualities to be a good officer or have the potential to develop into one. Things to keep in mind for the GD session: Do not look at the officers while narrating your story and just after completing it.

Try to maintain a proper body language. Do not argue in the GD as it will create a negative impression. Look if you are allowing others to speak, including the weaker ones.

Wait for the right time to put in the strong points of the story that you have written. Try to be actively present in the discussion so that the officers notice you. Second Day: The second day is considered one of the important one. These are all general psychology tests that demand your extensive attention and concentration.

SSB Interviews Pdf Book by Upkar’s Publication Free Download

Self-description: Prepare for it beforehand. The psychologists usually look for your: Ability to self-analyse The aim in life and determination Thinking and mentality regarding parents, family, friends, neighbours, teachers and others.

Perception of how your parents, family, friends, neighbours, teachers and others analyse you. These tests are conducted to evaluate you as a team player in various situations as also as an individual.

It also assesses your leadership qualities and the way you express yourself. Perform all the tasks in a calm and composed manner.

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Here you can check them one by one — Stage-1 Testing Screening: Screening process is to pick up some potential candidates from all those who have reported for the particular entry. But it is always good to go well prepared, you can check some verbal and non-verbal sample questions here.

After the screening test, the candidate will get some rest and later proceed for PPDT. Keep in mind that PPDT is the most important part which helps you to clear screening and helps the candidate to go on test Results of Screening: After the PPDT is completed, the candidates will get some rest for hours and will be provided lunch too. The result of the screening test will be declared after the break, the candidates who are selected are allotted with new chest numbers.

The rest of the candidates gets their TA and dropped backed to the railway station or bus stand. Otherwise it will be difficult to clear. Technique No 9: In progressive group task you have to work in a team.

There your team working skills would be tested. So you should come prepare and work in a team to show you have a great leadership quality as well as team work quality. Then comes the group obstacle race here you have to clear obstacles or hurdles. Again this is also to test your team work capability.

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Technique No For Individual Lecturette your individuality would be tested. Leading from front is the first quality that you must possess. You have to have a leadership quality that can not only lead the team but also communicate with them in any situation. Here focus will be only on you as an individual. This will again test your leadership and team work capabilities.

But it will be tougher than previous day or round. Here you have to be prepared for grilling and show your real mental preparedness. You need to work on to bring out your inner fear and express yourself. This round or day will be the last milestone that you have to cross. So start preparing from now on if you have clear this round. Day5: Conference and Results Declaration On the final day you do not have to do anything. Just you have to wait for the result. There will be a closing address by the officials there.

If you are selected then congratulations otherwise do not break your heart prepare for the next time. What is SSB Interview 4. Routine at SSB 5. What SSB Board checks in a candidate 6. Officer Like Qualities 7. Day of Reporting 8. About Screening Test OIR Model Test About Psychological Test About Group Testing Series Group Discussion Group Planning Exercise Progressive Group Task Individual Obstacles Half Group Task Command Task Sanidhya Lakhera Sep, SSB is looking for in you so, what you are, not what someone has drilled into you.

This will again test your leadership and team work capabilities. Do not argue in the GD as it will create a negative impression. The book will in all possible ways, guide you in the right direction of glory.

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