Brian Jacques - Redwall 01 - Redwall. Read more · Brian Jacques - Redwall 01 Jacques, Brian - Redwall 04 - Mariel of Redwall · Read more · Jacques, Brian. Redwall Brian Jacques Prologue Book One - The Wall Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Book. With the publication of his first book, Redwall, in , Brian Jacques began an epic series in which the forces of good and evil fight for peace. In every book, he.

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A Teacher's Guide to Brian Jacques's Redwall. 2 . many books in the series making it accessible for all levels of reading competence. Because of the. This series is also listed in chronological order. Redwall (Redwall, #1), Mossflower (Redwall, #2), Mattimeo (Redwall, #3), Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, #. . The series is populated by mice and moles. in A Classroom Guide to the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques W ith the publication of his first book. visit his.

No matter how fierce they are, every warrior acts tenderly toward smaller creatures. When evil pirates or warlords enslave young, defenseless characters in the Redwall series, the older captives always care for the younger ones like Midda and Turra in The Sable Quean. Despite past offenses, the abbey healers always tend to injured vermin.

Horty Braebuck seeks long-lost Loamhedge to find a cure for his sister. Insults may be hard to forgive and differences hard to overcome, but all Redwall characters learn to practice compassion. Ask students to write a brief essay about a considerate person in their community.

Have them explore how a compassionate act can change relationships and improve society. Courage It takes courage to challenge an enemy whom you might not be able to defeat, or to set off for unknown lands and faraway places.

Sometimes, a warrior accepts the ultimate challenge and sacrifices their life to save others, like Urthstripe in Salamandastron.

Both Martin and Mariel leave refuge to face their former captors and rescue enslaved woodlanders in Martin the Warrior and Mariel of Redwall. The protagonists of the Redwall tales are renowned for their bravery, but they are not the only characters who show courage in the books; even smaller, more personal acts of courage can create heroes.

When characters who are afraid of heights or the dark face their fears, they also show true heroism. Ask students to choose a small moment when they or someone they know behaved bravely. Have them write a short piece about that time, and why they considered it an act of courage. How did it change them or the hero who performed the act? What did they learn? Curiosity There can be no journey without a first step.

People and cultures progress because individuals eagerly pursue knowledge. Redwall heroes share a willingness to learn and explore, whether by solving riddles, or by traveling to find a land theyve seen only in dreams or legends. Other than their final, fatal realization of the protagonists valor, the villains rarely learn anything or change their initial opinions and, as a result, are ultimately vanquished.

In Redwall and Doomwyte, on the other hand, Redwallers rejoice in learning about their abbeys history, and young ones, like Matthias, Dwak and Bisky, not only learn from the tales, but seek evidence like swords and jewels to support the stories.

In more dangerous circumstances, as in Lord Brocktree, small bands like Brocktrees must use their wits to defeat their enemies large armies.


Ask students to choose a book in the series and make a list of what each character learns and of what they learned themselves. Have them pair with partners and share something that they are curious about in their own lives. Character Development Because their lives are played out in the space of a book, fictional protagonists undergo a tremendous amount of personal growth that often parallels their outward quests or journeys.

Good characters overcome their flaws while villains often sink further into their bad ways. Mattimeo overcomes his privileged childhood and headstrong ways to fight by his fathers side, while Tammo teaches himself discipline and proves himself a worthy soldier for the Long Patrol. The English word "pasty" derives from Medieval French O.

Lat pasta [3] for a pie, filled with venison , salmon or other meat, vegetables or cheese, baked without a dish. For example, the earliest version of Le Viandier Old French has been dated to around and contains several pasty recipes. The town is bound to send to the sheriffs of Norwich every year one hundred herrings, baked in twenty four pasties, which the sheriffs are to deliver to the lord of the manor of East Carlton who is then to convey them to the King. Vivian , account in the journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association , [24] Cornish pasties are very popular with the working classes in this neighbourhood, and have lately been successfully introduced into some parts of Devonshire.

They are made of small pieces of beef, and thin slices of potatoe, highly peppered, and enclosed in wrappers of paste. Its ingredients should include beef, swede called turnip in Cornwall , [30] potato and onion, with a light seasoning of salt and pepper, keeping a chunky texture.

The pastry should be golden and retain its shape when cooked and cooled.

They do not have to be baked in Cornwall, [31] nor do the ingredients have to come from the county, though the Cornish Pasty Association CPA noted that there are strong links between pasty production and local suppliers of the ingredients. He hopes to collect pasty-making artifacts and memorabilia for the museum. The technician who did the research and discovered the recipe claimed that the recipe was probably taken to Anglesey by Cornish miners travelling to the area looking for work. As tin mining in Cornwall began to decline, miners took their expertise and traditions to new mining regions around the world.

