Silent Hill comics are a series of comic books additions to the Silent Hill franchise . Apart from an unreleased graphic novel, Sinner's Reward, and Past Life, they. While the IDW comic books are based upon the video game series of Silent Hill, there are noticeable differences, not just with the town's aesthetic element, but. Terms and Conditions · Privacy Policy · IDW International · Digital Comics FAQ · Internships & Job Opportunities · Library of American Comics · Yoe Books.

Silent Hill Comic Book

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An original unreleased Silent Hill graphic novel was completed in by comics publisher Com.X, but for an undisclosed reason the book was never. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discover the Silent Hill Omnibus, collecting over pages of IDW's Silent Hill comic books into one volume — Silent Hill. Discover the Silent Hill Omnibus, collecting over pages of IDW's Silent Hill comic books into one volume - Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Silent Hill: Three Bloody.

The second story, Among the Damned, tells the tale of a soldier named Jason that, right before offing himself, crashes his car and wanders into Silent Hill. He comes across Dahlia, a singer that he's familiar with and he makes an attempt to save her from his own nightmares. However, even with all the firepower he's packing, he'll need some friendly help to make it out. Paint it Black is the third story in the book and another one-shot. It follows Ike, a loner and a painter who finds Silent Hill after being kicked out of just about everywhere else he could go.

However, despite being inspired to paint again after a long artist's block, he paints the evil creatures lurking around the city and preying on anyone else who wanders in.

When a cheer-leading squad stumbles across the foggy town, Ike finds himself in a race for survival with lots of girls with guns and ends up fighting off the town itself! In the third one-shot, The Grinning Man, Tower, a police officer on his last day of work, is playing a prank on his replacement, Mayberry, in the town of Silent Hill.

Although Tower goes into Silent Hill regularly, he sees nothing out of the ordinary.

Ike, now Lauryn's boyfriend, helps Kenneth Carter find his ex-girlfriend in Silent Hill after being teleported there through one of Ike's paintings.

Christabella appears and guides or manipulates Kenneth through the wretched town as Lenora, an evil witch, brings unspeakable evil upon them in the misty town. Dying Inside was a confusing story with a lot of pieces of it that seemed pointless. The story kind of jumps from one thing to another and is very hard to follow.

If you follow it all the way through, it still isn't that great of a story. On top of that, it's extremely departed from the "in-game universe" that the video games established. The fact that Lauryn basically gained control of Silent Hill really disconnects it from the games all together.

On top of that, Alessa or any of the other characters aren't mentioned once.

The art doesn't help matters. Half of the time, you're staring down a panel trying to figure out who's talking or what in the world is going on. It's so bad at times that it's like trying to figure out a Picasso painting. While some may praise this sketchy, messy art style, I am not one of those people and would rather not have to break down and analyze every panel to get a grip on what I'm looking at.

It's not a great story but it at least establishes some of the stories to come. Among the Damned was an OK one-shot and, while the art is better this time around, it's still messy. Thankfully, there aren't too many characters to follow.

The story gets goofy at times with Jason and his dead comrade blasting away at the monsters with M16s and semi-automatic pistols but the story progresses into something that's at least interesting.

Paint it Black is a fairly boring story that makes you read it two or three times to really grasp what in the world's going on. It's hard to follow but the art's a little better this time around with most of the characters being fairly easily discernible.

However, the story itself is terrible in that a cheer-leading squad suddenly goes gung-ho with machine guns and combat uniforms in a hunt for their squad mates and takes Ike along for the ride.

Ike is not a likeable character nor are any of the cheerleaders which, as a whole, brings the story down a lot. Grinning Man is another story that takes a few reads to know the basic gist of the story.

It's a better story than some of these others but still not good enough to really immerse you into the comic. The art, as with the others, is poorly done in a style that's too loosely drawn to properly convey this story.

The writing's okay but the pacing and storytelling is horrible. During my first read, I missed several key points in the plot because it was either mentioned indirectly or just paced really weird.

This wasn't a particularly great story and is very disconnected from normal Silent Hill lore but is a little better than the rest. The final story arc is just like Dying Inside and contains the ever-annoying Ike and the potty-mouthed child Christabella once again.

Lauryn makes an appearance and the story if you can call it that revolves around an actor named Kenneth who a witch named Lenora is trying to frame for various real-world murders.

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The art, once again, is terrible and you rarely can tell who the characters are and the blob-like shapes for monsters do not help the atmosphere. Also, making some of the monsters and nurses talk like babbling idiots wasn't fun to read at all and really killed the scariness of it assuming there was some to begin with.

Once again, not a very good story. Overall, this book was boring. Plain and simple, it wasn't a fun read. I was really excited to get into Silent Hill stories that veered from the games and what I got was a bunch of terrible drawings and horrible writing to go along with it. Unless you're a collector, this isn't worth it. Not even for the fans.

If you just played the games because you thought they were creepy and kinda cool, then this probably isn't for you. If however, you like the universe of Silent Hill, the atmosphere, and the ongoing story, then definately check these out. If you enjoy graphic novels too, then these are fun. The story at first seems eratic, but the last section brings it all together and puts the story into place like so often happens in silent hill.

Overall definately worth reading. Fan favorite. Silent Hill Fans Hill Heads know who they are.

If you are a Hill Fan this is the book for you. If it's a gift for a silent hill fan then get it for them! Great investment and hours of enjoyment. This really is a collector grade book. The person I gave it to loves it and often reads and re-reads.

One of the better gifts I have bought for someone here on site. Good book. See all 16 reviews. What other items do customers download after viewing this item?

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Comic Book Review: Silent Hill – Dying Inside

English Choose a language for shopping. site Music Stream millions of songs. site Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. site Drive Cloud storage from site. The rest of the story details the plot that leads to it. Humanoid Abomination : There's a lot of these things here.

Troy after being resurrected. Also the manifestation of Brett. He doesn't seem like much initially but when he is but back under Christabella's control, Hoo Boy There's also Christabella, considering that she controls all of the other abominations of Silent Hill and is essentially channeling it's power.

And to top it off Kenneth's mother and by extension, Kenneth himself. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Troy genuinely wants to help people like Lynn, but is too wracked by guilt by his wife's death to even help himself.

Unfortunately, after sacrificing his life to let Lynn go free, he just becomes another one of Silent Hill's demons, a shallow manifestation of his womanizing ways. Subverted in that he's more self-destructive than malicious or harmful to others. The mob boss Sara's father offended put a hit on Sara's father.

What other items do customers download after viewing this item?

Jack, the hit man said mob boss enlisted to eliminate Sara's father, carried out the murder of Sara's father, before killing Sara's mother as well since she was right next to her husband. On the way out, Jack encountered Sara and, not wishing to run the risk of having Sara incriminating him as a witness, murdered her as well before fleeing the scene.

Sara is understandably angry once the truth is made clear. Mind Screw : Entirely unintentional with Ciencin's comics.

Even if you can figure out the annoyingly confusing, nonsensical, and Plot Hole filled story, you probably won't be able to figure out what's happening due to the bizarre and terribly colored art. Missing Mom : Jack's mother died while Jack himself was young, leaving Jack to be raised by his father. Professional Killer : 2 of them, from Sinner's Reward: Jack.

Lauryn seems fairly badass to start, but gets more so once she starts using the Order's magic against them. Douglas may be a mild-mannered journalist, but do not fuck with his wife.It follows the story of Ike Isaacs, an artist who finds himself homeless after being kicked out of a friend's apartment.

Regular Cover by Menton3. Double under Dusk Region: Justin Civitillo rated it did not like it Sep 20, Then, she meets with a witch called Lenora who makes a deal with her.

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