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skaven 7th edition army book pdf. politiets hittegods københavn visit Posted on amour le jour se leve August Warhammer Armies: Skaven is an Army Book for the Skaven army in games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It was first published in and is for the 7th. Do you mean the Skaven book, other army books, or the game in general? in 3rd ed and 1st ed of WFRP, you can find pdf's of them online. .. the orb spam from 7th ed would be a bad idea since the skaven book needed.

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Skaven - 7th

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Yeah, don't take Ikit.

But, he's expensive points and while he can be nasty in close combat, especially against big things, but he's more than a little likely to eat an entire model from your own unit which means he could end up chowing down an entire fucking Rat Ogre and he's not powerful or durable enough to make up for that.

He can make up his points, if you slap him in a unit of Giant Rats, but at that point you're just wasting him in a unit that's liable to get run over due to combat res. Not worth it. He can be truly brutal against high armor save guys, which is always nice. If you're tailoring a list to take on Dwarves, definitely give this guy a look, as he'll do an average of kills per round against them.

Still a little too pricy, but a solid all around choice. Its great weapon rats without the initiative penalty. Not to be overlooked as a strong way to cut through a horde. Deathmaster Snikch: At first Deathmaster Snikch looks like a perfect Assassin, until you read his, you guessed it, points cost. He will almost never see enough action to justify that cost. Don't bother. Tretch Craventail: Tretch is, put simply, hilarious. He has the exact same stats as a Chieftain, for points more, but he has some amusing abilities.

He also grants rerolls to hit to his unit of Clanrats or Stormvermin if they're attacking on the flank or rear, but in practice that's not as useful as you might think. Obviously, he's best in tightly packed battle lines, as if he fails to reach a viable unit with his leaving combat ability, he auto-dies. He can be fun to help countercharge draw a unit in, leave combat, charge that unit on the flank next round but that's not as reliable as you might think.

Ultimately, he's a fun but non-competitive character. He can be funny in a casual game, but don't take him in a tournament.

Skweel Gnawtooth: Everyone's favorite Clan Moulder monster-wrangler, mostly because he's the closest thing any of the named Skaven come to being actually cost effective points, more affordable than some generic heroes. Stick him in with a half-dozen Rat Ogres and watch his soft touch with animals propel them to hit the enemy like a meteor. The main issue with the uppity runt is that he's too much of a snob to latch on to a new unit if his personal retinue all bite it, and if you're unlucky and don't roll Regen on your Rat Ogres you'll probably have your investment on the lot fall apart after a couple of flank passes.

That said, he can usually be counted on to do enough damage to justify his initial extra down payment, and is surprisingly capable when it comes to self-defense, all things considered. Generic Characters[ edit ] Note: While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army.

Everything is slinky, right? Well then the issues set in. Don't get us wrong, he's a beast if you get him into combat and he can be a nasty caster under a lot of circumstances he can even, in theory, drop a Bloodthirster, though don't count on that.

But his price of entry is inhumanly high and he's a really big and obvious target a solid Ogre Kingdoms or Dwarf list will have his ass dropped on turn 1 , he's weak against getting tar pitted and he has a troubling lack of Always Strikes First.

You can safely leave him out of a tournament list, but he'll make a big splash in casual games. His Strength, Toughness, and Wounds have all been boosted to 7 each, although his Initiative is now 9.

He also gains some special rules the vanilla lord lacks, namely Always Strikes First, Stubborn, and Loremaster for both Skaven magic schools. Still costs way too much for most games, but if you want to go nuts in a Grand Army or End Times match he can definitely turn heads.

Verminlord Deceiver: New beastie brought to you by End Times. Clan Eshin themed Verminlord, not too strong in duels due to lack of Doomglaive with Multiple Wounds, but has a nasty ranged attack number of shots is equal to number of models in target unit's front rank , is -1 to hit when shot at and can Skitterleap around, and so is a perfect Verminlord for Warmachine hunting, chaff killing and general dickery. Although those roles can be performed better for points. This variant upgrades from the original 8th ed version to have 6s for Wounds and Toughness, so it's a little more survivable.

Fun tactic: skitterleap behind that huge horde of goblins, outside of their range and charge them next turn. If your terror doesn't make them flee, just skitterleap back again before combat, and try again next turn. Verminlord Warbringer: New beastie brought to you by End Times. Has Doomglaive and a paired weapon with Killing Blow, and as such is the best duelist from all the Verminlords.

Adept at casting Death Frenzy so he is perfect for leading a charge, slaughtering enemy characters in duels and buffing your hordes, so they slaughter rank and file. May be the best combat Verminlord. This one also has 6 Attacks, whereas the others only have 5. His name is Kreeskuttle Verminlord of the Warlord Clans. Verminlord Warpseer: New beastie brought to you by End Times.