What instruments does Brian Jacques mention in the books? Do they have any parallels in musical history? Bring in a box of old clothes and costume jewelry and ask students to create a short play. Encourage students to write down everything they did the previous day. While few people can trace their heritage back to the medieval period. Social hierarchy played an important part in human history. Would they be a badger warrior.

The main character determines the way the plot will develop and is usually the person who will solve the problem upon which the story centers. These essential elements keep the story running smoothly and allow the action to develop in a logical way that the reader can follow.

A plot should have a very clear beginning. The location of the action. The plot is centered on this conflict and the ways in which the characters attempt to resolve the problem. While they read the books. These five components are character. It is important that the solution fit the rest of the story in tone and creativity and solve all parts of the conflict. After completing this unit. Brian Jacques often resolves a conflict by rallying the Redwallers and their allies during a battle.

The solution to the problem is the way the action is resolved. Unusual settings such as a fantasy world can be interesting. Every story should have a main character.

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An author should describe the environment or place of action in the story in such detail that the reader feels that he or she can picture the scene. The author should introduce the characters in the story with enough information so that the reader can visualize each person. The main problem the characters need to solve. The individuals whom the story is about. Teaching the Art of Storytelling Basics A great way to learn creative writing skills is to study how an author constructs a tale and to then model their style and technique.

The actual story around which the entire book is based. Storytelling Basics: Photocopy the section below and pass it out to your students. While his selection methods may not be applicable to all genres of literature.

Have students exchange the index cards and try to identify the characters. I play with words and shuffle them until something feels right. Brian also says. Brian Jacques fills his books with dozens of characters. After each student selects a character from a hat.

Select enough characters from that story to match the number of students. What features do these names share? In the next section. Redwall Heroes Redwall Villains 1. Climax Resolution Beginning Conclusion. Setting Location. Have your students focus on a descriptive passage from one of the books—ask them to examine how the author uses language to convey a feeling about a setting?

How do readers learn that a swamp is treacherous or the abbey safe?

Why does the author set a scene in a particular location. After they study his settings. Instruct of an adventure. While they read one of the books. Axtel Sturnclaw. The riddles beg to be solved. Cumm to ee Deathmoler!

Commentary: Jack London’s The Call Of The Wild is Science Fiction

Study these different types of songs and their composition. How would the type of song affect the beat? Would it be sung a capella or with musical accompaniment? Encourage students to either write a Redwall-type song or set a rhymed section from the books to music.

Challenge students to create a battle cry with historical precedent or personal significance—and then perform it for the class! Is there an accent specific to your town. Other battle cries. Some kinds of Redwall songs are ballads. Tell students to imagine a place in the classroom where they might hide something and write a rhyming riddle to describe its location.

The incorporation of non-prose portions offers an interactive element. To capture the accents. How would a conversation between neighbors in your area look if you recorded it phonetically? Do people of different ages talk differently?

How would a conversation between you and a friend sound compared to one between you and a grandparent? Ask students to capture the local rhythm of speech by recording a short conversation and then translating it phonetically to the page.

Through an analysis of these elements. Songs The poetic passages in the books can be set to music and performed aloud. Whether a simple snack after a long hike or a victory feast. Press half the dough into each pan. Food Soups. While The Redwall Cookbook provides some recipes for oft-mentioned items from the books. E nd your Redwall section with festivities fit for a hare! Sprinkle sugar over the warm shortbreads and cut each round into eight wedges.

See below for everything you need to visit Redwall. Bake until firm and golden 45 minutes. Challenge students to create and prepare a recipe for a food-item from the Redwall series.

A Redwall event also allows teachers to incorporate elements from the books that would not fit into a normal class schedule or lesson plan. Stir in the butter with your fingers until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

Grease two 8-inch round cake pans and line the bottoms with waxed paper. Let cool in pan. Add the sugar and knead lightly to mix.

In a mixing bowl. Assign each student a part or multiple parts.


Invite parents and other classes to attend the performance. When you know more about the menu and performances.

Festivities Split your class into two groups. Print your programs out on parchment—like paper and roll them up like scrolls for an authentic touch! Costumes Dress up as a character from one of the Redwall books. Because the settings and details of the Redwall series closely resemble medieval European times.

On the day of your great feast. Incorporate specific details from the books. Ask the first group to design invitations for the big event. Fur and floppy ears are optional!

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Entertainment Recite poems from the books or set the songs to music.Have them pair with partners and share something that they are curious about in their own lives. Character Development Because their lives are played out in the space of a book. Laura Callejas Mendoza. Only in case French language option is selected. Book 6. Book 3.

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