If you are looking for free ebooks for your Sony Reader, the free ebooks page lists a number of websites that have books in compatible formats. Some of the best places to download are Project Gutenberg,, Feedbooks, and Baen Free Library. BBEB and EPUB are the best. In the days following June 16, you'll be able to download eBooks at the Kobo Store from your Reader desktop software application and directly from Sony Wi-Fi. As of late March, you can download eBooks from the Kobo Store directly from your Reader desktop software application. And with the free Kobo reading app, you can continue to download, store and read your eBooks on your Sony device, or any Kobo eReader or tablet. **Sony Readers PRS-T1.

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The Sony Reader was a line of e-book readers manufactured by Sony, who produced the first The eBook Store from Sony is only available to US or Canadian residents or to customers who downloadd a US-model reader with bundled eBook. Sony is quitting North America eBook market, and all their customers will be taken over by Kobo. Here is the guide to protect your downloadd. Epubor provides a series of legal implications to remove the DRM protection so as to convert eBooks into EPUB support by Sony eReader.

How to Transfer Sony eBooks to Kobo

I wish I had waited one day for a site to arrive instead. The Reader is a wonderful device, but the library is a nightmare. I've already logged about 5 hours on the phone with their foreign tech support trying to troubleshoot issues.

In one case, the library software allowed me to download books without having first "logged in". The concept of logging in is strange because the software greeted me with a welcome using my first name and didn't object when I downloadd 5 books.

The act of loading them onto the device caused the account to be locked out and my mom was left stranded in the hospital with no reading material! How hard is it to require that the user log in before downloading a book? It allowed me to download 5 books without logging in and then locked the account so that I couldn't use it after the 6th download.

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It even put a lock on the books already in the Reader!!! What kind of security is that?

So now that mom is home from the hospital, I tried to load the library software on her desktop so that she can manage her own book downloads. Should be simple, right?

Just download the software, install it, connect the existing account and authorize the new computer. There are currently over , ebooks available and 1 million free public domain ebooks through a partnership with Google.

They just added some newspaper subscriptions , with some exclusive to the Sony ebook store. You can also check out the all the other websites listed on this page and search their titles for your particular interest of reading material.

United Kingdom: You still use Sony's Library Software to manage your ebooks, or Adobe Digital Editions, but there isn't access to the online store. Sony recommends Waterstone's and WHSmith.

Other websites listed on this page may work as well, but some have regional restrictions so you may need to check first. The eBook Reader. Related Links: Sony Reader.

Enter your email address to receive updates: Latest Articles.It is Sony's higher-scale, touch-screen edition of the ereader. Calibre can convert many ebook formats as well as collate multiple HTML pages into a single ebook file with an automatically generated table of contents.

Never miss an update again! She would never be able to figure out the issues that I've dealt with so far. The Wall street journal. Retrieved from " https:

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