Always knows Warp Lightning and cast reroll the dice when casting it, making it a powerful blaster, although a few Warlock Engineers can do the same thing for much, much cheaper this beauty costs points as per the end times books and the rules in the box, the WD point cost appears to be wrong. Just take Warbringer and a few Warlock Engineers. But it's hardly worth it unless you're looking at high-value low Initiative foes, like the Glottkin.

His name is Soothgnawer - Verminlord of Clan Scruten. Verminlord Corruptor: New beastie brought to you by End Times. Always knows Plague and can reroll dice when casting it. Reliable Plague is more interesting, being a hilarious spell, allowing you to fuck up whole games with bouncing Plague every bloody turn.

Note: Again remember, these guys will be shot to smithereens by a solid gun-line, making them very uncompetitive. Warlord: Point for point, a Warlord is one of the most effective heroes in the Skaven book. He can have some solid magic equipment discussed later and can actually be an unusually effective combat lord don't expect him to go 10 rounds with most other Lords though. He's a good choice.

He can also take mounts below which are generally not the best choice, but can be fun and if you expect him to do some frontline fighting and want him to cause casualties there are worse ways to up his kill count. Also, one of the few Lords who can be taken in pts games and be effective in them with almost no magic items. Note: Although kitting out a Warlord for close combat is right and proper, don't try to make him a challenge Lord. There's a reason Skaven can run from Challenges without losing LD bonuses, and that's because a Skaven in a Challenge is a Skaven who's a corpse.

No, kit your Warlord out to kill basic dudes to up your combat res, it's better for him. Mounts: Rat Ogre Bonebreaker: If you're up for modeling it, and you need a mount, this is the one you want. It's got a good statline, lets him push up rank bonuses in whatever unit he joins, runs fairly cheap at 65 points. If it had an armor save, it'd be perfect but since it is a mount, you actually get it.


As is, it's a fun choice if you're in the mood and easily the best mount option. Just remember, he can't join infantry units outside Clanrats and Stormvermin what a sacrifice. War-Litter: Not as good as the Bonebreaker but.. It's a cheap way of dropping a bunch of attacks on him, and pushing up his armor save. If you really can't spare the 30 extra points for a Bonebreaker and you want a mount, you could go for this one. Laugh as you opponent is forced to divide its attacks on very defensive lords, and loses to combat res.

It also counts as infantry, so he gets a Look Out, Sir! It also can look badass. Anyway, there are worse choices liiiiiike Great Pox Rat: This. You're paying 30 points for 1 armor save and 2 S4 poisoned attacks. Woo fucking hoo. It doesn't even come with extra movement, and you can't use the Swiftstride ability for cavalry when he's in a unit and trying to make him run touchdowns on his own is a surefire way to get him killed.

If you're committed to him having a mount, drop a Clanrat and give him a War-Litter. Can also be taken as a mount for a Plague Priest, but it's not a good choice for him either. Brood horror Forge World : Once in a blue moon the Forge World production team stop designing new overpriced shit for 40K, and instead design overpriced shit for Fantasy, finally delivering one of the most hideously overpriced things in the game.

Even against armies with terrible archers it'll end up crushed against their monsters who are almost always going to be stronger and sometimes cheaper too. Not to mention all of these points could be spent on far more useful slaves or just regular Clan Rats, not on a Lord character in a Horde army. Grey Seer: Your general Lord Level Wizard, with a crap statline though he has T4, which is kinda awesome for a wizard - especially if you gonna make him a general and a points pricetag.

Like the Vermin Lord, he can mix spells freely and get access to the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell, but don't count on him casting that too much you need to roll all 6 dice to have a relatively sure chance of casting it.

He's a good caster for his points and you'll probably get a lot of mileage out of him, so if you have the points free, he's a good investment. Note that he too has LD7, meaning that he can end up being general by default, which you probably want to avoid, as your enemy is already going to be gunning for him, don't hand them more points for killing him.

The Screaming Bell: The Screaming Bell is for players who love randomness and who are playing in a non-competitive environment. The Bell doesn't come into it's own until well above the usual tournament level recommended size is points or so.

The major reason is the huge pricetag, attached to an already pricey model a Bell mounted Seer will clock in at points without any equipment.

But, if you can fit it in your army, it makes a great center piece. It can cause a lot of damage with a little luck and if there are buildings on the board, it can make everything really hilarious really quickly.

Be aware, everyone will be gunning for it. Also, under the current rules, it might be worth it to make a Bell mounted Seer the General, as his LD range will be 18 inches as opposed to the usual Chieftain: Your basic Hero choice, and a bloody good one at that. With a relatively good statline as Skaven go, don't expect him to beat anything better than a Chaos Warrior unit champion.

Hell, my Marauder Champion even bested one in a challenge and access to some nifty magic items can turn him into a cheap wizard hunter in a unit of Night Runners. However, you really need him as your BSB. Not to worry, because they are easily cheap enough to take 2. Assassin: An Assassin is an incredibly expensive way of killing enemy Heroes and Wizards and maybe War Machines or small shooting units.

That's about it. Unlike his Dark Elf counterpart the comparison is inevitable, sorry , his mediocre stats except for Initiative means he can't be trusted to kill anything above a hero and he digs into Hero points.

He's highly non-competitive, and there will be games where you take him and he gets killed without accomplishing a thing. But hey, you played Skaven cuz you liked the randomness, and given to a unit of Scouting Gutter Runners, they'll excel at War Machine, and the like, removal. So while you should avoid him in tournament lists, he could be fun in casual games.

Warlock Engineer: Don't you sit there expecting to get a hero for 15 points, if you're going to take a stripped Warlock, you might as well replace him with 4 extra Clanrats, it's a better use of the points.

Skaven - 7th

No, if you want to get use out of a Warlock Engineer, you're gonna wanna update him to level 2, give him some Clan Skryre goodies and then you're in the hole for points. But don't despair, he's a fantastic investment. Stick him in with a unit of Jezzails and have them blast things to pieces except that in that case you either will have to position Jezzails closer to enemies than is wise, or be constantly out of range.

Better ditch that musket and download 4 slaves instead.

Having one-two level one engineers purely for the sake of throwing warp-lightnings is actually nice. WL is quite cheap, and if you haven't got a Grey Seer, you have to use all those power dice somewhere, right? Also, obligatory scroll caddy.

Other than that, their only use is to take Plague Furnace. If you just want plague magic, grab a Grey Seer. Plague Furnace: This monstrous contraption is an attrition monster.

It kills everything around itself - including your Plague Monks Don't forget to cackle maniacally as a small part of your Plague Monks choke around it along with majority of enemy's deathstar unit. If you're fielding a whole bunch of unattended beasts, he could maybe be useful if you're confident in your rolling. Core Units[ edit ] Clanrats: Your basic infantry.

Very cheap so you can put them in HUGE units. They will die by the truckload, but you should have so many that even if they get blasted by a cannon, there will still be a good number left. Have them in units of thirty, forty, even fifty. They also have a host of neat special rules that your opponent won't be expecting. Highly recommended. Give them weapon teams for added lulz. It's funny when a ratling gun shoots up the enemy, but funnier when it shoots your own guys and then explodes.

You'll have so many clanrats it's not as though you're suffering a real loss here. Skaven Slaves: See clanrats, but no weapons teams. These fuckers are twice as cheap as clanrats, meaning you'll have a lot of them. They have leadership is equal to their average dinner ie, fucking nothing so keep your general nearby to 'fix' that. Make sure they don't get flanked and they're not going anywhere. Keep a warpfire thrower close and have it set the unit held by the slaves on fire, since Skaven are bastards and are allowed to shoot at units tied down with Slaves Funnily enough the errata removes the sentences where you randomnize hitting slaves you shoot at when engaged, so technically you always hit enemies theyre engaged with with no slave casualties.

Watch as your opponent quits in a huff. Take it like a scrawny bitch when he beats your ass in a neckbeard rage for trying to rules lawyer even more obviously unintended cheese. Also never horde them up; make as many ranks as your wish so they can hold units in place for your ogres or plague monks to flank charge them. Slaves aren't meant to cause damage; they take it; cause they are whipped. Note that Slaves have the option to take slings.

Don't bother with spears , Slaves are there to take damage, not dish it out. Stormvermin: Slightly more elite infantry. Still nice and cheap so huge units are not out of the question.

Units of forty or fifty are not unreasonable. Can also take a weapon team.

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Shields are a preference choice, depending on how much fire you expect them to absorb. Stick a warlock with Skavenbrew in them for berserk armor-covered, halberd-swinging rats of doom. Their scout move allows you to set them up as charge blockers but other than that; expect them to die rather quickly.

As far as choosing them above slave or clanrats is up to you. Shame their models look like deranged chimps. However, if you want a shooting unit, Gutter Runners are notably better. We use them for products we send to overseas clients.

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I ordered 5 rolls of tamper evident tape and it shipped in less than 1 day!! Awesome, you guys rock. Thank you for all of your help. Have a Wonderful day Ann Marie J.

Good Morning Dean We received the security stickers yesterday and they look fantastic! The white custom graphics looks great. Thanks for being so quick and efficient! Mary B. Hi Brian You guys are the epitome of efficiency! If only all my vendors were like you - I'd still have a full head of hair.The battalion is a decent download but only if you are planning on running with plague monks. He will almost never see enough action to justify that cost.

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Randy Giesick 6 October at Form a 4D6-long line from the caster and any models under the line either passes an Initiative test or dies. Better ditch that musket and download 4 slaves instead. Haha, thanks. Anonymous 9 October at

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